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Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
Gestural communication in bonobos and chimpanzees shows turn-taking and clearly distinguishable communication styles

Doc McStuffins S3E11 showcases real world African American female pilot: Bessie Coleman (The quote is correct in stating that Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to get an international pilot's license, however, it would be equally true and much more accurate for the Bessie Coleman doll to state that she was the first American of any race or gender to accomplish that. And she did it precisely because of race and gender barriers in America, so yeah.)

Use of parasitic wasps to fight ash borer grows to 24 states

How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru

A 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe from China Has Just Been Unveiled

Electricity from seawater: New method efficiently produces hydrogen peroxide for fuel cells

For years doctors in the US made little attempt to save the lives of premature babies, but there was one place distressed parents could turn for help - a sideshow on Coney Island.

Robotic grippers based on granular jamming (Video)

Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?

What I learned trying to keep up with my 4-year-old daughter at the royal game.

A Gilded Age painter’s springtime New York

Study: Kids have 'and/or' problem despite sophisticated reasoning

In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains

Smaller cities across US opening high-tech crime centers

She had 9 husbands and 10,000 pieces of glassware

Did Dinosaurs Enjoy the Stars?

Refugees and scholars: Colleges offer war-torn a route to US

I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs. Then One Man Changed My Life.

Using a Green Light to Bring Crime to a Stop

How Did President Zachary Taylor Actually Die?

Yale's gender neutral bathrooms part of changing climate

Texas immigration facility to house transgender detainees

Now Displaced by New York’s Gentrification: Feral Cats

Bank of America $1.27 billion U.S. mortgage penalty is voided

Louisiana set to expand hate-crimes laws to include police (ARGH.)

She went to a historically black college. So did he. Their sexual assault case was a disaster.

Freddie Gray verdict: US police officers who kill rarely get punished, but they might get rich

Shake-up in Israeli politics prompts 'seeds of fascism' warning

Germany: right-wing violence rose over 40% last year

With eye on South China Sea, China's neighbors weave new security web

Buses and Bulldozers: Refugees are removed from Greek camp
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The Flash finale was a bit of a letdown overall. I mean, it was an adequate ep, but not for a season finale. Read more...Collapse )

I'm just saying, it could be better.
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Now the computer tells me that it cannot reset because a required drive partition is missing.

Granted, I have no idea what to do with this information, but still - progress!
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Native Hawaiian Graduates Wearing Nothing but Cultural Pride (Older article, but whatevs.)

Transparent wood made stronger than glass by applying epoxy

Frog and Toad and the Self

Researchers find that Earth may be home to one trillion species

What’s In A Vowel? In Search Of The Disappearing Short-A Rising

How Beer Gave Us Civilization

Old-fashioned breeding techniques are bearing more fruit than genetic engineering in developing hyper-efficient plants.

An 'Added Sugar' Label Is On The Way For Packaged Food

We're Modeling Networks All Wrong

Citizen Brandeis

'This is for Our Families': Children of Striking Verizon Workers Join Picket Line

Portland Public Schools bans material that casts doubt on climate change

US veteran seeks asylum for Iraqi man who saved his life

Can The World's Worst Traffic Problem Be Solved?

Mexico taking steps to counter 'Trump emergency'

Impeachment hearings are latest victory in conservative war on IRS

As Zika cases grow, hospitals prepare to care for pregnant women, babies

Zika virus strain 'imported from the Americas' to Africa

Across Africa, the worst food crisis since 1985 looms for 50 million

Baltimore cop acquitted in Freddie Gray death (Fucking a. I don't know what I expected, but....)

NYC Has Paid Out Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Police-Related Settlements Since 2009 (Article is two years old, so presumably the total is greater now.)

Shipping's Dirty Secrets

Love’s runaways: the gay Ugandans forced into exile

Libya: The story of the conflict explained

Nation’s largest reservoir drops to lowest level in history

Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government
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And told me to reinstall Windows. So I *did*, and I followed all the prompts, but when I was done it reverted back to telling me to reinstall Windows. What gives?
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I frequently tell people that I only do two things righty - pick my nose, and masturbate. This is technically untrue. I also use a righty can opener. (And a righty mouse, but that's because I need more precision to type one handed than I do to mouse.)

However, the evolution of my using a righty can opener with my right hand took literally years. Years of my trying to make it work with my left hand before I finally accepted that this was not a thing that was going to happen. That was followed by another three or four years of my picking up the can opener with my left hand, setting it up, trying to use it lefty, and then going "No, Connie, try the other hand". Every time. For years. 2 - 3 times a week I open a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato paste to make something for dinner. And every time - left hand, try, stop, switch hands, very awkwardly open it righty. (And even now, I can only manage it with a good quality can opener. Crappy ones are a complete no-go.)

I have considered getting a lefty can opener, but in the end decided that the situation is bad enough with the girls using my scissors, I don't want them awkwardly using my can opener as well.

So on last week's episode of The Flash, we were informed that righties on E1 are lefties on E2 and vice versa. This is bullshit for so many reasons, and the villain had to be bluffing, but she "proved" Cisco was right handed by throwing something at him and he caught it in his right hand.

I was pretty surprised when a lot of people reacted with "How does that prove anything? You threw it at his right side, of course he caught it with his right hand!" Is this a thing people do? I mean, I might try to catch something with my right hand if it was coming waaaaaaaay over on the right and I had to lean... but I'd be more likely to just let it drop, to be honest. (I don't tend to catch things.) In the scene shown, if I really felt I had to catch it, I'm pretty sure I'd use both hands. (Gotta test this one out.)

But my handedness is pretty strongly lefty. In the Kinsey scale of handedness, I'm all the way at the far end. (Also, cross-dominance is a thing. It's not at all unusual to use one hand for fine motor tasks and the other for gross motor tasks, or to be flexible with handedness for some things but not others. Nobody seems to know this, but it's the truth, and I wish we could get this into the heads of parents and early-education teachers.)
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Nigerian players dominate Scrabble tournaments with the surprising strategy of playing short words even when longer ones are possible.

There Were Mega-Tsunamis on Mars

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer

The Delightful Automata of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

How plants conquered the land

A Secret Tunnel Found in Mexico May Finally Solve the Mysteries of Teotihuacán

Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

In the Philippines, faith becomes a driving force against coal

Folding Paper with a Hydraulic Press

Boston's Sidewalks Are Covered In Secret Poems You Can Only See When It Rains

What Sunken Sandwiches Tell Us About the Future of Food Storage

Panda feces study provides insights into microbiome, reproductive troubles

Paris Declares War on 'Ghettoes for the Rich'

Project Earth is leaving beta

New York could become 1st state to ban declawing of cats

Mass reduction of California prison population didn’t cause rise in crime, two studies find

HIV DNA successfully excised from animals

Rescued from child labor, Indian fishermen's daughters ace school exams

A narrow band of green light could improve migraines

A horror in Bruce Wayne's childhood created the Dark Knight. Did a real-life childhood horror create Bruce Wayne?

If an asteroid heads for Earth: Just because you can move the stars in their courses, it doesn’t mean you should

European powers forced artificial borders on more places than the Middle East.

McDonald's fish: Row over sustainability 'cover-up'

Western do-gooders need to resist the allure of 'exotic problems'

The Plan to Avert Our Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse

How Factory Farms Play Chicken With Antibiotics

'I hope he's roasting in hell': Deadliest school massacre remembered 89 years later (I didn't know he'd killed his horse as well. Is it strange that I find that more perplexing than the murder of his wife and those schoolchildren?)

Hepatitis C Is Killing Americans in Record Numbers While Patients Cannot Access Life Saving Medicine

Mercenaries Are the Silent Majority of Obama’s Military

Human traffickers 'using migration crisis' to force more people into slavery

Victims of Boko Haram, and Now Shunned by Their Communities
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Eva's doing her science, Ana is doing Russian Duolingo (her own initiative here) and I pointed out that if Ana wants to work on something on the computer while Eva is doing quiet schoolwork, she has to either put on headphones or go in the other room.

Ana: Oh, headphones don't compat with this computer.

That... is an extremely nifty neologism. I like it!
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And we were discussing the problem of longitude. I said - carelessly, not thinking much of it - that longitude was like the space race of the day. I got a full three sentences in before I realized that that phrase was completely meaningless to the girls. Even once I backtracked and gave them the historical background, it had no emotional resonance whatsoever.

Even by my generation, I guess that was all in the past anyway. The exciting parts, I mean, not the useful weather satellites and cell phones and all. I was not yet three when Challenger exploded. I don't think Jenn even has any memory of that, though I could ask her.

I wonder if "the race to be the first person to Mars" would work better as an analogy? Or maybe "the race to fix global warming" (if I thought we all took that seriously)?
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Superman is Supes, and Spiderman is Spidey, and Captain America is Cap. Okay, so far so good - but does Batman have a fan nickname? Besides "The Goddamn Batman", which, let's face it, is more like a title? I tried googling this crucial issue, but what I got was more a list of modern kennings* than affectionate nicknames.

* Well, if we stretch the definition of kenning a little.
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It's entirely amiable, and we've mostly been talking about the fact that a. all studies on lefthandedness are shit and b. science definitely doesn't have the answer as to why.

I've learned a couple of things, namely that there is apparently a correlation between left-handedness and having twins. Not being a twin, I already knew that, but giving birth to twins.

As you all know, the frequent (and ridiculous) argument against LGBT rights of any sort is "There's no gay gene, so it's not born!" and usually my rejoinder is "Who the hell cares?" because seriously, I don't. (Did you know there's a small, but real, correlation between being lefthanded and being trans? I've got no answer for that other than "neurodiversity works in mysterious ways". Like, none.)

Anyway, this relates. If you do even a cursory review of the material, you rapidly realize that nobody has a clue when it comes to handedness. So next time, instead of "LOL! What a stupid thing to say!" I'll tell the haters "Listen, we still don't have a coherent theory of lefthandedness, and you expect us to have the gay thing figured out?"
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Are we pointing telescopes in the right direction to find alien life?

This dinosaur had a heartbreaking life. Now she’s famous — and an inspiration.

Bilingual babies learn languages faster than monolingual babies

Identify Any Tree in New York City With this Map (ANY tree is stretching it. This map is missing quite a few street trees in my neighborhood, although the ones they include seem to be accurate. Still, nifty!)

Girls And Older Adults Are Missing Out On Parks For Recreation

Ancient Roman Shipwreck Full of Coins and Bronze Statues Discovered Off Israel

Clues to ancient giant asteroid found in Australia

Where teenagers can legally drink in the U.S. (yes, really)

Even Psychologists Respond To Meaningless Rewards

Acorn Woodpeckers Hoard Thousands of Acorns in a Single Tree. That’s not even the weirdest thing about them.

What Car Did The Dad In Calvin & Hobbes Drive?

Sharks’ electricity-sensing organs are even more powerful than we realized

As American As Duct Tape, Brass Knuckles and Cole Slaw

Equation shows that large-scale conspiracies would quickly reveal themselves

Citizen-scientists: Uncle Sam wants you to fight Zika!

Germs could play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes by triggering the body's immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, new research suggests.

Is there a sexist data crisis?

A Peek at the Golden Age of Prison Radio

A drive to rethink what incarceration is for

In New Orleans, Criminal Justice Meets Housing Justice

The inside story of Facebook’s biggest setback

The Trucker, His Downfall, and the US Economy

Why There’s an Uproar Over Trying to Increase Funding for Poor Schools

Auschwitz mug reveals jewellery hidden 70 years ago

Skull condition thought extinct is actually widespread, research finds

The TSA is a waste of money that doesn't save lives and might actually cost them

In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds' (Okay, serious subject, but check out their stock image!)

Alerted to Danger, New York City Failed to Curb Harm at Group Homes

The patriot and the correspondent: Acts of friendship in a land caught in-between

Bloodshed blurs Middle East borders set 100 years ago by UK-French pact

As videos expose wrongdoing by South Carolina cops, police agencies tighten control over footage

U.N. urges Greece to stop detaining migrant children

Farms a major source of air pollution, study finds

Polluted dust can impact ocean life thousands of miles away

‘Fundamentally unstable’: Scientists confirm their fears about East Antarctica’s biggest glacier
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Had I realized it was his first day, I probably would not have gone into his line with all my produce, and the guy behind me just had eggs!


Evolution: Where did building blocks of life come from?

How many King Edwards has England had? Why I am irrationally enraged by regnal numbering

A Secret Forest Grew for Millennia in North America Without Anyone Noticing

How do trees go to sleep?

New rule expands overtime pay to millions of salaried workers

Governor who called legalization 'reckless' now says Colorado's pot industry is working

A Wooden Chain Made Without Glue Is an Act of Sorcery

Kullervo: Tolkien's fascination with Finland

Agrihoods take root: a housing trend rooted in agriculture

Meet Tabboush: A Syrian Cat in Greece (This one shouldn't make anybody cry.)

Two colleges where diversity works

As Attention Grows, Transgender Children’s Numbers Are Elusive

Cuckoo mafia: Host birds only tolerate parasitic eggs in their nests when they fear retaliation

The racial divide of the perception of cyclists

Apparently, it was a Japanese-American unit that liberated Dachau. I had no idea!

Much of World Suffers Not From Abuse of Painkillers, but Absence of Them

Defective ‘breast cancer’ genes aren’t just dangerous for women. They’re also linked to aggressive cancer in men.

Report finds segregation in education on the rise

A man’s search for his kidnapped children

Toddler tied to a rock while her parents work (Photojournalism, mostly)

As Many as 4 in 10 Gay Men Have HIV in Some Southern Cities

From belief to outrage: The decline of the middle class reaches the next American town

When immigration status is used as a weapon for domestic abuse

CIA 'mistakenly' destroys copy of 6,700-page US torture report

Militant attacks force Bangladesh's gay community into hiding

For asylum seekers, Dutch prisons feel like home (Pictures here
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The epic journey of a refugee cat to find its family
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Which the girls love. So that was a happy birthday for Ana :)


What "wanna" tells us about forming questions

In Homogenous S. Korea, A Multicultural Village Hints At Change

The Unsteady Future of the Multilingual City

New Website Helps Germans and Migrants Meet, Talk About Life

IBM Creates A Molecule That Could Destroy All Viruses

How solar brought Muslims and Jews together in one West Bank village

Scientists peel back the carrot's genetic secrets

New York City Announces New Initiatives to Ease Bail Burdens

The Ongoing Need for Healthy Food in Corner Stores

After delay, calorie counts to hit U.S. restaurant menus in 2017

Will robot cars drive traffic congestion off a cliff?

Rare whale found on Australian beach believed to be evolutionary throwback

Air Force general becomes first woman to lead combatant command

North Korea’s one-percenters savor life in ‘Pyonghattan'

Trump’s rise prompts immigrants to naturalize

'This is America' air traveler says guilty of yanking Muslim's scarf

Alabama Lawmakers Limit Drug Prosecutions in Pregnancy

Watch How New York Reacts to This Jewish-Muslim Couple Experiment

Colombian FARC rebels agree to let minors under 15 leave ranks

Maoists still a force 50 years after the Cultural Revolution

The albino who confronted a witchdoctor

Wendy's, automation, robot revolution, etc. The comments are equally divided between "Yay, now we can get mincome!" and "Oh, no, capitalism is the virus that kills the host, we're all gonna die!" with a substantial number taking the middle road of "Well, things are gonna suck, but then - yay, mincome!"

As Opioid Epidemic Continues, Steps to Curb It Multiply

Dying infants and no medicine: Inside Venezuela’s failing hospitals

Students released from besieged Syrian town to take exams
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She is now officially a teenager!


When Storytime Blows Kids' Minds: The Power Of The Plot Twist

Early Earth's Atmosphere Was Surprisingly Thin

The Ultimate Latin Dictionary: After 122 Years, Still At Work On The Letter 'N'

From IT to black holes: Nano-control of light pioneers new paths

The bizarre thing that happens when grocery stores can’t sell booze

“He stayed for free:” Dog runs away, checks himself into doggie daycare

Breakfast Backtrack: Maybe Skipping The Morning Meal Isn't So Bad

Team discovers new HIV vaccine target

It's Time to Retire Premed

Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists

NYC's Great Ice Cream Crime Craze of 2016

As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit A Sour Patch

How psychologists used these doctored Obama photos to get white people to support conservative politics

Opioid Addiction Is a Huge Problem, but Pain Prescriptions Are Not the Cause

China Is Not Celebrating Cultural Revolution's 50th Anniversary

China’s Twilight Years

How Russia allowed homegrown radicals to go and fight in Syria

Croats commemorate WWII massacre amid far-right surge

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a sweeping crackdown Saturday under a new emergency decree, ordering the seizure of paralyzed factories, the arrest of their owners and military exercises to counter alleged foreign threats.

U.S. Bee Colonies Continue to Decline as Pests, Chemicals Blamed

NASA temperature data shows last month was hottest April on record

Ruled 'broken,' Texas foster care system faces long overhaul More

India's Big Battle: Development Vs. Pollution

Still The Most Shocking Second A Day Video (Still really depressing, but that's the point.)
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The sound on Eva's laptop randomly shut off. It was fixable just by disabling the speaker and then using troubleshoot to reenable it, but I have no idea how that happened.


Watch Moose 'Playing' Wind Chimes

Tough Cookies: The Treats That Fueled a Century of Girl Scouts

Israel's First Transgender Officer: Army Wants Me to Succeed

Denmark will become the first country to no longer define being transgender as a mental illness

Unusual Potato Chip Flavors Around the World

Mighty mealworms: solution for food insecurity and pollution

Before Camping Got Wimpy: Roughing It With the Victorians

Storing babies' blood samples pits privacy versus science

The Violent Ice Cream Wars of 1980s Scotland

On Mexico-US border, living in the shadow of 'The Wall'

How cognitive biases contribute to people refusing the flu vaccine

The Campaign to Eliminate Hell: A new generation of evangelical scholars are challenging the idea that sinners are doomed to eternal torment—but traditionalists are pushing back.

Why a housing scheme founded in racism is making a resurgence today

We didn’t need to drop the bomb — and even our WW II military icons knew it

U.S. concern grows over possible Venezuela meltdown - officials

Marlboro Boys: Indonesia's Youngest Smokers Light Up. (Disturbing photos of kids in big tobacco's "playground.")

The Secret NSA Diary of an Abu Ghraib Interrogator

FBI bugged public spaces for years hoping to overhear a few illegal things

What I’ve Learned as a Jail Doctor

Obama to deport hundreds of mothers and children fleeing violence in Central America

Reports of more possible raids prompt warnings from Latino advocates

Immigrant mothers: Detention center harmful to kids

Syrian Kurds increasing diplomatic representation abroad

‘This is our 1948’: Kurds kindle a close relationship with Jews and Israel

Turkish Military Masses at Syria Border, but Why?

After ISIS: Inside the Iraqi City Left in Ruins

Searching for Ground Truth in the Kunduz Hospital Bombing
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I go to bed under blankets, with the heater on low, and when I wake up I'm sweating and I have to scramble to get the air conditioner on. It's fun!


How England's First Feline Show Countered Victorian Snobbery About Cats

Hotels build buzz for eco-efforts with rooftop beehives

The Goat, the Wolf, and the Cabbage, OR: Poor Purchasing Decisions

Making Victorian Nectar Drop Candy

What Makes Washday Less Blue? Gender, Nation, and Technology Choice in Postwar Canada (PDF)

First Evidence of Humans in North America Found Off Florida, New Study Says

Loud and low-carb: Cicadas are back in Ohio, West Virginia

For Sale: A Housebroken Pet Bison

Women boxers punch through social taboos in Sudan

Photo controversy highlights black women in Long Gray Line (Okay, so this is the most interesting article I've seen on the subject.)

The Privilege of Buying 36 Rolls of Toilet Paper at Once

Secret Harvard meeting on synthetic human genomes incites ethics debate

Next NSA Fight Begins With Semantics: 'Backdoor Search' or 'U.S. Person Query'?

Arrest of Tennessee children exposes flawed juvenile justice

When childhood innocence and gang violence lived side by side in Boyle Heights

Eyewitnesses remember the faces of black suspects less accurately in drive-by shootings than they do in serial killings.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, three others found in civil contempt

States dig in against directive on transgender bathroom use

Read more...Collapse )
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"This was an act of unity amongst sisters and a symbol of achievement." More

Why Aren’t More Young Women Choosing Set-It-and-Forget-It IUDs?

Physicists measure van der Waals forces of individual atoms for the first time

In the Early 20th Century, America Was Awash in Incredible Queer Nightlife

Abortion rates hit historic low in developed world but not elsewhere, report says

Germany is trying to teach refugees the right way to have sex

How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion

How Kodak Discovered the Atomic Bomb

These People Love to Collect Radioactive Glass. Are They Nuts?

The Rogue Team Rescuing Fort McMurray's Pets As the City Burned

Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

Americans Don’t Miss Manufacturing — They Miss Unions

Bath WW2 bomb scare: Hundreds of homes evacuated

Life inside a Lithuanian women's prison.

This Is What It’s Like to Live Without a Country (Photojournalism)

The Ukrainian Hacker Who Became the FBI’s Best Weapon—And Worst Nightmare

The coming refugee crisis: when home leaves us

The most polluted city in the world isn’t Beijing or Delhi

NSA Silent on Spies’ Child Porn Problem

Venezuela Is Falling Apart

African Migrants in Libya Face Kidnapping, Torture, and Robbery on Smuggling Route to Europe

Striking Prisoners in Alabama Accuse Officials of Using Food as Weapon

12,000 people trapped in Syria refugee camp by bombs, shells and bullets

The Iraqi Town Where Kurds and Turkmens Shoot Each Other, Not Islamic State

The vicious cycle that makes people afraid to talk about climate change
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How a Gang of Harmonica Geeks Saved the Soul of the Blues Harp

The White House Launches the National Microbiome Initiative

It's the Billionaires vs. the Millionaires in This Hawaiian Resort War

Chinese Cops Are Temporarily Patrolling the Streets of Rome and Milan

Toxic talk: Trying to lip read in China

They Had Feathers: Is the World Ready to See Dinosaurs as They Really Were?

Manipulation of specific neurons helps to erase bad memories, enhance good ones

How Rival Gardens of Eden in Iraq Survived ISIS, Dwindling Tourists, And Each Other

Shanghai's Holdout Neighborhood of Guangfuli (Photojournalism)

Mystery of the Varna Gold: What Caused These Ancient Societies to Disappear?

Study finds link between handedness, mathematical skills

Searching for Signs of Hannibal’s Route in DNA from Horse Manure

'Plastic Antibodies' in Deodorant Attack Your Smelly Molecules

U.S. plans new wave of immigrant deportation raids

When you take acetaminophen, you don't feel others' pain as much

Trickle-Down Economics Has Ruined the Kansas Economy

The cave divers who went back for their friends

How Can America Fix Its Crime Labs?

NSA and CIA Double Their Warrantless Searches on Americans in Two Years

The Israeli general who compared the Jewish State to Nazi-era Germany

Untold thousands of patients misdiagnosed as vegetative are actually aware.

CDC secretly sanctioned multiple times for mishandling bioterror pathogens

The Disturbing Secret Behind the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

'I have to be taller': the unregulated world of India's limb-lengthening industry

Ghana's coastal erosion: The village buried in sand

Florida Reefs Begin to Dissolve Much Sooner Than Expected

Hepatitis C 'epidemic' largely untreated in Tennessee prisons

A Brutal Genocide in Colonial Africa Finally Gets its Deserved Recognition

The Hellish Commute of the Women Who Make Your Clothes

U.S. establishes Libyan outposts with eye toward offensive against Islamic State

ISIS Math Education Starts With Banning the Plus Sign
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Well, for the next 23 minutes, anyway.


Watch These Amazing Alpine Goats Scale a Near-Vertical Dam (Video)

They found out their adopted daughter has a sister. Now they’re rushing to China to get her.

A Reading Railroad fireman splashes water on a passing conductor - 1940s-1950s (Image)

Pattern learning key to children's language development

What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof?

Everything You Know About Mole Sauce Is A Lie

When dung beetles dance, they photograph the firmament

Creating the world's new chess capital

The First Restaurants Only Served Soup

A crack in the mystery of 'oobleck' -- friction thickens fluids

Don't Call Them Bums: The Unsung History of America's Hard-Working Hoboes

“Why do all old statues have such small penises?”

Uzbekistan schoolteachers 'paid in chickens'

New global abortion study: Restrictive laws do not necessarily lower abortion rates

Mice cooperate if they benefit

Students who use digital devices in class 'perform worse in exams'

New study: Snowden’s disclosures about NSA spying had a scary effect on free speech

Uganda, where a book can cost a month’s salary

Hormones that are released during hunger affect decision making

Tampa Bay Walmarts get thousands of police calls. You paid the bill.

Why America Can't Quit the Drug War

Her fiance gave her heroin. She overdosed. Does that make him a murderer?

How urban living affects children's mental health

Turkish, European leaders stand their ground in impasse over migrants deal

Inside a volunteer paramilitary unit on the front lines in Ukraine

Dying coral reefs 'dull fish senses' (Video)

Great Barrier Reef: devastating images tell story of coral colonies' destruction

Syria: The story of the conflict

Street protests magnify political crisis in Baghdad after deadly bombings

UN: Rising air pollution in world's cities hurting millions

The bloody consequences of US hypocrisy are on full display in Yemen

The battle over the word ‘Rohingya’
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Look, Ma! No Mitochondria

Watch Octopus Babies Burst into the World

What Makes Texas Texas

Abortion rate steady in poor nations, plunging in rich ones

Railway Paradise: How a Fine-Dining Empire Made the Southwest Palatable to Outsiders

Twin study finds that gut microbiomes run in families

'Hyperloop' sled speeds through U.S. desert via electromagnets

Our Sewers Speak Volumes. These Robots Are Ready to Listen

The genomic era arrives. And this time it’s probably real.

German village with big refugee camp defies fears of trouble

A Secret Section of Central Park Reopens

The Gallaudet Linguistics Department response to the AG Bell Association April 2016 statement

George Takei Calmly Dismantles All of Marvel’s Excuses for Its Doctor Strange Casting

Girls' football tackles forced marriage in Burkina Faso

DOJ Files Lawsuit Challenging North Carolina Bathroom Law

Parents turn to doctors, lawmakers to save school recess

Honor at last: Former slaves reburied centuries later

The Loneliest Plant In The World

Donald Trump Announces Debt Plan That Would Collapse Entire Global Economy

A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science (I'll add one more - an unusual reticence to share sources, probably because if they did, the unconvinced would pick them apart.)

This Guy Dug a Well in 40 Days After His Wife Was Denied Access to Water

Map of Allergies Around the World

Middle class shrinks in 9 of 10 US cities as incomes fall

When Time Behind Bars Cuts Addiction Treatment Short

A new system called "video visitation" is replacing in-person jail visits with glitchy, expensive Skype-like video calls. It's inhumane, dystopian and actually increases in-prison violence — but god, it makes money.

Denied Breaks, U.S. Poultry Workers Wear Diapers on the Job (Note to self: Start buying more meat from the farmer's market.)

The gangsters on England's doorstep

It's not just Alberta: Warming-fueled fires are increasing

Rohingya crisis: Politics of denial

Report: Bullying is a serious public health problem

Fighting erupts north of Aleppo as ceasefire expires

U.S. Troops Return to Yemen in Battle Against Al Qaeda, Pentagon Says

Mentally ill man attempts suicide after clinic replaces his meds with Bible study
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From a sign on a car: Jesus Loves You And "I" Do Too!

Next time I see it, I don't care if it's torrential out, I'm hopping off the bus to get a pic.
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And that book is just as good as the first. I really have to run to pick up the CSA, but I'm saying this to anybody who might find themselves in need of a good piece of realistic middle-grade fiction - Family Fletcher. Good, solid "family" story, of the classic sort we don't see too much of right now.

(If you like a little more magical realism in your solid middle grade books, then I'd go with Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, but as an independent read and not a read-aloud. It's epistolary fiction, so... yeah.)
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Researcher uses eye tracking to study linguistics (More interesting than the title makes it sound)

These Little-Known Nuns Helped Map the Stars

Born without hands, Chesapeake 7-year-old wins national handwriting contest

Continental drift created biologically diverse coral reefs

You Say Huzzah! They Said Huzzay!

Pluto Is Looking More Like A Planet After All

The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion

"Miracle" as Blind Woman Recovers Sight from 21 Years of Blindness after Unrelated Spinal Surgery

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury: video description with lyrics. (If you're wondering if this is safe for work, the answer is probably not, but hey, that's why there's a description.)

These ancient Asian primate fossils might be the missing pieces of a major evolutionary puzzle

My not-so-maternal instinct: I refuse to lie to my kids

For New York City's black cowboy group, it's high noon

Experts decipher the disease behind one of the world's most famous paintings

A day in the life of a midwife in Tanzania

We are bad judges of friendship, new study shows

Once unthinkable in US, drug shoot-up rooms get serious look

Captain America’s a douchey libertarian now: Why did Marvel have to ruin Steve Rogers?

A Nurse Describes the Smell of the Civil War

Relatives Of Japanese Taken By North Korea Still Hope To Find Loved Ones

Heartbreaking Photos of People Displaced by Mexico's Drug Violence

Private schools, painful secrets

Why Africa’s migrant crisis makes no sense to outsiders

Sea-level rise claims five islands in Solomons: study

Greek police, protesters clash ahead of austerity bill vote

Leader opposition party in Venezuela assassinated

US struggles to convince Iraqis it doesn't support IS
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How neuroscientists are learning to read our minds

How a Mysterious Bacteria Almost Gave You a Better TV

Watch China’s first ever modern classroom election, held among third-graders in the city of Wuhan.

Deep Inside New York's JFK Airport, There's A High School

Meet the Man Living Inside a Boeing 727 (Video)

Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration

Was gravitational wave signal from a gravastar, not black holes?

Obama to Howard University graduates: "Be confident in your blackness"

This device could turn your skin into a touchscreen

The Amateur Cloud Society That (Sort Of) Rattled the Scientific Community

When Europe Loved Islam

The Surprising True History Behind Cinco de Mayo

Global sleeping patterns revealed by app data

Math for Girls, Math for Boys

One of Russia’s biggest holidays is a WWII anniversary Americans don’t think about

In Israeli Kindergartens, An Early Lesson In The Holocaust

Giving Poor Kids Free Meals at School Should Not Be Controversial.

Just How Much Power Do Your Electronics Use When They Are ‘Off’?

Yeast infection linked to mental illness

Officials fear massive Canada wildfire could double in size

School districts are a big reason for the rise in income segregation in the U.S., study says

As the Religious Right Forces the Gospel Into Public Schools, Some Parents Are Opting to Homeschool.

In Wealthier School Districts, Students Are Farther Apart

The Mothers Who Regret Having Kids

People think that economic sanctions hurt Putin and helped undermine apartheid in South Africa. They’re wrong

India is Losing Kashmir

In Race For Better Cell Service, Men Who Climb Towers Pay With Their Lives

Kenya to close refugee camps, displacing more than 600,000

Philippines investigates Shell and Exxon over climate change

U.S.-funded Somali intelligence agency has been using kids as spies

Yazidi women fight the Islamic State (Photojournalism)

Refuge: One Syrian family’s long odyssey to Georgia

Deadly toll of ISIS uncovered in more than 50 mass graves in Iraq
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And also an amazon giftcard, which I seem to have misplaced pretty much immediately. D'oh.

LOL, they wrapped it in notebook paper emblazoned with "Connie, guess what this is" and, well, how many things fit into a package shaped exactly like a gift card? "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO GUESS ON THE FIRST TRY!"

Truly, I have the best nieces. Tomorrow we're all going out to see I Remember Mama at the Film Forum, and that's my mother's gift from all of us.


Skin bacteria stay 'stable over time'

The Men Who Still Rent Porn From a Video Store

Illustrated world proverbs

5 Inspiring Superhero Comics To Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Cuban Ballet: Proud Past, Promising Future (Comes with a slideshow and a video. There's a similar article on Cuba and modern dance.)

Oakland's Historic Tribune Tower and the Renegade Artist Who Keeps It Glowing

These male spiders perform oral sex – and lots of it

6-year-old's doctors couldn't solve her health mystery; Facebook did

Researchers say they're closing in on Captain Cook's ship

Endangered venomous mammal predates dinosaurs' extinction, study confirms

The 9 Best Parts of a Legal Brief on Behalf of Klingon Speakers (If you haven't seen this yet, you absolutely must read it.)

Groundbreaking trial will attempt to bring the brains of the clinically dead back to life (Hopefully, this won't trigger the zombie apocalypse, but who knows? I have become Shiva, destroyer of worlds, etc.)

The Deadly Pain Medicine Sold by Skeletons

Alabama Prisons Enter Lockdown on the Heels of a Coordinated Labor Strike

What It’s Like to Perform Shakespeare in Prison

What It Means to Believe Prisoners

The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies

Two-minute warnings make kids' 'screen time' tantrums worse (Say it ain't so!)

5 elderly holdouts fighting closure of assisted-living home

Resettling the First American ‘Climate Refugees’

Chart of the Day: Civil rights protests have never been palatable to white people

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure (Video, no transcript, however they include some reading links on that page)

14 Years After Decriminalizing All Drugs, Here's What Portugal Looks Like

Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight

Poles hold large anti-government protest in favor of EU

Teenage Refugees Tell Us the Horrors They Went Through to Get to Europe
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Astronomers Have Found Planets in the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star (A star that wasn't supposed to have planets, no less.)

The Hidden History of Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language

Intestinal worms boost immune system in a surprising way

The Underground Fight Clubs Of Dark Souls III

New ship to Bear David Attenborough’s name. (The onboard submarine will be named Boaty McBoatface.)

How did birds get their wings? Bacteria may provide a clue, say scientists

2,000 LED-tagged pigeons stage show in NYC sky

Ancient Reptile Ate Like an Underwater Lawn Mower

The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting

The lost art of reading other people's handwriting

'Romeo and Juliet' takes on local twist in Gaza performance

This hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it....

Robot stitches tissue by itself, a step to more automated OR

The Marseille synagogue that is becoming a mosque

The Inter-Amish Language Barriers of Indiana

So, something interesting happens to weed after it’s legal

Increased demand for 'vaginal seeding' from new parents, despite lack of evidence

Changing the rules: Breaking transgender taboos at work (Videos included)

Science Explains Why Your Mom Calls You by Your Brother's Name

Downtown is for People - Jane Jacobs, 1958

Researchers identify new autism blood biomarker

Revised alternative autism criteria

China to expand bilingual schooling in Xinjiang: Xinhua

The Cultural Alienation of Anti-Trans Americans

You Can't Escape Data Surveillance In America

In Deeply Divided Chicago, Most Agree: City Is Off Course

Police Data Cast Doubt On Chicago-Style Stop-And-Frisk

Women's wisdom crucial to beating climate change, researchers say

8 ways humans were recording the climate before it was hot

Survey: Nearly half of teachers would quit now for higher-paying job

Tow truck driver says he thinks God told him not to help disabled Sanders supporter (What a fucking asshole!)

‘You want a description of hell?’ OxyContin’s 12-hour problem
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Ugh. I just want it to stop already.
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How DNA can take on the properties of sand or toothpaste

Diary of a somebody: could I solve the mystery of 148 lost notebooks?

Just How Little Do We Know about the Ocean Floor?

That Time Europe Air-Dropped Vaccine-Loaded Chicken Heads to Bait Rabid Foxes

Discovery of a fundamental limit to the evolution of the genetic code

Parasites Are Us

Just When Was America Great?

Inside the Bizarre, Racist Scheme to Import Siberian Workers to Hawaii in 1909

Is There A Better Way To Pay For America's Schools?

Paul Le Roux could have been Mark Zuckerberg. Instead he became a 21st century John Gotti, running a massive criminal empire from his computer until he became an asset of the United States government.

Why the People Picking California's Tomatoes Can't Afford to Eat Them

Migrant children kept from enrolling in school

Big data breaches found at major email services - expert

The faces of homelessness today

Texas: prisoners whose families maintain their social media presence face 45 days in solitary

Mentally ill in solitary: 'We're not addressing the problem, we’re making it worse'

As the climate shifts, tradition threatens Sri Lanka's rice harvest

Puerto Rico skips bond payments, says Congress must help

They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil.

How a Small Town Became the Capital of HIV in America

Why Is American Home Birth So Dangerous?

Dominoes fall: Vanishing Arctic ice shifts jet stream, which melts Greenland glaciers

Islamic State boosts attacks in response to territorial losses: IHS

Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa

‘It could get a lot worse for Muslims in America’
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Dog missing 10 years found in Alabama, returning to owner

Scientists use skin cells to create human sperm

Slumber party: reptiles, like us, have REM sleep and may dream

Experience: I am 16 and live alone in the wilderness

Newborn Puppy and his Cat Family (The story isn't all THAT novel, but the animals are adorable!!!!)

Building on shells: Study starts unraveling mysteries of Calusa kingdom

Half of Western European men descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’

Kristen Griest on Course to Become First Female Army Officer Trained to Lead Troops Into Combat

School Dances, Sadie Hawkins, and Rock ‘N Roll: Looking Back

Excessive empathy can impair understanding of others

A Positive Life: How a Son Survived Being Injected with HIV by His Father

Scandal-plagued Rome is becoming a 'do it yourself' city

Rescued from bondage in south India, tribals work in brick cooperative

Hawaii's last sugar harvest paves the way for a fight over the land's future

Life in the last state where you can still drink and drive.

Four new genetic diseases defined within schizophrenia

Most states do bare minimum on fire-foam contamination

Scores arrested in violence at French labor law protests

How racism and bias criminalized marijuana

Flint residents tell civil rights panel of fear, distrust

Prisons Are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People

Residents of Iraq's IS-held Fallujah suffer under siege
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Why I Came Out As A Gay Children’s Book Author

How epigenetics can blur the line between nature and nurture.

Scientists Stream Netflix Through a Pork Loin

Your gut bacteria are more than what you eat

Despite their small brains, ravens and crows may be just as clever as chimps, research suggests (No shit.)

These Linguists Want to Help You Speak Fluent Cat

Which Shakespeare Play Should I See? An Illustrated Flowchart

New Droopy Dinosaur Hung Its Head Like an Enormous Eeyore

The Impossibility of Reviving American Manufacturing

Free College for All Worked in the US for 100 Years Until Elite Took It Away

Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of Time

6 World-Changing Ideas Ignored For Stupid Reasons

Half of Americans think presidential nominating system 'rigged'

Nurses thrust into guard duty at federal prisons

Immigrants Are Dying In Detention While ICE Ignores Its Own Medical Standards

This massive seagrass die-off is the latest sign we’re failing to protect the Everglades

Read more...Collapse )
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If this isn't just the cutest video you've watched today, you're lying.

Allure of the Antihero: Why we’re drawn to characters who act badly—and what that says about us

The Extraordinary Lives of Istanbul's Street Cats

Antibody infusions provide long-term defence against HIV-like infection

Gene therapy reverses sight loss and is long-lasting

The Age of Drone Vandalism Begins With an Epic NYC Tag (Older article)

When teachers think empathically, and not punitively, about misbehaving students, they cultivate better relationships and help reduce discipline problems, Stanford research shows.

Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among Hispanics and blacks

Egypt explorers hunt gold in the desert, following ancients

René and Juan Carlos set out to convert their Colombian megachurch to Orthodox Judaism. This is what happened.

What Burglars Can Teach Architects

TV & Class

What online misogynists really want is silence

Hear no evil: Farmed fish found to be hard of hearing

Two of the world's top three insecticides harm bumblebees – study

Chinese Investors Reeling After Wealth Management Firm's Collapse

House committee votes to require women to register for draft

The truth about millennials in New York City

Insomnia That Kills

Myanmar protesters denounce term 'Rohingya' outside U.S. Embassy

Angry Venezuelans take to streets, setting up barricades and raiding shops for food

More Than 300 Million People in India Are Reeling From the Worst Drought in Four Decades

Oklahoma court: oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking

Hunger Strike in San Francisco Puts a Spotlight on Police Brutality

For Nebraska’s Poor, Get Sick and Get Sued

Poor Children More Likely to Have Food Allergies

How Segregation Has Persisted in Little Rock

Great Barrier Reef bleaching made 175 times likelier by human-caused climate change, say scientists
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It's fun!

Yesterday our testing was interrupted by some kid outside playing on a recorder for literally hours (because it's Passover, all the public schools are having Spring Break), and you can't tell a kid to not make noise in the middle of the day.

But today was nice and quiet!


At 12 I grew a beard and had a period

Socially meaningful sounds can change ear, improve hearing, study finds

What men and women wanted in a spouse in 1939 — and how different it is today

Artist Envisions Futuristic Fort-Like Homes Designed To Withstand Hurricanes

The gay Anzacs who refused to stay silent

Do bed bugs have favorite colors?

The sinister, secret history of a food that everybody loves

Nurturing during preschool years boosts child's brain growth

Unemployed? Hawaii wants you to move there so it can give you a job.

Extremely Accurate Charts for Book Nerds

Sorry, You Can’t Speed Read

The war of words over who does Saudi Arabia's housework

Bubble Runner Again Picked Up By Coast Guard, Which Is Tired of This

The disturbing thing scientists learned when they bribed babies with graham crackers

Rising tide of climate migrants spurs Dhaka to seek solutions

Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures

Superman v. capitalism

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows

Parents in prison: How to help US children?

In Florida prisons, mentally ill inmates have been tortured, driven to suicide, and killed by guards.

Why a Judge Ruled North Carolina's Voter-ID Law Constitutional

We Tracked Down the Lawyers Behind the Recent Wave of Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills

N.C. residents' question: How much is 'bathroom bill' going to cost us?

How License-Plate Readers Have Helped Police and Lenders Target the Poor

In the Footsteps of a Killer

Scarred Yazidi boys escape Islamic State combat training
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Why Bears Will Save Cherries From Climate Change But Not Apples

Final piece of type 1 diabetes puzzle solved

High alpine dairying may have begun over 3000 years ago

Five myths about Harriet Tubman

New state of water molecule discovered

These puzzling holes in the arid valleys of southern Peru tell us there was once a flourishing, sophisticated society here.

Why Are Our Cars Painted Such Boring Colors?

Ford’s new cars can read traffic signs and see around corners

XKCD: Women on 20s

Money making: A brief history of currency from the British Museum

What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? We won't know until we try.

When Bitcoin Grows Up

The Victorians who flew as high as jumbo jets

How early is too early for word that tornadoes may come?

Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors? (An excellent question.)

A compassionate judge sentences a veteran to 24 hours in jail, then joins him behind bars

Laid off Catholic worker finds surprise at unemployment office

The NYPD is Running Stings Against Immigrant-Owned Shops, Then Pushing For Warrantless Searches

Armenian migrants in Turkey live in shadow of century-old massacre

Slaying of 3 deaf women in Haiti highlights vulnerability
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to slither.io and, fair warning, it's pretty much eaten up all my spare time.
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Me: Hey, Eva, come here and pick up the Jenga that spilled.
Eva: The what?
Me: The Jenga.
Eva: The jingles?
Me: The Jenga.
Eva: Oh, the Jenga.
Me: That's what I said.
Eva: No it's not, you said Jenga.

twenty minutes later, we've confirmed: Eva does not have the pin/pen merger.


With three times as many neurons, why doesn’t the elephant brain outperform ours?

Want Viagra? Come back tomorrow with a note, lawmaker says

Audubon Made Up At Least 28 Fake Species To Prank A Rival

10 Hidden Talents of the Octopus

Everybody knows the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, but you probably don’t know about the Shit Pyramids of his father, King Sneferu. This is a shame, because they are amazing.

Acquisition of Grammatical Categories through Qur’anic Memorization.

How have decades of mass media and technology changed us? A writer returns to his remote hometown — once isolated, now connected. And finds unexpected answers.

You're Missing Shakespeare's Best, Most Sophisticated Boner Jokes

Gender stereotyping may start as young as three months, study of babies' cries shows

Mind. Blown. Brain-controlled drone race pushes future tech

The retired cops investigating unsolved murders in one of America’s most violent cities

The Reading Rush: What Educators Say About Kindergarten Reading Expectations

Ted Cruz Was Wrong on Murders in New York, but Perception Is Hard to Shake

Study links neighborhood greenness to reduction in chronic diseases

Amazon Doesn’t Consider the Race of Its Customers. Should It?

British spies hacked themselves and family members to get personal information to send birthday cards, new papers reveal

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases. Scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage

Girls scarred by Nepal quake share friendship, but not luck

Not All Money Troubles Are Created Equal

Roads to refuge are few as Aleppo fighting escalates

Ukraine children eat food tainted by Chernobyl

Texas Tech’s Katharine Hayhoe is one of the most respected experts on global warming in the country. She’s also an evangelical Christian who is trying to connect with the very people who most doubt her research. Too bad the temperature keeps rising.

Afghan drone war - data show unmanned flights dominate air campaign

Report: Third of suicides in US are among middle-aged whites
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and gave nearly all my series books to the school library. Milk crate after milk crate filled with Sweet Valley Twins, Baby-Sitters Club, and the like. I don't know what I bothered, I know for a fact only two of us ever used the library.

Consequently, our shelves have a very high caliber of children's and YA books, which I throw at the girls at every opportunity. They, of course, ignore my suggestions.

Today I started reading The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm to them - a book which I've tried numerous times over the past two years to get them to read, with no success. "Wow, Connie, what's the name of this one?" Yeah, I'm not telling you girls, you'll just read ahead. "Well, can you give us a hint?" Sure! It's one of the books I recommended you read last time you said there was nothing good to read in our house. "But Connie! That's hundreds of books!"

Well, maybe you should start taking my excellent advice, kids!
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Every semi-competent male hero has a ​more talented​ female sidekick. Why isn’t she the hero ​instead?

Shakespeare: The strange way people looked at food in the 16th Century

In major shift, Mexico president proposes relaxing marijuana laws

Why 19th-Century Naturalists Didn't Believe in the Platypus

Seed clue to how birds survived mass extinction

Monkey mariners made monumental migration 21 million years ago

Credit Bureaus Were the NSA of the 19th Century

Cells Appear to Age Faster in People With HIV, Study Finds

Frustrated by new U.S. program to take in migrants, Central American parents turn to smugglers

Refugees are running out of time

Syria conflict: 'Largest ever' siege evacuations carried out

Child brides sometimes tolerated in Nordic asylum centers despite bans

It's way past time to stop mistreating Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Boko Haram luring young people with loans, Nigerian military says
bow before my awesome wrath!
The reason some TV shows have their characters using funky glass boards instead of regular whiteboards is so that we can see the equations and everybody's faces at the same time.

It's so simple.


Why Nature Prefers Hexagons

Study backs pancreas cell transplants for severe diabetes

The U.S.’s Best High School Starts at 9:15 a.m.

Why I Write Scary Stories for Children

How children perceive faces: Seven-year-olds show different brain activities than adults

Nebraska Just Abolished Civil Forfeiture, Now Requires A Criminal Conviction To Take Property

What the subway adventures of Clinton and Sanders really show us

The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon

Supreme Court Chief Justice learned sign language to swear in deaf lawyers

Atheists More Motivated by Compassion than the Faithful

Give drug felons food stamps, many states now say

Harriet Tubman is perfect for the $20 bill, but which Tubman?

Why Revolutionaries Love Spicy Food

Cities have individual microbial signatures

Top 10 Design Flaws in the Human Body

Carbonara Purists Can’t Stop the Pasta Revolution

The Card Catalog Is Officially Dead

A tiny forest tribe built a DIY drone from YouTube to fight off illegal loggers

The Average 29-Year-Old

Fuzzy Pigs, Squash Swords And More of the World's Amazing, Vanishing Heirloom Breeds

10 Disgusting Animal Defense Mechanisms

Lambert the lion is just like Linus from Charlie Brown: he always needs a blanket.

How American oligarchs created the concept of race to divide and conquer the poor

The Racist History of Peter Pan's Indian Tribe

Why Don’t Americans Save More Money?

It's not secular stagnation; it's financialization.

IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers

NYC monitoring of some mentally ill sparks rights concerns

How the “Daisy” Ad Changed Everything About Political Advertising

Payday Lending: Will Anything Better Replace It?

Pentagon misled lawmakers on military sexual assault cases

The Other Crisis on the Mexican Border
bow before my awesome wrath!
I asked her what she was doing, and she said "Making beds".

"For fairies?"


She IS an adorable kid.


12 Secrets of the New York Subway

More proof that no matter what century you were born into you always just missed the good old days.

'Winner-winner' behavior may shape animal hierarchies, study argues

Brothers bring back Roy Rogers and its ‘holy trio’ of burgers, chicken, roast beef

The Minecraft Generation

What a Tiny Fish Can Tell Us About How Humans Stood Upright

School in a language you don't speak

The Tragic History of RC Cola

Go Ahead, Give Your Toddler A Kitchen Knife

New Evidence That Grandmothers Were Crucial for Human Evolution

Chernobyl - wilderness regained It comes with pictures. Seriously, isn't this the best pic of a wolf ever?

Are humans the new supercomputer? Team blurred the boundaries between man and mac

Today I Stumbled upon a Secret Kingdom of Lost Toys

The great escape: Inky the octopus legs it to freedom from aquarium

Fame of thrones: the world's most extraordinary toilets

What the history of dogs tells us about civilization in the Americas

Flexible 'wallpaper' cameras are just around the corner

Children of older mothers do better

'No differences' between children of same-sex and opposite-sex parents

A Revolutionary Discovery in China

The Untold Story of the Teen Hackers Who Transformed the Early Internet

Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from broken iPhones last year

Mysterious bacteria claims another life in the Midwest

College Student Is Removed From Flight After Speaking Arabic on Plane

Persecuted Rohingya Muslims find rare refuge in Chicago

Burma’s Treatment of the Rohingya Is Not Genocide, Says U.S.

Myanmar's shame: Living inside Rohingya ghettos

How Seattle Gave Up on Busing and Allowed Its Public Schools to Become Alarmingly Resegregated

Prison historic site takes hard look at mass incarceration

Palestinians trapped in Syria "facing starvation," U.N. says
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Innocent man ends up pals with crooked cop that framed him

E-skin: How to paint an LED onto your body

New York has plenty of values that Ted Cruz wasn’t counting on

Never-before-seen galaxy spotted orbiting the Milky Way

Here's how to uncook an egg

Jack Lew nears decision to keep Hamilton on front of $10 bill, put a woman on the $20 ("The pro-Hamilton movement gained steam after the smash success of the hip-hop Broadway musical about his life this year.")

Behind the Rich Vocabulary of ‘Hamilton’

This Bakery Offers A Second Chance For Women After Prison

Most diamonds share a common origin story

When Are You Really an Adult?

Racially diverse 'new majority' set to reshape US public schools

Fresh look at trope about Eskimo words for snow

The One Thing, Historically, That's Prompted Countries to Raise Taxes on the Rich

This is the worst argument about the national debt you’ll ever find

The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech

‘Trickle of food’ helped deep sea creatures survive asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs

Another aerial close call as Russian jet barrel-rolls over U.S. aircraft

Where the Abused, and Their Pets, Can Be Safe

There Is Nothing Accidental About School Segregation

You Know What’s Really Gross? Not Periods, But Taxes on Periods

Ancient mass graves discovered in Greece

March temperature smashes 100-year global record

Hundreds of Migrant Teens Are Being Held Indefinitely in Locked Detention

Republicans Are Blocking Black Voters, This Court Case Is Exposing Them
bow before my awesome wrath!
Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study

Refugee teachers go back to school to train for work in Germany

Thirteen Anonymous Genetic Superheroes Walk Among Us

The True Purpose of Microsoft Solitaire, Minesweeper, and FreeCell

Mothers' milk and the infant gut microbiota: An ancient symbiosis

What Caused the Great Crime Decline in the U.S.?

In these microbes, iron works like oxygen

The strange case of the woman who can't remember her past - or imagine her future

What kind of country gets its own phone number? And what happens when you call it?

Meet the "Micro-Engraver" Who Works Between Heartbeats to Keep His Hand Steady

Proud WWII Pilots Modelling their Personalised Flight Jackets

Forest discovery: Trees trade carbon among each other

Israeli kibbutz tries a new crop: high-tech startups

Iraq's Kurds declare independence in cyberspace with .krd domain name

How the NSA's CryptoKids Stole My FOIA Innocence

Obama is urging the FCC to open up the cable box so you can watch TV how you really want

Donation of surplus peanuts from US dismays Haiti farmers

The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune: A former 1960s bondage-film actress is waging legal combat with a toy company for ownership of her husband’s mail-order aquatic-pet empire.

In 1971, Dustin Hoffman’s cousin held an engineer at gunpoint at the famed Sound City studios. What happened next changed three lives

Southern Cities Move Past States on Liberal Social Issues

Matthew Keys Will Serve Two Years for Something That Was Barely a Crime. It’s a Travesty.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, we now know how many big corporations don’t pay taxes

Families in the fields as annual Afghan poppy harvest begins

'What happened in World War II is happening again': Immigrant detention centers through the eyes of a therapist

Capitalism excels at innovation but is failing at maintenance, and for most lives it is maintenance that matters more

Alabama woman keeps resurrecting shoddy day cares in God's name

Is empty nose syndrome real?

Some of Globe’s ‘Predictions’ for Trump’s America Have Already Come True

Giant prison for Afghan militants aims to avoid pitfalls of past

The oil industry knew about climate change before we landed on the moon

Clear-cutting destabilizes carbon in forest soils, study finds

Research shows — yet again — that there’s no scientific debate about climate change

Estranged From Russia, Turkey and Ukraine Join Forces

The Hell After ISIS

Will Congress Rein in U.S. Support for Syrian Kurds?
bow before my awesome wrath!
But there's only so many creative things you can say.

Most of these links are serious and/or depressing, fyi.


City moths avoid the light

How a US president and JP Morgan made Panama: and turned it into a tax haven

The US is dropping bombs quicker than it can make them

Neanderthals may have been infected by diseases carried out of Africa by humans

Radioactive wild boars rampaging around Fukushima nuclear site

People with anxiety show fundamental differences in perception

These Public Defenders Actually Want to Get Sued

Why Iraqis living under the Islamic State fear their liberators

There may be a hidden cost to the old adage of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. Research suggests the unintended stress spurred by upward mobility can pose an unintended health risk later down the road.

Microsoft sues U.S. government over data requests

'I was struck with multiple blows': inside the secret violence of Homan Square

Chicago Police Dept. Plagued by Systemic Racism, Task Force Finds

Putin just sent Armenia MiG-29 fighters and military aid. Here are three key reasons why.

Dozens of killings by US police ruled justified without public being notified

Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business

China's Psychological War on Taiwan

Hoarding is a serious disorder — and it’s only getting worse in the U.S.

Why it’s getting harder to stop multinational corporations.

North Korean ships with corpses on board have been washing ashore in Japan

Ansaru: Boko Haram Splinter Group Sows Terror in Nigeria

The Pillaging of America's State Universities

What happened in East New York?
bow before my awesome wrath!
The Plan to Move an Entire Swedish Town

Implant lets paralysed man 'play guitar'

Are Incomplete Sentences the New Thing Or...?

Enough With the Canon

A Dragonfly Helmet from 17th Century Japan

What happened to the self-sufficient people of the 1970s?

Obama to forgive the student debt of permanently disabled people

Research reveals trend in bird-shape evolution on islands

Obama can appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court if the Senate does nothing (If they're not going to play ball, I wish he'd pick a better candidate, cause fuck 'em.)

California's two different visions for better foster care

Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think

Murderers are mentors in prison once notorious for violence

The Prison Visit That Cost My Family $2,370

How Private Prison Companies Use Big Tax Breaks and Low Wages to Maximize Profit

What did Americans know as the Holocaust unfolded? Quite a lot, it turns out.

The dark side of Guardian comments

About 40,000 unionized Verizon workers walk off the job

Despite court ruling, China gay rights movement makes gains

What Freedom Looks Like

America's still racist

How China’s fishermen are fighting a covert war in the South China Sea

Why is America pulling down the projects?

In poor neighborhoods, is it better to fix up or move out?

Goldman Sachs Finally Admits it Defrauded Investors During the Financial Crisis

Closures and court cases leave Turkey's media increasingly muzzled

Letting them die: parents refuse medical help for children in the name of Christ

The Outrage of Body-Cavity Searches
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I'm clearly going to have to force my mother to binge seasons 1 and 2 with me, that's what.

(No luck forcing Jenn, but I bet I can rope Mommy into this.)


Monster Mystery: Scientists Solve Decades-Long Puzzle of Alienlike Creature

The Heavily Judged Female Entertainers Who Crushed Stereotypes In the Old West

This Amazing Technicolor Castle has been Abandoned for more than 20 Years

Team stores digital images in DNA—and retrieves them perfectly

Animal or Vegetable? Legend of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

Possible lost Caravaggio painting found in attic in France

Tiger Numbers Rise for First Time in a Century

Oh, So Now I’m Bangladeshi?

I posit that the reason Superman has killed and the reason he is so unrecognizable as the hero we grew up with and the hero we loved and looked up to is because every essence of his Jewishness has been meticulously and calculatingly been scrubbed out.

The Secret of Grey Gardens

Rich Kids on Instagram Are Revealing Their Parents' Shadiness to Investigators

Handouts Are Often Better Than a Hand Up

Driverless bus in Greece has had no accidents in six months

Facebook has another hidden inbox you probably didn't realise was there

The Autism Shift: the visibly invisible – autistic people of color

Polish anti-abortion activists borrow tactics from US in push for total ban

Researchers help explain why we favor a black and white approach to morality

How the White House Went Easy on Drug Crime—But Not for Immigrants

Border Patrol Thieves? US Border Agents Stealing from Refugees

How a federal spy case turned into a child pornography prosecution

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump

Remember how Trump raised $6 million for vets? Guess how much of that has actually gone to vets.

LA's new rule: homeless people are only allowed to own one trashcan's worth of things

Scientists Blame El Nino, Warming for 'Gruesome' Coral Death

World Bank ramps up help for poor to adapt to climate change

Idomeni: Macedonian police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at refugees trying to break through Greek border

The world looks away as blood flows in Burundi

Exclusive boarding schools face reckoning on sexual abuse
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Now, listen. How often is it that I nag and pester people to watch what I watch or read what I read or listen to what I listen to? Almost never, right? Soooooo... you all have to watch iZombie. You can thank me later.
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As a child, I read or heard somewhere that hot bread is unhealthful. Even as a kid, this seemed to me to be the most ridiculous of old wives tales so I ate up. Turns out that the belief is somewhat more recent than I'd imagined, only the 1700s. Even the one about buttering a cat's feet when you move to a new home is older than that! (And I believe that one religiously.)


Why Some People Respond to Stress by Falling Asleep

Watching a Laser Clean a Baking Tray is Surprisingly Satisfying

Brain scans show how LSD mimics mind of a baby

New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Shopping Lists

A Map of the Brain Could Teach Machines to See Like You

Cubans embrace the English language as Cold War enmity fades

LOLWTF, Toronto?

The History Of How Los Angeles Became A City Of Palm Trees

Wealth of unsuspected new microbes expands tree of life

The Perilous Art of Iraqi Truffle Hunting

Teaching Neuroscience in Prison

Fetishizing family farms

How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

After the dodos were wiped out, almost all the specimens were lost – mostly due to outright carelessness.

Inequality linked to large, growing gap in lifespans

Director Brennan: CIA Won't Waterboard Again — Even if Ordered by Future President

Facial-Recognition Software Might Have a Racial Bias Problem

Study finds police fatally shoot unarmed black men at disproportionate rates

Condemned to 'private prison': the Brazilian women subjected to secret abuse

Shellfish behavior: US lobster industry at odds with Sweden

Fertilizer's legacy: Taking a toll on land and water

Denmark, a social welfare utopia, takes a nasty turn on refugees

Migrants Stuck in Limbo in Serbia After Balkan Route Closure

Syrian refugees in Lebanon at growing risk of forced labour: anti-slavery activists

Report: immigrant students blocked from enrolling in school

190 people in this Indiana town were diagnosed with HIV
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These Birds Can Sing Using Only Their Feathers

London has a Subterranean Veggie Farm in an Abandoned WWII Bunker

Watch Spider Jaws Move as Quickly as World's Fastest Runner

The Long Quest to Get Southerners to Stop Dueling

Future Solar Panels Will Generate Energy From Raindrops

More time in day nursery before age two is associated with higher cognitive scores at age four

The end of the Spanish siesta?

All the Colour they Left Behind

A basic ingredient of life, ribose, can form in comets, say researchers

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered

Report: College Campus Attitudes Toward Free Speech Aren't What You Think

Who Decides If You're Too Young To Marry?

Coastal Cities Need to Radically Rethink How They Deal With Rising Waters

I'm an American living in Sweden. Here's why I came to embrace the higher taxes.

When Is It Okay To Dig Up The Dead?

Civic Education in the Age of Trump

A Filthy History: When New Yorkers Lived Knee-Deep in Trash

Human sacrifice helped ancient societies entrench class divide, study suggests

Inside America’s Auschwitz (DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.)

Here's the latest travesty of secrecy from the NSA

Panama Papers vs NSA: How big is the latest leak?

From Panama to Sparta: A brief history of leaks

The Geography of Financial Secrecy

Wells Fargo admits deception in $1.2 billion U.S. mortgage accord

Earth Is Tipping Because of Climate Change

As Afghan war escalates, schools forced to close

Fates Diverging, Afghan and Syrian Migrants Clash in Greece
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Catholics react to Pope Francis' document on family life

Hillary Clinton’s MetroCard Adventure: Swipe. Wince. Repeat. (Hil! You were taking the 4! Did you see how very crowded that line is even without your camera crew? Throw us a bone, if you get elected, do something about funding public transportation!)

Blood-brain barrier breakthrough reported by researchers

We analyzed the names of almost every Chinese restaurant in America. This is what we learned

The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball

What Is the Answer to Zeno’s Paradox?

Curiosity leads us to seek out unpleasant, painful outcomes

Why Are America's Most Innovative Companies Still Stuck in 1950s Suburbia?

Language Loss in a Time of War

DEA considers dropping marijuana from most dangerous category of drugs in next three months

Americans Have Been Cursing at Automated Checkouts Since 1937

Where The Hell Is Upstate NY?

Taking the Politics Out of American History (and Out of A.P.)

Why Do Some Poor Kids Thrive?

I Hadn't Gone Through Puberty In My 20s: 6 Hellish Realities

From Retail Palace to Zombie Mall: How Efficiency Killed the Department Store

The downfall of Paul Tanaka and the collapse of the blue wall of silence

According to a new study acetaminophen could be impeding error-detection in the brain. (How I feel about studies about how bad acetaminophen is depends on whether or not I have my period. Right now it's "Tylenol is of the devil!" but in a few weeks I'll be staring at the clock waiting for my next dose. This may be a mistake. I know I won't care, and if this study is right, I may not even know.)

The War on Planned Parenthood

Our wasted food is a huge environmental problem – and it’s only getting worse

Louisiana Is Not Taking Its Public Defenders Crisis Seriously

Boy's trans-Atlantic text, fast police work save 15 migrants

Auschwitz guard's death deprives survivors of justice they hoped for

After Bangladesh slaying, US considers refuge for bloggers
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