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Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
The girls came home and feel right asleep. We've got to go to the pool EVERY day.


Things in Puerto Rico are getting really bad: What you need to know

Put the Pumpkin in the Boat. A new dictionary of prison slang.

I Guess My Corpse Is A Swan Now: A Weird Folk Education If you enjoyed that, you'll probably like this as well.

A snail spent years glued to a card in the British Museum before they realized it was alive

How One Man Poisoned a City’s Water Supply (and Saved Millions of Children’s Lives in the Process)

Drug cops took a college kid’s savings and now 13 police departments want a cut

Boatlifters: The unknown story of 9/11

The ten most repressive points of Spain's gag law

These flatworms plunge their penises into their own heads to inject themselves with sperm (when they must).

Welcome to the Dystopian Future: Bubble Wrap No Longer Pops

Scientists unravel elusive structure of HIV protein

Researcher who spiked rabbit blood to fake HIV vaccine results slapped with rare prison sentence

Whole Foods CEOs Admit to Overcharging Customers

Holocaust 'hero' Sir Nicholas Winton dies aged 106

What I Learned From Reading Pro-Confederacy Children’s Books

Outrage culture changed the world: “PC” critics are wrong — marriage equality happened because activists used shame and rage

Condiments And Caterpillars: Thank This Insect For Mustard, Horseradish And Wasabi

Meet the man building a stock exchange that doesn’t screw people over

After gay marriage, expect conservative amnesia

How the Black Death turned from a tummy bug to a deadly plague

Why the Brouhaha Over the New York Times’ Pea Guacamole Recipe Went All the Way to Obama

Why the Indian soldiers of WW1 were forgotten


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Except this year, as you may have noticed, the 4th falls on a Saturday anyway, so to make up for it they decided to take Friday off instead and run the 3rd on a Saturday schedule. And lots of people got the 3rd off anyway, because the 4th falls on a weekend.

So far so good, and the pizza place confirmed when I stopped in yesterday that Thursday was packed "like Friday usually" because, of course, lots of people are taking advantage of the de facto three day weekend.

I have no problem with any of this, but I draw the line at referring to Friday as "Independence Day (observed)" as so many signs did when informing us of schedule changes and the like. You can't do that. It's not like Memorial Day or Columbus Day or something. It's the Fourth of freaking July. The third isn't "observed" anything, it's just lagniappe.

Text from Superheroes for the occasion.</a>

On a more serious note, fireworks can upset veterans who have PTSD. I hadn't thought of that before, but it makes sense. From now on, whenever it comes up, I don't need to defend myself, I can just say that fireworks are not patriotic. Do well by doing good, that's my motto.
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Rabbit, rabbit?


Ruling Against "Three Strikes" Sentencing Law Opens Door to Reform (Credit where it's due, go Scalia! Have not actually read his opinion and don't intend to.)

Obama Making Millions More Americans Eligible for Overtime

“I think America is out of hand”: The shocking numbers that reveal just how burnt out American workers are

How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit

Justice Department Report Says Police Exacerbated Violence In Ferguson

Scientists program solitary yeast cells to say 'hello' to one another

How To Use All The Weird Toilets You’ll Find Outdoors

1 in 3 People Worldwide Don’t Have Proper Toilets, Report Says

Amnesiac woman found in California makes appeal for ID

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

Hibernating crustaceans sink masses of carbon in oceans

Researchers are racing to determine whether forests will continue to act as a brake on climate change by soaking up more carbon.

People labeled “smart” at a young age don’t deal well with being wrong. Life grows stagnant.

GOP declares war on the Supreme Court: What’s really behind the reactionary plot against the judiciary

U.S.-Cuba deal to restore ties to be unveiled on Wednesday

How Classroom Curriculum Can Impact Children’s Friendships

The Odd American View of Negotiation

Doctors hope to use herpes to cure cancer. Here’s how.

Woman gives birth, fights off bees, starts wildfire in Northern California

The American Ballet Theatre has named Misty Copeland its principal dancer - the first time a black ballerina has held the prestigious role.

Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants grown in space

Cuba Stops Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

The Resonant Frequency of Googly Eyes

New Hawaii law legalizes traditional 'clean burial' practice

The Strange Link Between Junk Food and Depression

The Supreme Court Just Stopped Texas From Closing Almost All Of Its Abortion Clinics

New nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tires


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And her pencils, and her shirts, and her bracelet of beads which is bound to fall apart sooner or later, and her shirts. I did NOT tell her that at her age, I gnawed on my shirts as well. I certainly didn't tell her I used to tear off the corners of pages in books for the joy of placing them against my tongue and feeling them dissolve. (I did tell her that Jenn used to rub glue all over her hands because she liked peeling it off. That seems a fairly harmless hobby, unlike the shirts.)

Instead, I caved and ordered her a chewy necklace, and now Ana wants one too. Well, if it keeps them both happy.


On Tuesday, the world gets a ‘leap’ second. Are we all gonna die?

New study deciphers bird sounds to reveal language precursors in babbler birds

Almost a third of China's Great Wall has disappeared

In a Brave, Powerful Dissent, Justice Breyer Calls for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

Fingerprints change over time, but not enough to foil forensics (The summation is pretty much the entire article. I won't blame you if you don't click.)

New York bans 'poor doors' in win for low income tenants

NSA Employees Are Training Service Dogs While Working

How States Are Fighting to Keep Towns From Offering Their Own Broadband

Disgust dampens women's sexual arousal more than fear

Lego To Replace Oil-Based Plastics

How should I get rid of old Barbies and Legos? (Takeaway: There are charities that specifically accept random lego blocks.)

Why Coke Cost A Nickel For 70 Years

The Most Important Population Statistic That Hardly Ever Gets Talked About

Years Of Pretending Netflix Cord Cutting Wasn't Real Is Biting The Cable Industry In The Ass (If you're convinced that the free hand of the market works because all players act rationally at all times, re-read the first paragraph, and maybe crack open a history book while you're at it. Or any book, really.)

Why police don't pull guns in many countries

We’ve Got Some Great Female Superheroes—But Study Shows We Can Still Do Better

Palestinian striker to be freed, Israelis injured in attacks

New “corner cloak” directs light around sharp bends

Girl Scouts choose transgender girls over $100,000 donation

Israel stops flotilla seeking to break Gaza blockade

Were All Those Rainbow Profile Photos Another Facebook Study?

In Nigeria, the hustle that makes Lagos bustle

Spiky monsters: New species of 'super-armored' worm discovered

Roundup of SCOTUS' recent crazy productive spree

Airplane Coatings Help Recoup Fuel Efficiency Lost To Bug Splatter


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It's weird, I remember the Smithy fight involving multiple Come Backs and running low on all items, but this time around I didn't even use any of my six (SIX!) carefully hoarded Red Essences. Maybe the website got the game wrong. The boss fight was rather anticlimactically over in just a few minutes.

Annoyingly, this time around I was unable to win the Yoshi race. I don't know what's up, but clearly the keyboard is a little wonky and the timing is perpetually off.


A 30-Second Guide to How the Gay Marriage Ruling Affects You

LGBT Activists Are Still Fighting

Report: Only 47,000 Social Justice Milestones To Go Before U.S. Achieves Full Equality

Stephen Colbert Reacts to the Supreme Court Marriage Decision

A Quick Guide to Spotting Graphics That Lie

No sanctuary from deportation as migrants stay trapped in a legal limbo

Dark Matter Just Got Darker (and Weirder)

New questions about why more women than men have Alzheimer's

Macedonia tells banks to pull money from Greece

Youth Chorus Unites Israelis and Palestinians, at Least for a Few Hours

6 Insane Space Stories You Didn't Learn In History Class

Where Girls Are Missing Out on High-School Sports

In Defense of Fiber: How Changing Your Diet Changes Your Gut Bacteria

Puerto Rico in crisis: weighed down by $73bn debt as unemployment hits 14%

Why Time Will Stop For a Leap Second

Returning to ‘Avalon,’ the text-based dungeon game some never left

The Lonely End (Note: This article has graphic discussion of human remains)

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless
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Gotta fix porch railing.

Any advice, people who aren't me?


Rodents of unusual size are 17 times more likely on islands than elsewhere

Is Special Education Racist?

Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito Suddenly Realize They Will Be Villains In Oscar-Winning Movie One Day

The Gay Rights Movement In America: A Timeline

Addiction is not a disease: A neuroscientist argues that it’s time to change our minds on the roots of substance abuse

Scientists Discover Hundreds of Hidden Galaxies

What Right Do Muralists Have To The Buildings They Paint On?

Armenia suspends power hike in a bid to end protests

Fear of longer commutes puts pressure on US cities to act

Many Americans with HIV don't know they're infected

Americans spent $18.8 million in food stamps at farmers markets last year

This “Transitional Turtle” is the Stuff of Creationist Nightmares

Antibiotic Resistance Is Everyone's Problem

Class, capitalism and the tech industry

The Cherry Sisters: Worst Act Ever?

This Drug Brought Pigment Back for Woman With Vitiligo

In California, Water Restrictions Above Ground and Leaks Below

Black Churches Are Burning Again in America


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Geez, is it going to be doing this all weekend?

Well, in keeping with yesterday's good news, I have a different link.

“Running of the interns outside the Supreme Court 6/26/2015″

I had no idea this was a thing.

Ana was delighted with the news, Eva was just confused. I think she thought it was a done deal already? (Also, if you need to cleanse your palate after trying to wade through any of the dissenting opinions - and I suggest you don't read them unless you have a strong need of an emetic - you can read excerpts from the majority opinion here.)


Songbirds have a thing for patterns

This Dutch City Plans to Give Residents a Universal ‘Basic Income’

What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?

A 100-Year Debate About the Eardrum Comes to an End

The Republican war on vegetables: How new dietary guidelines brought out the GOP’s inner petulant child

Congress Doesn't Think Agricultural Sustainability Has Anything to Do With Your Health

Dutch campaigners fly abortion pills into Poland

Scientists Invent an Oil Spill Cleanup Chemical That Quickly Biodegrades

Columbia becomes first U.S. university to divest from prisons

Rats dream about the places they wish to go (YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK TO SEE THE ADORABLE PICCIE!)

Starfish that clone themselves live longer

What Happens When Oligarchs and Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety in a Big City

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head: A Mosquito’s Lament

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine', Israel angered

There's a giant penis in Norway going around firing glitter at people (Don't worry, it's for a good cause!)

Monster galaxy swallowed another, smaller galaxy

Kalief Browder was a Good Kid. Should That Matter?

Watch What Happens When a Can of Coke Meets Liquid Nitrogen

Toys resembling disabled children (9 Photos)

What Muslims around the world eat to break their fast during Ramadan


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If gays are a tiny minority then it surely doesn't harm you to let them do what they like.

Of course, you can be a tiny minority and still be a sizable number of people. Statistics show that only about 3% of the US identify as gay or bisexual. We have no idea how many people might simply be deeply closeted and not admit they are gay or bisexual, but then, those people are unlikely to get into a same-sex relationship in the near future so let's ignore them.

The US is the third most populous nation in the world, right after China, India, and the EU. (Okay, except the EU isn't a nation, now is it?) We have just over 321 million people. Minors make up about a quarter of the population, and like closeted gays are also unlikely to get married in the near future, so that leaves, what, 313 million people? Of whom nearly 10 million are gay or bisexual?

Okay, that may be a "tiny minority of the population", but it's also half the population of the greater New York metropolitan area</i>. Or, put another way, it's about 25% greater than the population of NYC. However you want to slice it, 3% of the population of the US is going to add up to a lot of people.

I'm not sure if people making this claim simply can't do math, or if they don't want to.
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by finding somebody to get gay married to (or non-gay married, I'm openminded), we could celebrate by her picking me up a burrito from Chipotle.

She seems remarkably unconvinced by my stirring argument. This is because she is teetering on the precipice of worst sister ever. (But she can redeem herself and become the best sister ever by getting me that burrito.)

Anyway, once all is said and done I might update this post with a complete list of great images I've seen so far. It might be a looooooooong list.


The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it.

Face of bizarre sea creature Hallucigenia revealed

Urban microbes come out of the shadows

Christ, Not Even Jurassic World's Dinosaur Toys Are Allowed to Be Female

How ‘organs-on-chips’ could end animal testing

Why cycletrack networks should be the next great American transit project

The Sikhs who saved Parmesan

Marvel's New Spider-Man Is Our Third White Peter Parker In 15 Years

Sony can make a black Spider-Man movie, it just doesn’t want to

Drastic acceleration of HIV fight needed to stop AIDS resurgence

Fat is back: New guidelines give vilified nutrient a reprieve

Oslo builds its bees a highway of flowers

Thai Buddhists to help anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up radio station

Middle-Class Black Families, in Low-Income Neighborhoods

NYT Summer Reading List Finally Achieves 100 Percent Whiteness

The Increasing Scarcity of Helium

Listening to 'extreme' music makes you calmer, not angrier, according to study

The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing

The writer of this note is treading a very fine line between passive aggressive and simply aggressive aggressive

Smart insulin patch could replace painful injections for diabetes


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Okay, so four out of nine justices are assholes, and at least two of them couldn't put together a coherent argument if they tried (but Scalia and Thomas barely have three brain cells between the two of them, so what do we expect?) but it's still good news!

Damnit, where's my confetti?
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Summer, am I right?


How Israel defies drought

A map of what every state would be if it were a country

Bad News: Notorious Invasive Worm Just Found in U.S.

Spider-Man is back and he's black but not in Hollywood

The Demand for Sand is so High There are Illegal Sand Mining Operations (I posted about this a while back, I know, but it's still fascinating to me. WE ARE LITERALLY SELLING SAND TO THE ARABS.)

Modern humans and Neanderthals 'interbred in Europe'

A condom that changes colour when it comes into contact with STIs has been invented by a group of school pupils. (Not sure how practical this is. Is this REALLY how you want to find out you or your partner has an STD?)

Thousands of Guinea malaria cases go untreated amid Ebola fears

This is what happened when Australia introduced tight gun controls

CDC confirms red eyes at the pool are caused by urine, not chlorine

Fake quotes run rampant among GOP candidates

Jeb Bush Surprised How Easily Stance On Confederate Flag Set Him Apart From Other Republican Candidates

A black man threatens whites and it's labeled terrorism. But not when a white man kills blacks

Deal Is Near on Far-Reaching Reforms at Rikers, Including a Federal Monitor

The Prison Doors Open And You’re Released. You Have No Money Or Transportation. Now What?

Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race


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The Association for Psychological Science. Somebody linked to them in the same comment they linked to The Blaze, and since I'm determined to be open-minded and shit I'm not rejecting both links out of hand, just one of them. So... is The Association for Psychological Science reputable, credible, legit? Or is it a right wing organization dedicated to the promotion of shoddy science?
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First they wake me up an hour early to go to field day... then, when I finally manage to get up and to the store to get food for field day they fall asleep and I keep having to shake them awake to get dressed and eat something!

They did, of course, complain (and rightly so) that they hadn't spent enough time with other kids this year... but when I got to field day (up in the freaking East Meadow, which is an act of love for me to go there) they complained that they didn't WANT to go out and spend time with people.

I finally got them to eat something, which perked them up, so Ana went off with a friend of hers from book club and Eva joined in the activities and never spoke to anybody. Between the two of them we officially accomplished Mission: Socialize! Maybe next time around they'll both talk to people and both join in. An aunt's dreams must exceed her grasp, right?


Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood?

American recycling is stalling, and the big blue bin is one reason why

A Linguist Explains How We Write Sarcasm on the Internet

Marvel launches mixed race Spider-Man (In the main continuity, not the Ultimate Universe.)

Surprisingly Healthy Teeth Write a New Chapter in Ancient History

What becomes of the babies of incarcerated mothers? Research suggests that having nurseries in prisons leads to lower recidivism rates for moms and better outcomes for their kids.

What’s Justice for Kids Who Kill?

Counting crows’ neurons work just like yours

Study: Repeal of Obamacare would increase deficit, up uninsured 20 million

Amazing Pictures: Baby Chameleon Doesn't Know It Hatched

Millennials are No Less Racist than Generation X

Italy’s answer to Alcatraz, the island vineyard where inmates are taught the secrets of winemaking

Sixth Mass Extinction Really Started Thousands of Years Ago (Well, no shit, I've been saying it for years.)

The Jewish-Arab running club that’s uniting some of Jerusalem’s teens

In The West Bank, Facebook Posts Can Get You Arrested, Or Worse

Wooden combination lock

For centuries, experts have predicted that machines would make workers obsolete. That moment may finally be arriving. Could that be a good thing?

Tensions build as Supreme Court readies blockbuster rulings

This Week in Science: Measuring the Mass of a Black Hole, The Coldest Molecule on Earth, A New Laser Based Space Propulsion Method, and So Much More! (Be sure to read about that laser propulsion method.)

Map: Where Europe is growing and where it is shrinking

Supreme Court says government seizure of raisins is unconstitutional

Walmart, Amazon, Sears, eBay to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

The Tale of My Daughters' Penises


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I said I'd spend money like there was no tomorrow, that's what. Kindle books, streaming videos, nice dinners, Broadway plays, day trips - there's plenty of things to consume in a 24 hour window when you have no fear of the consequences down the line!

I had a huge headache today, which is probably a message from my guardian angel (or whatever) telling me I'm extraordinarily dehydrated and I need to drink more water. Duly noted. I had promised to take the girls to see Inside Out, though, so I gleefully took them, bought only two tickets, and spent the length of the movie reading a book because they're old enough to go to the movies alone!

The Regal Cinema at Battery Park City is on the third floor of a rather nice building, and nobody knows about it, so it's never crowded. On the second floor there are three rather large circular bench mat things, two together under one escalator and the third tucked in a different corner. The bench cushions (or whatever they are) are a little longer in diameter than a twin mattress, and every child who passes by jumps on them. Sometimes they roll, and sometimes they flop, and sometimes they keep bouncing around for a while, but they all jump on them.

I didn't know that when I chose that as my place to hunker down, or I might have sat somewhere else. Still, I amused myself by watching the kids jumping around, and made a few interesting observations (at least, they were interesting to me).

The kids jumped on with the same frequency whether they were male or female. I only saw two parents comment on this negatively, one who called it "disgusting" (?!) because "you saw those kids on it earlier" and then pointed out that the kid had come within a few feet of me and could've theoretically bumped into me (lady, I'm the one sitting where your kid can't see me on the approach, it's hardly his fault!) and one who laughed at her younger child (her son and daughter both having rolled on the cushion thingy) and asked "are you a boy?", which really left a bad taste in my mouth. I wish I'd called after them that EVERY child did the same thing, boy or girl, but they were already at the escalator, and what was I going to do, chase after them?

Of the adults, only a few climbed on them, mostly fathers (or men with kids, anyway), sometimes men with girlfriends or wives. Never men alone or with other men, and while some women were persuaded to sit or lie down for a brief moment on the cushions they never flopped down like the kids and rare men did, they simply sat after their kid or partner asked them to.

Nobody gave me a second glance when I was sitting on the cushions under the escalator, but when I eventually moved to the single cushion next to the OTHER escalator (less chance of being jumped on!) every person going up the escalator turned to stare at me for a second. I have no idea why this should be the case, but so it goes.

The girls liked the movie, and they liked that they were allowed to sit without me, and I certainly liked that I didn't need to spend an additional $20 on my own ticket. (Plus, Ana is short enough that nobody questioned me on getting her the children's price, even though she's a few months too old. Win! Of course, that theater's approach to ticket taking is so refreshingly lax that many times I've simply strolled in because nobody was there to TAKE my ticket. I always buy one anyway, but I really don't have to.)
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I stayed up waaaaay too late reading a new book. Jenn is in Toronto, so the girls got themselves up, dressed, and fed and then went to their friends' dance recital they'd been invited to and took the bus home on their own (well, they were put on the bus by Michele). When they came home, they declared their intention of making dinner and shooed me from the kitchen.

If they weren't scared to go into the basement and do their own laundry, the adults in this family would be utterly superfluous.

I'm not sure how I feel about that yet!


Saharan silver ants can control electromagnetic waves over extremely broad spectrum range

Stop eating Nutella and save the forests, urges French ecology minister. (In addition to the palm oil, Ferraro has not yet eradicated slave labor in its production.)

Zoologger: The fish that can vanish in 2 seconds flat

Why I Answered My Dad’s Gay Sex Ad

Medics celebrate 'remarkable' step to eliminating flesh-burrowing worm

Washington Berry Pickers Push For Elusive Union Contract

Kangaroos are left-handed, study finds

Why Footbinding Persisted in China for a Millennium

Answer to a 150-Year-Old Math Conundrum Brings More Mystery

How Germany does prison

Titan's Weird Surface Dissolves Like Earth's Sinkholes

Saturn's Moon Titan Has Polar Winds, Just Like Earth

Teens may be misled by crisis pregnancy center websites

The True Face of Medicare Fraud

Signs of democracy seen in typically authoritarian baboon society

Report: US drug deportations tearing families apart

Despite Soaring Popularity, Women’s Sports Got More Coverage a Generation Ago

Starfish Ruin an Experiment and Reveal a Superpower

Glowing diamonds make great thermometers

Has America Given Up on the Dream of Racial Integration?


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I don't always want a cat on me, contrary to popular opinion. Previously, her only recourse was to stare at me until I relented, but recently she learned that if she flops down next to me she can sort of sidle her way under my arm. One minute I'm reading a book, the next I'm hugging a cat! How did THAT happen? Flop-sidle, that's how.


Japanese-American couple interned by U.S. in WW2 get high school diplomas

Gravity Kills Schrödinger's Cat

Moroccan villagers harvest fog for water supply

In Dominican Republic, deportations cast long shadow

Google to remove revenge porn search results

Capitol Hill abuzz after 15,000 honey bees swarm Senate entrance

My father’s medical mystery

‘This could be a real game-changer’: protein points to cure for life-limiting disease

Refugees given a chance to grow their future in US

Study: Flu Viruses Travel on US Roads and Railways

Musicians don't just hear in tune, they also see in tune

Cat wins shelter's Hero Dog award for saving kid from canine

It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males

Indian man loses long legal battle over his own birth

Did Ebola Strike Ancient Athens?

Children with good memories 'tell better porkies'

Dutch paediatricians back right to die for under 12s

Mormon church to make available records of 4 million freed slaves

Picky Eaters Are Not All Alike

Biotech firm creates fake rhino horn to reduce poaching

#EndAusterityNow: Tens of thousands march against austerity measures in London

The Story of One Whale Who Tried to Bridge the Linguistic Divide Between Animals and Humans


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But it turns out she is just keeping the cage on her porch for, like, decoration? She got pissy when Ana actually trapped the cat. I don't even know... omg.


Why I Teach Diverse Literature

A White Children's Book World? It Still Is, Says New Study's Author

The We Need Diverse Books summer reading series, new suggestions all summer long!

Metafilter's post on the Greek crisis. There are more links in the comments, so be sure to read them!

Do insect societies share brain power?

A new study finds that telling providers to teach women about the benefits of IUDs and implants makes a big difference in unplanned births. But not every woman who wants one can get one.

I’m Getting Really Tired of My Mysterious Flaky Friend

Emotional brains 'physically different' from rational ones

Archivists Recover ‘Lost’ 1961 TV Documentary on Homosexuality

Not-so-guilty pleasure: Viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive emotions, IU study finds

Reasonable Doubts About the Jury System

Saturn's Core Might Be Cloaked in a Neon Shield


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Last summer we got tons of eggplant and zucchini, and almost no tomatoes, so I broke with tradition and took a single share this year. What do you want to bet we'll be drowning in tomatoes and I'll want more more more?


Christian Denomination Plans To Avoid Civil Rights Laws By Pretending Receptionists Are ‘Ministers’

In the 1950s, a group of Inuit children were taken from their families in Greenland to be re-educated as model Danish citizens. More than 60 years later, they want the Danish government to apologise for an experiment that did enormous damage.

Why is a Chinese tycoon building a $50 billion canal in Nicaragua that no one wants?

Antarctica Growing Green With Grass

Here's the Latest Evidence of How Private Prisons Are Exploiting Inmates for Profit

Individuals with social phobia have too much serotonin -- not too little

Here Is the World's First Engine Driven by Nothing But Evaporation

House Republicans Propose Stripping Family Planning Services From Millions Of Low-Income Women

The logic question six-year-olds can answer, but leaves adults baffled

Deadline looms for legal status in Dominican Republic

The widespread belief that sophisticated sanctions provide policy makers with a silver bullet for addressing intractable national-security issues is wrong.

The military playing field is more even than it has been for many years. That is a big problem for the West

The Blight of the Honey Bee

Hacker Can Send Fatal Dose to Hospital Drug Pumps

Why Are Fewer American Women Getting Abortions?

New anti-malaria drug developed at Dundee University

Moon dust is filling in the astronaut footprints

New U.S.-Philippine military deal, already on ice, could face further delays

Worm Brain Yields Secret to How Animals Sense Earth's Magnetic Field

The $10 bill will soon feature a woman. But the debate is only beginning.

Sweden announces first centre for raped men

Graffiti and Virgil.

Poll shows Americans are starting to worry about climate change again


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Ant Smells Like Blue Cheese for a Reason

The Civil Rights Movement and the Politics of Memory

Hot, dry climate long kept dinosaurs out of tropics: study

Wal-Mart tapped charity to ease market entry, critics say in complaint

Researchers sequence and assemble first full genome of a living organism using technology the size of smartphone

California Is Literally Sinking Into the Ground

Native traditional methods revived to combat California drought, wildfires

How Gilded Ages End

Instead Of Replacing Missing Body Parts, Moon Jellies Recycle

The International Criminal Court Is Weak Because America Made It That Way

Some perfectly healthy people can't remember their own lives

After Cutting Taxes On The Rich, Kansas Will Raise Taxes On The Poor To Pay For It

Chemists are first to see elements transform at atomic scale

Shock European court decision: Websites are liable for users’ comments

Dear Rick Santorum: Sorry, the Pope Actually Did Study Science. So He Might Know About Science.

Thunderstorms on Saturn May Drive Epic Polar Cyclones


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Eva went out the other day with a cooking pot to gather mulberries. After an hour she came back in with a purple face. I saw her on the stairs and went "Oh, did you get a lot?" and she burst into tears.

Apparently, she wanted to collect them to make jelly. A fine idea (excepting the fact that we need pectin to make jelly, and without it the most we can do is syrup), but she accidentally ate all her mulberries and didn't put any in the pot! Whoops.

Poor Eva!


Scientists discover a bacterium that "breathes" uranium and renders it immobile

Study: Private contracts encourage federal immigrant detentions

Border Patrol absolves itself in dozens of cases of lethal force

What's in a name? 'Death-associated protein' promotes cancer growth in most aggressive breast cancers

The Surprising Demographics of American Slavery

You Can Thank Genetic Engineering For Your Delicious Cheese

Play Set in Israeli Prison Imperils Arab Theater

NASA spacecraft finds strange lights on dwarf planet

Crowdfunding for kids' summer programs takes off

World's Thinnest Light Bulb Created from Graphene

Pope Francis' Climate Change Encyclical Just Leaked. Here's What It Says.

How theme parks like Disney World left the middle class behind

Texas pool party incident sparks protests - and police support

Hawkmoths slow their brains to see at night

U.S. justices refuse to restore North Carolina abortion ultrasound law

Scientists Create World's Coldest Molecules Ever

Pay low-income families more to boost economic growth, says IMF

Oil refineries use a ton of water—and a lot of them are in drought-plagued California.

Arid Tucson leads the way in water conservation out West


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God DAMN it. It's going to be raining all week, too.
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The kids went on in roughly age order - and the dance school had the bright idea to split the performance into two shows rather than one long show with an intermission, so we weren't sitting on those seats too long!

The pre-ballet was appropriately adorable, and I was quite surprised by how much they expect of the babies! No tears or freakouts, though, and none of them got *too* far off cue.

The older kids were fairly impressive. The goal at this school is simply to showcase what the kids learned rather than to "do a show", so perhaps it isn't surprising that all the age groups had a prompter instead of just the babies.

And, of course, the girls. They got a special speech about how they were really beginners despite being older students, so I was braced for the worst - after all, I know the huge discrepancy between the amount of practicing they should have done and the amount they actually did! But no, they were nigh on perfect. It was great.

And they got report cards which stated that they were a "joy" and made "great progress" (yeah, we could see that) and they hoped to see them over the summer!

We really lucked into a good dance school. I worried so much, but my ultimate selection criteria was apparently inspired.

Afterwards the family went home and I bought my can opener. And then I went to The Strand. This is entirely because I wanted to and not even a little because I accidentally got on the wrong bus followed by the wrong train and figured that since I had to transfer at 14th and walk a bit anyway I might as well stop somewhere with a water fountain and a toilet in the process. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
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It's the girls' recital. Every time I come within 50 feet of my mother or a phone, she's asking me what the plan is. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PLAN IS. After the 20th time of repeating "I don't know, ask Jenn" she responded with "I just don't understand" and I freaking lost it on her. What's so hard to understand about "I have no idea who is traveling with whom, and I'm trying to juggle three tasks right now, so please, ask your other daughter, who is actually their mother?"

Then she finally called my sister... to complain about me.

I really do have to rush, but I want to get a few links posted before I run out because I won't be back until later (after the recital I need to get a can opener), so if it's all jumbled, forgive me.


The Surprising Downsides of Being Clever

10 things you want to know about human nature if you’re fighting climate change

Germany says Europe is losing patience with Greece

How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds

Official: Pentagon may store heavy weapons in Baltics, Eastern Europe

Cleveland judge finds probable cause for murder charge in Tamir Rice shooting

Scholars have finally found a linguistic relative of schadenfreude, and it sounds like another German portmanteau: gluckschmerz. Except it isn't.

The work that has been published on this page is made from all balloon only. (Adhesive, magic pen, seal, etc. are not used at all)

Humans of Syria exposes life beyond the headlines and battle lines

Turkish border troops block Syrian masses fleeing IS

Military leaders believe US escalation in Iraq is inevitable. (Anybody else ever feel like we're all stumbling into war because we can't be bothered to turn around?)

A New Flu Drug Works Astoundingly Well—By Not Targeting the Flu at All

Britain pulls out spies as Russia, China crack Snowden files: report

Philae comet lander wakes up after 7 months, says European Space Agency

Italy threatens to 'hurt' Europe if no help with migrants

Are Limited Lifespans An Evolutionary Adaptation?

Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’

“It angers me because people aren’t looking at the overall picture,” Butler said. “What are we supposed to do, just have dirt around our house on four acres?”

Yes, lady, that's what you're supposed to do! For crying out loud!

The price of a happy ending can be bad decision-making

Here’s Why Americans Waste So Much Food

Why a growing number of U.S. mothers are turning to midwives, rather than physicians, for prenatal care, labor, and delivery
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Like with the talk about the minimum wage recently. "How would you feel if you worked hard to earn this much money, and your neighbor suddenly started getting that for standing behind the register at McDonald's?" Um, I'd be glad that my hypothetical neighbor could put food on the table without having to go to the food bank every month?

And if I lost my house (looking less likely by the day) and my neighbor had a sudden bailout that allowed them to keep theirs, I'd be glad that they got to stay in their home. Seriously, do these people all hate their neighbors or something? Maybe they should move! (These people inevitably are the sort who say that "If I couldn't feed my child, I wouldn't beg my neighbors." They think they sound principled and proud, but really they just sound like bad parents. I'd turn tricks on the street if I couldn't feed my kids, and man, that is not my skillset. Fortunately, I wouldn't have to - I've given money to my neighbors when they needed it, and they've given cash to me. That's because the people on my block don't all hate each other, or if we do, we keep it to ourselves.)

Except they won't do that. "If I lived in one of those countries where conditions are miserable, I wouldn't try to sneak into another country!" Well, bully for you, because I would, and I wouldn't look back. Bombs are dropping, there's no food, the money I had saved to buy a house isn't enough to buy a dollhouse - yes, I'm getting me and the kids out of there just as fast as our little legs can carry us.

Seriously, I don't get it. There may be good arguments to be made, but this is one area where an appeal to emotion is not going to work, because these people seem to be devoid of all human emotions whatsoever.
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Blaine is the best villain, and Major is surprisingly capable.

That is all.


Secretive Trade Agreements Are Not the Place to Make Human Rights Policy

Here's How Claw Machines Are Rigged to Make Sure You Lose

Your enemy's enemy is your dog, scientists find

Tiny Robotic Tentacles Can Lasso an Ant

Spain passes law awarding citizenship to descendants of expelled Jews

Egg or sperm? Scientists identify a gene that makes the call

A conflict between the government and indigenous people threatens one of Brazil’s most unique national parks.

After 'free-range' case, Maryland clarifies solo-kids policy

Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

The top .001 percent are different from you and me

About 12,200 People Are Erroneously Declared Dead Every Year by the U.S. Government

The Peculiar Inequality of Singapore's Famed Public Housing

Army lab cited eight years ago for failing to properly kill anthrax samples

How 'Thank You' Sounds to Chinese Ears

Can a Transplanted Penis Work Like the Original?

Chimpanzees in west Africa observed indulging in habitual drinking

Over 90 percent of the world's population wants zero carbon emissions

Enhanced Visual Attention May Be Early Predictor of Autism


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Which is annoying, and I had 4 left over after cooking dinner the other night, and now I'm just roasting them in the usual way. Gonna make potatoes to go with. It's boring, but it will be edible. Potatoes and carrots, I think.

I ordered the girls new shorts and shirts for the summer as Ana urgently needed shorts and she made a convincing argument that she needed shirts as well, as all of hers raised up to the belly button if she lifted her arms. (I don't have any sort of modesty concern here, but she cares, and really it's not unreasonable for me to buy the next size up for her.)

As I did it, I had Eva show me the tag on the pants she was wearing so I could get the right size. "Wow, 10/12, huh? I had no idea!"

Turns out that Childrens Place cuts its leggings and bike shorts a little differently from all other pants and skirts and so nothing I bought her fits and we're debating whether I should just baste up the waist a little on those or return them. I'm tempted to do the former. I need to get some more pins first. And maaaaaaybe a wider variety of thread colors.

This isn't a disaster, we technically have plenty of last year's shorts for her, but a. they're all covered in cat hair (turns out the lid fell off the box of summer clothes and Mama Cat's been using it as a bed for the past several months) and b. she always complains she never gets new clothes, only hand-me-downs. Which isn't quite true, but....

I also confirmed today that Ana's been completely lying about taking her inhaler, which means I will no longer listen to whining about her asthma "getting worse". It's not getting worse, Ana, you're just not doing the one thing you're supposed to be doing about it! She's freaking twelve, when do we get to stop sitting on top of her to make her take her medicine?


This origami battery is cooler than your crane

How a history of eating human brains protected this tribe from brain disease

Relentlessly cheerful art. Yes, that IS Christopher Robin as Han Solo!

Stop Pouring Your Chickpea Liquid Down the Drain. It’s a Magical Ingredient. You can use it to make meringues!

Toddlers learn better when you make them giggle

How Private Contractors Have Created a Shadow NSA

Paleontologists Find Dinosaur Blood Cells, But the DNA Is Long Gone

To create more affordable housing, build more mass transit

On Fox News: A White Sexual Abuser Was "Curious" But A Black Victim Of Police Abuse "Was No Saint"

It's time to end the pretence: Greece will never fully repay its bailout loans

3 cool technologies that could save the world's water

Researchers Are Training Robots Using Minecraft

The robots are adapting

450 Dead Babies Found in Athenian Well Shed Light on Ancient Greeks
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1. Watching the first episode of The Flash with my mom was a rather unsatisfying experience. She snarked endlessly, in the mean way. However, midway through she got into it, and revealed that she sees all, knows all!

Mild spoilersCollapse )

I really want to rewatch the show so I can catalog all Cisco's shirts. This is a thing that I am going to do.

2. I wonder sometimes if my family is perhaps a little too erudite. Jennifer sent me an email with a link in it and the title "peruse". What, is the word "read" overdone now? (And for the record, Jenn, I'm not sure I agree with all their substitutions. Also, did you buy I Am Going To Take A Nap yet? OMG GUYS THERE IS A NEW ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE BOOK AND I LOVE ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE BOOKS OMG SO VERY MUCH.)
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Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

Support for the Death Penalty May Be Linked to Belief in Pure Evil

Louisiana prisoner released after 43 years in solitary confinement.

Anti-Abortion Groups Super Confused that NARAL President is Pregnant

Data scientists find connections between birth month and health. Overall, the study indicated people born in May had the lowest disease risk, and those born in October the highest.

Republicans Have Secret Plan If SCOTUS Kills Obamacare. No, You Can’t See It.

World's first 'feeling' prosthetic leg revealed

A Flexible Circuit Has Been Injected Into Living Brains OMG WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE

Law Enforcement Officials Shook Up After Facebook Changes Censorship Policy

McKinney, Texas, and the Racial History of American Swimming Pools More

Black America is so very tired of explaining and debating

Here's What Happens When You Culture The Bacteria on an Eight Year Old’s Hand

43 Impossibly Cute Products You’ll Actually Use

Surgical anesthesia in young children linked to effects on IQ, brain structure

G7 to support climate insurance for poor, finance disappoints

G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century

Obama administration stops work on immigrant program

Germany's oldest student, 102, gets PhD denied by Nazis

A Builder’s 360° Vision Didn’t Move His Neighbors

How engineers built the world's first water computer


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Which makes her immensely pleased, because now her clothes fit. Actually, now her clothes are getting too small, so I just ordered some new shorts and shirts for her. She made a valid point, which is that she should be able to wear some shirts without exposing her entire belly every time she lifts her arms.

So you know what this means. Today is going to be devoted to going through the newly clean laundry and ditching all the clothes that don't fit, are irreparably stained or ripped (or chewed through, and boy did we get on that kid's case when that happened the first time!), or that nobody really likes that much.

It's gonna be fun! (omigodkillmenow)


SF gentrification pushes lower-income residents into radioactive areas

Study: Kids can learn as much from ‘Sesame Street’ as from preschool

All-New Hawkeye, the ‘Daredevil Syndrome’ and a step back for Deaf readers

Some Evangelicals Take New Look at Bible’s Stance on Gays

Former Trader Joe’s Exec Opens Super Cheap Nonprofit Supermarket

Frustrated NSA Now Forced To Rely On Mass Surveillance Programs That Haven’t Come To Light Yet

Erdoğan concedes no party has mandate after shock Turkish vote

Turkey’s election is a blow to Erdogan and a victory for Kurds

Russian billboard advertising contraband hides when it recognises cops

Tool-Using Crows Overcome Their Lack of Pockets

Power beamed to camera via ambient wi-fi signals

China’s fishermen explain why they think the sea is theirs

Are Multiple Personalities Always a Disorder?

Telling Poor, Smart Kids That All It Takes Is Hard Work to Be as Successful as Their Wealthy Peers Is a Blatant Lie

Filthy water and shoddy sewers plague poor Black Belt counties

Haptic holographic display turns thin air into a touchscreen


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twisting themselves into knots explaining that Josh Duggar isn't a criminal because, after all, he was just a kid.

Of course, they're hobbled by their punitive binary. All they can see is the choice "forgive" or "stone him to death!!!". Josh is famous, and white, and very Christian (by their lights), so they want to pick option a every time. It's sad, really, that they can't break free from this mindset long enough to see that there might be another approach to justice.


World’s Oldest Murder Mystery Was 430,000 Years in the Making

Small vortex on wing makes the elegance of birds' flight

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Togetherish at Last?

Hardy Bacteria Thrive Under Hot Desert Rocks

We bailed you out, and now you want what!?!

Why good people do bad things

An Interactive Mirror Built from 450 Rotating Penguins

The Economic Consequences of Austerity

Who Are the Kurds?

Turkey ruling AKP 'loses majority'

Butterflies Have an Extra Stomach Attached to Their Vaginas

Chart: The most liberal and conservative jobs in America

After Series of Setbacks, Spacecraft Prepares to Unfurl Sail

Israeli minister calls on world to recognise Golan annexation

Baboons prefer to spend time with others of the same age, status and even personality

Abortions decline across U.S., even in states with few restrictions

How Timothy McVeigh's Ideals Entered the Mainstream

Hundreds of young Syrians find academic home at US colleges

Why So Few of New York's Bravest Are Black

Scalia’s perfect capital-punishment case falls apart

Phantom Eye Patients See and Feel with Missing Eyeballs


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Eva wants to make cake. I want to make pancakes. Everybody wants to eat pancakes, and also cake, so I hie me to the store to buy some milk. Pour some into the pancakes, looks good, pour out some more and it's chunky. No pancakes for Connie!

Jenn is all "Did you sniff it?" Well, no, I don't typically sniff the milk on the very day I buy it, actually. Ugh.


Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

Sanders to Bush on Social Security Cuts: 'What World Do You Live In?'

The Biggest U.S. Population Gains Are In Drought-Stricken Counties

With This Self-Healing Concrete, Buildings Repair Themselves

The NYT’s 1 percent problem: Media bias goes much deeper than Fox News vs MSNBC

Monkeys' cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication

Patients Get Extreme to Obtain Hepatitis Drug That's 1% the Cost Outside U.S.

Ending discrimination in workplace, other areas is next gay rights battle

Newly revealed NSA surveillance program draws support, ire

First evidence of how parents' lives could change children's DNA

Roadside verges 'last refuge for wild flowers'

For Advocates, Push to End Solitary Confinement in Prison Only Begins With Youth Isolation

This new program identifies birds with just a photo

How Much Do Skyscrapers Actually Move?

Rare Nine-Way Kidney Transplant Performed Between Two San Francisco Hospitals


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I would say school today was like pulling teeth, but I was there when they had their various teeth extracted, and that was easy. (Well, except Eva's last baby tooth. The dentist came to me and went "It won't come out, and my job isn't to traumatize this child" and I sorta nodded but inside I was thinking "Meh, she's a kid, she'll get over it, yank it already!" but I didn't say that. It finally came out last week.) Two hours to get through two pages of math (the standard amount - and I don't ask them to do every problem, either!)

It was all "I don't wanna" and "$SISTER is annoying me" and "I lost my pen" and "Lemme tell this irrelevant joke! Ask a question! Fidget until I fall over!" and people scribbled on their pages and ripped of the edges and made little balls out of them and whined "I can't DO this" and then, three seconds into the explanation went "Oh, this is easy, why are you explaining this?" and at the end of it I went and played Mario RPG because I found a site where I can play it online.

And then we did science, which involved Deco Beads. And it was all "let's squish them until they fall apart!" and "let's bounce them!" and "let's whine and fuss and sulk at the single thing we're actually being asked to do!" and what ought to have been a short lesson took over an hour, and then I said they could have the remaining Deco Beads, and perhaps I should have been a little more circumspect because now there are beads all over the floor.

(Those things are really fun, though.)

Lather, rinse, repeat for history, and then Eva took a bath and dumped a whole bunch of Deco Beads in the water, and do you know that when those things expand in water you can't see them in water because they're 99% water at that time and refraction? Of course, you don't dare let them slip down the drain because they will clog the pipes, and now the floor and a lot of clothes are sopping wet.

And they went "We're so hungry!" and I went "Here's a huge list of food you can eat right now" and they didn't whine that none of it was to their taste", and they took all the food out and then they didn't eat any of it.

And then I said "Watch the potatoes while I run to the store to buy steak for dinner" and they went "Gee, let's not burn the house down" and turned the flame off, and when I got back home the potatoes were still raw. "Why isn't dinner ready yet???" Um, because you can't mash raw potato?

But, to their credit, when I said we had to spend half an hour cleaning the room of our choice, they didn't whine and fuss. This is because they were filling a tackle box with Deco Beads, but whatever, at least they were quiet.


"The practice is called "pay or stay" — pay the fine or stay in jail."

Tsipras tells lenders not to humiliate Greece over debt

A federal court strikes down Idaho’s abortion laws. Anti-abortion activists don’t want to talk about it.

Toting panels on donkeys, Maasai women lead a solar revolution

Turkey’s Kurds find themselves on threshold of unprecedented power

What to Know About This Weekend’s Turkish Elections

In Europe, Fake Jobs Can Have Real Benefits

Con man in $400 Staten Island ferry scam sues NYC after arrest

The Broadway Casts Of “The Lion King” And “Aladdin” Got Into An Epic Airport Sing-Off

Who Pays Taxes in the US? Everyone but the Super-Rich More

Snowden: balance of power has shifted as people defy government surveillance

Jewish Israeli teens lean right, many support ‘price tag’

This Is Why It’s Hard to Boycott Israel

Harnessing the sun with the blackest paint in the world

Watch how the body’s ‘serial killers’ stalk and attack cancer cells

I have been sitting on manspreaders, and it feels great.

Why Poor People Stay Poor

Think Outside The Box (The Cutest Response to Creationism Ever!) (But don't read the comments)

Pluto and its moons just got a whole lot stranger

NYC Schools To Get Audible Door Alarms After Autistic Boys' Escape, Death

With a series of major hacks, China builds a database on Americans

Bangladesh and India to swap 18th-century border enclaves


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Apparently, the powers that be thought it looked like it might be spam. I have no idea what made them think that. (Do you think this needs a sarcasm tag?)

On a tangentially not at all related note, there's a friending meme going on on DW. 5 pages, it's active! Well, we take what we can get, anyway. I keep thinking I ought to comment, but these always seem more fannish than I am.


Human-Sized ‘Lobsters’ Lived on Earth 480 Million Years Ago

Migrating Monarch Butterflies Might Actually Take to the Highway

'Scandinavian Dream' is true fix for America's income inequality

In the wake of the Great Recession, the richest Americans are donating less to charity, while the poorest are giving more.

This blood test can tell you every virus you’ve ever had

Ex-Employees Accuse CVS of Racially Profiling Shoppers

In 1938, the NY Times Wrote About a Weird New Food: The Cheeseburger

Poll Finds Republicans And Democrats Actually Agree That Campaign Finance Is A Disaster

The Civil War’s Division of North and South is Reflected in Cookbooks

Zoloft as Ebola cure? NIH researchers see promise in drugs already on the market

Seven new species of miniature frogs discovered in cloud forests of Brazil

Scientists have figured out how to pit viruses against superbugs

There Might Be No Saving the World's Top Banana

Vladimir Putin’s censorship agenda targets online giants

India is building millions of toilets, but that’s the easy part

A new study argues that computers can independently invent scientific ideas—not just crunch numbers.

As Europe's far right grows, so does support for its minorities

Hundreds of Ethiopian Israelis protest in Tel Aviv

With rural Japan shrinking and aging, a small town seeks to stem the trend

Survivors of Canada's 'cultural genocide' still healing

10 mind-melting optical illusions that will make you question reality Most of them are probably familiar, but 3 - 6 caught me by surprise, especially those t-rexes!

IKEA pledges 1 billion euros to help slow climate change

The Science of Scarcity

Social Class Divides the Futures of High School Students

Black Domestic Violence Survivors Are Criminalized From All Directions

Chinese breach data of 4 million federal workers

Electron microscopes close to imaging individual atoms


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So Eva came in and explained why they were so long at the store. "I saw M and we were talking about the etymology of Tommy and how he had his hurt eye and the etymology of Boyboy, who disappeared - "

Me: Wait. Eva, what, exactly, do you think "etymology" means?
Eva: Well, nevermind!
Me: No, I'm curious.
Eva: Well, like the past of something?
Me: Yeah, but only of words, not of people or things!


Turkey at a crossroads as Erdoğan bulldozes his way to lasting legacy

Why Turkey’s Election Is High Stakes for Women

There’s finally a Hooters-style restaurant featuring men. It’s called Tallywackers.

Walmart spews a huge amount of climate pollution with its shipping, but doesn’t report any of it

Zombie Patriot Act Will Keep U.S. Spying—Even if the Original Dies

Fleeing by the Millions: Migration Crises Around the World (in photos

Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that extends disposable battery life by 800 percent

Cancer trials are changing. That could mean faster access to better drugs.

The Tampon: A History

Missing link found between brain, immune system -- with major disease implications

Al Jazeera tackles the thorny subject of legal guardianship

America's 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus. Are they all from Matthew?

Indiana's HIV Outbreak Leads To Reversal On Needle Exchanges

Your puny roof and walls won’t stop this snake from stealing an egg in your kitchen

How Researchers Could Tell If You’ve Been Laid Off—From Your Cell-Phone Records

The naked chef? Chimpanzees can 'cook' and prefer cooked food – study

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

This is why people are so clueless about how much energy they use

Minn. school kids visit sex toy shop for class

After water

Why Washing Chicken before Cooking Is Unsafe

Earth sized exoplanets have circular orbits


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Today I learned that Neil Gaiman is Jewish. Who knew?
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Porch kitten is now MIA. This bodes ill, but kitten formula is always handy to have around. Told the girls not to open it until and unless they have a kitten in hand - replacement formula lasts a while unopened, but just like baby formula it goes bad pretty rapidly once you pop the top.

$20 for the formula, $23 for the new laser pointer (girls lost the other one, like, within a single day and we need it for SCIENCE), oy.

And now I've had to turn the furnace back on. Again. It's freaking June, weather, get it together already!


The subtle — but very real — link between global warming and extreme weather events

Texas Floods: Piles of Worms Mysteriously Show Up Along Roads

President Barack Obama has awarded two deceased World War I army heroes, one black and one Jewish, with the Medal of Honor.

Oh Goddamn It, Netflix Is Testing Ads

How Europe’s climate policies led to more U.S. trees being cut down

The technical advances that could make wind power viable everywhere

TSA Not Detecting Weapons at Security Checkpoints (This is the blog post at Schneier on Security, always worth a read)

Cancer drug combination 'shrinks 60% of melanomas'

NASA is about to test a ‘flying saucer’ in Hawaii

Russia Doctored Photos in Shooting Down of Airliner, Report Finds

Video purports to show Turkish intelligence shipping arms to Syria

Seeing a giant rubber band ball being cut in half is freaking gross/cool

Why conservatives are able to pass such harsh restrictions on the poor

What it really means to rely on food stamps and welfare

We need new antibiotics. They're not profitable to make. Who pays?


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Porch kitten, who is probably about a month old (teeth, eyes that ought to be open - yeah, it's like that - no interest in solid food) has a respiratory infection. Vet says bills will start out at over $100 for checkup + testing for FIV and all, and quite probably top out somewhere over $200.

Which is bad enough, but the kids saw porch kitten first, and although they valiantly declared they'd sacrifice their allowance, we just don't have that money. The vet isn't going to accept her bill in weekly increments of $10, and I wouldn't ask her to.

But one neighbor has started providing more food and a warm box to sleep in, and another sighed and handed out antibiotics, so tomorrow I'll suck it up and ask if they're both willing to split the cost with me. To be perfectly honest, I'm not terribly convinced that medical care will be enough for the kitten at this point, it's rather scrawny and frighteningly docile for the kitten of a feral cat, but I want to be able to tell the nieces that at least we tried. Halfsies wouldn't work, but a three way split might be doable.

(This is 2am. Just posting a few articles, not bothering with a cut, sorry.)


Why Germany now requires people to be trained before using some elevators

NATO flexes muscles in Baltics, Poland

What happens when you pour molten aluminum into a watermelon

Head of Mali's main Tuareg-led rebels hopeful on peace deal

Minnesota's last one-room schoolhouse counts on its longtime teacher

China is not the only country reclaiming land in South China Sea

Study: Breastfed children have slightly lower risk of childhood leukemia

More Than 5,000 Migrants Rescued on the Mediterranean Since Friday

Cattle herd navigates alligator-infested Texas floodwaters in march to dry ground as cowboys hold old-fashioned drive.

One of four Americans held by Houthi rebels in civil war-torn Yemen has been released

Executive Dysfunction

A Muslim woman beat Abercrombie & Fitch. Why her Supreme Court victory is a win for all Americans. (Even Scalia was on her side! Clarence Thomas, alas, was the predictable sole dissenter. Still, breaking up the dream team and getting Scalia to see reason is a victory in and of itself!)

The case for starting sex education in kindergarten (DO NOT read the comments.)

14 Years After Decriminalizing All Drugs, Here's What Portugal Looks Like

Group of Men Have Played Game of Tag for 23 Years; Hiding in Bushes, Cars

11 Terrifying Childcare Inventions From The Early 20th Century

One church’s sunset means a new day for another

In Norway, A Prison Built On Second Chances

What Would It Take to Double a Cell Phone’s Battery Life?

Pretty Salad

Cholera outbreak among Burundi refugees in Tanzania slowing: UN

New strategy to halt HIV growth: block its sugar and nutrient pipeline

Why Disney’s “first African princess” is the spirit animal for global white supremacy

Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide

Ukraine prisoners stranded in legal limbo on the frontline of a war

Turkey election: Kurds, women, gays put faith in upstart party

Here’s How Revolting Your Contact Lenses Are

Pool industry touts water savings in California drought

Edit: Well, it didn't seem like that many when I started out!
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I was going to make crumble. Come the morning, I didn't see the cherries, so I figured the girls ate them. Cherries are yummy. I went to the store and bought berries instead. Jenn didn't get any crumble, so she figured we just filled it with cherries galore.

This week we realized she'd lost the leotards and tights. Searched the whole house. Found them, finally, squished in a corner in a bag... with the rotting cherries all on top. Ew. Ew, ew, ew!

We can't just buy new leotards tomorrow, as all close-by dance stores are closed on Sunday (seriously), so they're soaking now. Pre-treated them first, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is how I learned that laundry soap and water creates an exothermic reaction.

Truly, you learn something new each and every day.

Mildly personalCollapse )
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That episode where Keiko is teaching about the wormhole and Winn is all "There's not enough religion in this!" and Keiko goes "Well, that's not my job!" and it's a whole big thing.

That episode falls a little flat for me, and on this watching I worked out why.

1. Keiko is kinda arbitrarily a jerk here. I mean, yes, she was blindsided, and yes, Winn would try the patience of a saint, but Keiko doesn't even pretend to take her seriously. When nearly all of your students are religious Bajorans, it makes sense to treat their beliefs with a tiny modicum of respect.

It's not her fault, though. It's the writers. It's like they know the other side (in our world, creationists, but that analogy is imperfect and I'll get to that) has a point, but they can't be bothered to understand what that point is and they're pretty sure that point is stupid, so in order to make it look fair they resort to having Keiko go on the defensive and act like a jerk.

In fairness, creationism and abstinence only education and the like are pretty stupid... but you don't convince anybody of that point by saying so to their face. You engage with them and let them figure it out on their own. Keiko doesn't even want to make an effort. Some teacher she is!

2. Of course, the analogy is flawed on the very face of it. Creationism is flat-out wrong. Abstinence only education is associated with terrible results. We can prove this.

But let's look at Winn's original complaint: Keiko referred to the inhabitants of the wormhole as "aliens" instead of "Prophets".

Well, the wormhole aliens provably are the same entities that the Bajorans worship as Prophets. And they really have taken an interest in Bajoran affairs and sent those mysterious orbs that non-Prophet science apparently can't explain. This isn't really a Galileo situation. It wouldn't have killed Keiko to just say "You're right, the Prophets built it" and go on from there. (You and I know that that smarmy bitch Winn would have kept picking a fight until she got the results she wanted, because she didn't really care about education at all, but at this time Keiko had no way of knowing that and all the Bajorans who withdrew their children probably were decent individuals.) But instead she had to be "NO! That would be denying them knowledge!" which pretty much says "Bajorans, they're deluded fools, am I right?"

It's not so much that Keiko is wrong, it's just that she can't see that there might have been a better approach. And when the whole plot is so obviously allegorical, it's really frustrating to see that it was all a secret agenda by Winn Read more...Collapse ). And then once it's said and done, everybody forgets all about it, which most definitely does not happen in the real world.

I don't know. I just feel that if they were going to make this analogy, they could've picked a better one and maybe shown more of a good faith effort by Keiko to understand the opposing point of view, even as she still rejected it. You can't teach people if you don't understand them and don't want to.


Breast cancer 'alters bone to help it spread'

World's first ocean system targeting plastic pollution to launch in 2016

A new rule from the EPA to protect ecologically-vital temporary waterways and wetlands could become even more important as the climate changes.

'Eggcorns': The Gaffes That Spread Like Wildflowers

A Surprise for Evolution in a Giant Tree of Life

More Americans now consider themselves pro-choice than pro-life

Researchers engineer E. coli to produce new forms of popular antibiotic

How One Massachusetts Jail Cut Its Population By 30 Percent In 6 Years

China agrees to phase out its ivory industry to combat elephant poaching

This Lamp Doesn't Need Batteries, Fuel Or Even The Sun

In the most diverse county in Texas, a big racial disparity in truancy

Researchers prove magnetism can control heat, sound

I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing

All 8 women fail Ranger School: Some Rangers say standards should change

A patient's budding cortex -- in a dish? Networking neurons thrive in 3-D human 'organoid'

Lung cancer therapy is 'milestone'

3 white collar jobs that robots are already mastering

Aging nuns, their orders no longer able to provide care, get care at Jewish nursing home

Residents in a Mexican neighborhood miss the cartel that protected them

Solar Impulse plane begins Pacific crossing

Doctors' Secret Language for Assisted Suicide

Orthodox Jewish sect's female driver ban condemned by Nicky Morgan

The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured.


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With curd and frosting?

Yeah, I agree. Definitely the best culinary decision I've made all week!


Why don’t Americans feel better about the economy?

A defense attorney uncovers a brazen scheme to manipulate evidence, and prosecutors and police finally get caught.

U.S. is paying the price for not investing in trains, and it's stupid

Reddit, Mapped


Why Do Airplane Windows Have Tiny Holes?

Map: How coffee splits the United States in half

NY Launches Campaign To Protect Nail Salon Workers DO NOT READ COMMENTS.

Review: The Real Boy by Anne Ursu

US Drops Cuba From State Terrorism List, Paving the Way for Embassies

Connecting Guilt to Ethnicity: A Jewish Birthday Card

Cooler Buildings Save Energy

Cute Family. And You Should See Their Bacteria. The scientific clan bringing microbe diversity to the dinner table.

Conservatives ask the Supreme Court to restrict states’ rights and overturn precedent.

Dozens of previously dismissed radio signals were actually credible transmissions from Amelia Earhart (old article)

Tolerance and Intolerance in the City

Watch This Incredible Tiny Robot Fold Itself and Then Destroy Itself

Report: World grows less hungry, but food insecurity remains high

The role of black dolls in American culture.

Spain’s Syriza Moment

Turning Brussel's wastewater into bioplastics

America slouches toward plutocracy

These maps show how rent is too damn high across America

Researchers invent tiny sonic screwdriver

Why don't poor people just get jobs? Because they already did.

The Troubled Relationship Between Texas and FEMA

Map: The U.S. is bound by treaties to defend a quarter of humanity

Arpaio requests public's help for legal fees

New research finds that, in most societies, cynics make less money over time than optimists.

America’s Police Will Fight the Next Riot With These Stink Bombs

Facebook users plan protest against site's 'real name' policy at headquarters

Texas Politicians And Businesses Feud Over Medicaid Expansion

What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater?

The Supreme Court will review a case of blatant racism by prosecutors. For once, there’s a paper trail.

Monopoly power tightens grip on US economy


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(Or so Eva says, I didn't bother with the other side of this story), is it wrong to settle her down with some Deep Space Nine?

No? I didn't think so.


Minimum Wages Are Rising Across the Country. Should They Apply to Minors?

This Breakthrough Shape-Memory Metal Practically Never Wears Out

The great umbilical cord-cutting debate

Can the Kurds Stop Erdogan’s Bid for Total Power?

Russia steps up propaganda push with online "Kremlin trolls"

Mice with ‘amnesia’ have memories restored by light

The Worst Kind Of Groundhog Day: Let's Talk (Again) About Diversity In Publishing

NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Program May Expire: What You Need to Know

Can gender and racial biases be unlearned during sleep?

The opposite of ISIS: Compassion flows freely in refugee camp

Report: 550 Western Women Fighting for ISIS, They're More Than Jihadi Brides

17 Shakespearean Insults To Unleash In Everyday Life

U.S. EPA proposing temporary pesticide-free zones for honeybees

In Detroit and Baltimore, residents behind on water payments prepare to go without. Why aren’t utilities going after delinquent big companies first?

Hundreds gather in Arizona for armed anti-Muslim protest

US hits out at China over sea reclamation, vows more patrols The EU and Japan aren't happy either

China has artillery vehicles on artificial island in South China Sea, US said

From plitter to drabbletail: the words we love

Colliding Galaxies May Erupt With Mega Jets

The Silly Reason the Chinese Aren’t Allowed on the Space Station

Myanmar publishes census, but Rohingya minority not recognized

Sumo groups hope skinny Japanese kids can recapture their nation’s glory


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What do I do with all this ground beef? Even vacuum sealed, some of it is really hitting the end of its best by date, so hamburgers are out, and there's really only so much chili we can eat (and we all love chili).

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1. Loose fish sticks or maybe breakfast sausages
2. Shopping bags, plastic
3. Cold hard cash (63¢)
4. Three garbage bags worth of food from 2010 - 2013
5. Several containers of lunches I'd packed for my mother
6. Cold folding cash ($1)
7. A pen light all the way at the bottom that still worked
8. Soup
9. Lots of ground meat

My mother and I are going to have some serious talks on the subject of "the freezer is not a garbage can for all those things we don't want to deal with".

Of course, I was supposed to be cleaning her fridge, but whatevs. (No comments from the peanut gallery, Jenn.)

Dropped some of the aforementioned ground beef in the tiny space between the freezer and the steps, spent 20 minutes hauling it out. Had to use pruning shears to grab hold of it!

(Trying out this conflict and migrant lj-cut idea. I do not promise anything. Obviously if something big happens, like ISIS gets hold of the bomb and nukes the hell out of North Korea, I'm going to put that outside a cut. Because, you know, that's going to be our big concern, where I stick the articles.)


Engineered bacteria detect cancer and diabetes in urine

PowerPoint should be banned. This PowerPoint presentation explains why.

Sending ice to Antarctica

How one N.Y. museum is already prepping for the next big flood

How microbes acquire electricity in making methane

A Cleaner Fleet Week: What Do You Do With a Cultured Sailor?

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

Inmates across the US charged for their own incarceration

The Heartbreak of Finding Out That All Your Bees Died Over the Winter

Turning sewage into drinking water gains appeal as drought lingers

Some bats with white-nose syndrome cured by bacteria, scientists say

The flat tax falls flat for good reasons

The NSA is testing tech to identify you by swipes on your phone screen

2 cool maps that show how wind power is poised to go big — really big

Inside the war on coal

Letter: Farts should be Pendleton council’s next order of business

Surprise: Using car's air conditioning saves gas

Lead poisoning is a major threat at America’s shooting ranges, perpetuated by owners who’ve repeatedly violated laws even after workers have fallen painfully ill.

'New species' of ancient human found

Whoops! A creationist museum supporter stumbled upon a major fossil find.

As a creationist kid, I was determined not to learn about evolution.

We Trust Children to Know What Gender They Are, Until They Go Against the Norm

Study: Europeans to suffer more ragweed with global warming

Need to Suck It Up? Try a Meat Straw

Yeast can live with human genes

The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today

Say hello to the dementor wasp. It turns cockroaches into zombies.

The CIA’s Student-Activism Phase

Blood turned into nerve cells by Canadian researchers

North Canterbury farmer's living sheep billboards lift spirits

Turkey could elect its first openly gay member of parliament in next month's elections, despite a rising tide of social conservativism in the Muslim-majority country.

County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant

Young Treasure Hunters Dig Up History Lessons in a Classroom’s Closet

Birds 'weigh' peanuts and choose heavier ones

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There are some people who went "I appreciate seeing the headlines, but don't want to read the articles" and there are others who went "I'd be okay with not seeing the headlines, don't really care either way" and there was one or two rather vehement comments about not wanting to see the headlines either.

I primarily post articles I find interesting and only remember you all as an afterthought (sorry), but how about if I shove the conflict and migrant related stuff under a cut? But not right now, because I have to make dinner and then do school with the girls. (Yes, school after dinner. They overslept, and we were late to the orthodontist appointment, and they can't eat until hours later, so we agreed not to do school on an utterly empty stomach.)
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I went to the store yesterday and I noticed Häagen-Dazs was on sale, $2.99 a pint (or what passes for a pint nowadays). So I picked up Eva's favorite (Cookie Dough) and Jenn's favorite (Coffee), and started looking around for Ana's favorite (Dulce de Leche). They didn't have Dulce de Leche, and I wasn't sure of her second favorite, so I bought Salted Caramel.

Boy, was she pissed.

I determined that her second favorite was Cherry Vanilla and agreed to pick it up next time I went to the store, but did not agree to run to the corner store for same, as that would be much pricier.

Later she did try the ice cream - and called me up to apologize! Apparently, she likes that flavor an awful lot after all, she just didn't know that yet!

It's really mature of her to decide on her own to apologize for this sort of thing. She's not a little kid anymore.


This Gold Nano-Slinky Is a Cancer-Detecting Hyperlens

California accepts historic offer by farmers to cut water usage by 25%

Many finance workers still don’t think they can report wrongdoing

Nature faces off against politics in North Carolina

Hobby Lobby billionaire behind the Christian counseling center that treated Josh Duggar.

Watch a Baby Bee Go From Wriggly Larvae to Adult in Just Over a Minute

Holy Shit! Almonds Require a Ton of Bees

Once Solid Peninsula in Antarctica Begins to Melt

Sudden ice loss in Antarctica changing Earth’s gravity field, say scientists

Assad regime accused of 35 chlorine attacks since mid-March

Body Cameras Are Not Pointed at the Police; They're Pointed at You

Córdoba controversy: Historic Mosque-Cathedral mired in cultural dispute

10 reasons Wal-Mart is the worst company in America

U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided

The GOP and ALEC’s War on Cities

Cows Learn Better With Friends

3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam

In Texas, courts turn truancy cases into cash

The U.S. military is a national security threat

The FBI's Response To Another Killer Cop Set Free? More Surveillance of Protestors

Hubble Observes Unique Star Dubbed "Nasty"

In North Korea, men call the shots, women make the money

Malaysia migrant mass graves: police reveal 139 sites, some with multiple corpses

Displaced children bear brunt of South Africa’s crime crackdown

The CIA Is Shuttering a Secretive Climate Research Program

A Bionic Limb You Can Control With Your Unconscious Mind Is Here

'Prison guards can never be weak': the hidden PTSD crisis in America's jails

Families Describe Fleeing War-Torn Ukraine for Russian Camps

Babies Who Are Breast-Fed Are Better Protected Against Pollution, Study Finds

The Web is not a post-racial utopia. Just see what happened when white players of an online game were assigned black avatars.

Be Very Afraid of Ticks

Science Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Makes A Female Athlete

Farming in the Sky
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I've had a lot going on, and most of it boring :)

Quick question: When I post a story to, like, "ISIS has captured this town" or "29 people killed in Mali" (made up headlines, I haven't even read the news all weekend!), people hardly ever click on them. So says Bitly, anyway. Is this because nobody finds those stories interesting, or just because they figure the headline gives them all the information they need right there? If it's mostly the former, I'll start just shoving it over onto Reddit rather than boring all youse guys with it, but if it's the latter, I won't.


When China’s rural parents leave to work in cities, “left-behind children” fall to crime and truancy. Why isn’t the country doing more about it?

After court-martial, this Marine cites religious freedom in her continued legal fight

California’s Homeless Find a Quiet Place

5 Despicable Right-Wing Moments this Week You Might Not Have Heard About

Here’s how badly we’re getting ripped off by our mobile phone providers

Adults Love the Four-Day School Week. Is It Good for the Kids?

The best way to eliminate the gender pay gap? Ban salary negotiations.

Appeals Court Eviscerates Notre Dame’s Objections to Contraception Accommodation

What Australian slang has given the world

When the Rapist Doesn’t See It as Rape

The Weirdest, Saddest, Most Disturbing Battle Yet in the War Over Circumcision

The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts

Semiliquid battery competitive with both Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors

Maddow Blasts Law Requiring Aurora Shooting Victim's Parents To Pay Gun Manufacturers

Researcher who exploits bug in Starbucks gift cards gets rebuke, not love

Nobody ever handed me anything on a plate

Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act, U.N. official says

Sixty-seven years after the Arab-Israeli War, 3,000 Palestinians remain forgotten and stateless in rural Egypt.
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I mean, really behind. Michele came over and drove us to the laundromat so we could get it all done in one fell swoop (for a given definition of "all" - we had three full laundry bags, two backpacks, and another bag, but there were more clothes we couldn't cram into a bag and so they are being washed now, at home), which was very kind of her. (She also lent me $15 because, like an idiot, I'd left my cash at home. The laundromat is pricey!)

The kids came with us, which is good because I was stuck there until midnight. (It turns out my mom had come home, but I hadn't known that, so yeah.) Their reaction to the front-loading washer and dryer was freaking adorable, with them announcing the races in real time, and it almost convinced me on the "when we finally replace our appliances, we should go with glass doors" front, except of course I know that if we had those in our own home the novelty level would go waaaaay down.

Then they found some instafriends and spent the next several hours playing secret agent in the parking lot, so that was all right.

Now all I have to do is diligently divide the winter clothes from the summer (already started that!) and put them all away. I feel so responsible and adult! (I feel like running away and becoming a nudist! HELP MEEEEEEE!)
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Coughed while eating. Got a french fry up my nose. Couldn't snort it back down. Had to blow it out. Repeatedly. This was every bit as gross as it sounds. Also uncomfortable.

Also: Kids lost spacer. Went to CVS to get new one. Need a prescription. WTF do they think I'm going to do with a spacer that requires a prescription? It's a piece of freaking plastic! It's not dangerous in any way, shape, or form. I don't think you could even concuss somebody by bonking them on the head with one.


Faith Healing Kills Children

Diverse cities don’t always have diverse neighborhoods

China air force holds drill in Western Pacific

McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit in comic form

Many Jobless (Still) Giving Up Looking For Work

Efficiency record for black silicon solar cells jumps to 22.1 percent

Since 1986 more than 1,600 people have been shot by Chicago police officers — an average of more than one person a week. ​In the 208 cases closed over the last two years, not a single shooting has been found to be unjustified. Should we be reassured?

Gaza economy 'on verge of collapse', with world's highest unemployment

Girl Scouts welcomes transgender girls

Cleanup of oil-fouled California beach could take months

6 Insane True Statistics That Laugh In The Face Of Logic.

The last paragraph is pretty much what I say when people try the "Life is too improbable to have happened spontaneously!" line. When we have 300 billion star in our galaxy, and 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, sooner or later even astronomical odds become a sure thing. There are roughly 70 billion trillion stars in the universe, and we find new exoplanets seemingly every single day. The odds just aren't that long.

Russians seized in Ukraine: We were following Moscow's orders

Railroad safety fact check: Fires and spills are up despite industry claims

Bosses Are Turning Poverty-Wage Workers Into ‘Managers’—and Barring Them From Overtime in the Process

NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones

Americans’ Attitudes About Privacy, Security and Surveillance

Why Your Subway Is Delayed, Explained as an 8-Bit Video Game

The Injustice of Civil-Asset Forfeiture

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

Justice Department issues policy on domestic drone use
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Video raises concerns over Ukraine's treatment of Russian prisoners

Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Officers in Freddie Gray's Death

S.F. police immune from suit over shooting of mentally ill woman

Here Are 13 Killings by Police Captured on Video in the Past Year

Official: Arkansas Officers Shoot Cuffed Man in Patrol Car

Why Some Kids Go to Prison for No Reason and Some Kids Go to College No Matter How Badly They Act

How many years make a life sentence for a teenager?

Global armed conflicts becoming more deadly, major study finds

The octopus can see with its skin

What If Everybody Didn't Have to Work to Get Paid?

Islamic State 'look increasingly like a state' warns expert

Islamic State Solidifies Foothold in Libya to Expand Reach

ISIS' child soldiers: What will happen to 'cubs of the caliphate'?

Palmyra: Syrian forces trapped civilians, UN says

The Social Commute: How the Big Schlep Is Changing the Way New Yorkers Live

Here's What Osama bin Laden Wrote About Climate Change

At Coast Guard graduation, Obama warns of climate change threat to national security

Mountains hold climate change surprise, scientists find

How the Indian Ocean ended up stealing the atmosphere’s heat

Former Boko Haram captives still held - by Nigerian military

10 Things People Once Complained Would Ruin The English Language

McDonald's boss 'proud' of wages he pays as thousands demand a pay rise

Italy's Renzi says Europe blind to migrants' plight

New York Jails Cost Twice As Much As What The City Says They Cost

U.N. announces Yemen talks, Iran to allow ship inspection

US to carry out air patrols to locate Rohingya migrants stranded at sea

US says willing to take in Rohingya boat people

Burundi’s radio silence: Political crisis forces stations off air

Burundi: President pushes back election into June amid continued unrest

Suicide Rate for Black Children Jumps as it Falls for Whites

Ocean's hidden world of plankton revealed in 'enormous database'

Chinese warnings to U.S. plane hint of rising stakes over disputed islands

The fly's neural compass works just like a mammal's

Israel Calls Off Palestinian Bus Segregation Plans

The ‘South Texas Family Residential Center’ Is No Haven

Arizona caps welfare benefits, will drop over 1,600 families from rolls

How the DEA Harasses Amtrak Passengers
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22 Strange Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

People Who Are Anti-Abortion Are Also Sexist, Worrying Study Finds

EU migrant quotas 'insane', Hungary's Orban says

The Big Bang Is Hard Science. It Is Also a Creation Story.

Fall of Ramadi reflects failure of Iraq’s strategy against ISIS, analysts say

Iraq deploys tanks as Islamic State tightens grip on Ramadi

Lindsey Graham calls for 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq

U.S. fears Shi'ite militias could worsen Iraqi sectarian fires

7 Rikers Island Guards Raped, Sexually Abused Inmates: Lawsuit

The Mother of All Snakes Looked Surprisingly Modern

A flotilla of Indonesian fishermen rescued more than 430 migrants who were stranded at sea and brought them ashore to safety Wednesday.

Philippines offers refuge to desperate migrants trapped on boats So does Gambia

This Judge Sold Children To Private Prisons For Cash, He’s Going Down For 28 Years

​Well-off or poor, a monthly cash crunch is now the norm

Fighting HIV where no-one admits it's a problem

A year of clashes devastates Libya's Benghazi

Los Angeles gives preliminary approval to $15 minimum wage

Soon, Your Doctor Could Print a Human Organ on Demand

Ukraine's Poroshenko talks of 'real war' with Russia

Panda Poop Suggests They Shouldn’t Eat Their Favorite Food of Bamboo

Yemen capital sees heaviest airstrikes since truce expired

U.S. Weighs Military Options as Iran Cargo Ship Nears Yemen

How To Fight The Filter Bubble: New Twitter App… Thing

Arming the Enemy in Afghanistan

In rare admission of guilt, Wall St. banks say they rigged markets

6 Terrifying Creatures That Keep Going After They're Dead

Burundi police fire teargas at protesters as 110,000 flee country

Masses of Burundi Refugees Show up in Tanzania

After the sting of vanishing bees, White House pollinates protection plan

White House makes bid to save honeybees but ignores toxic pesticides

5 Insane Police Forces No One Ever Talks About
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