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Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
Michigan's elections board on Friday will consider President-elect Donald Trump's request to block a hand recount of all 4.8 million ballots cast in the state he won by about 10,700 votes over Hillary Clinton. link

The more he protests, the more I think that there might actually be something to hide. How can he, or anybody in his campaign, not see that this is how it looks? Stein is a "bottom-dwelling candidate?" Sure. There is no way she could come to any advantage by a recount? Definitely. She's only trying to raise her own profile? Quite likely. But if everything is on the up-and-up with the numbers, Trump, why on earth do you care how other people squander their money? It's not like it's your money, or even government money, so what difference does it make?
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She enjoys presenting this prickly persona, but inside, she's a marshmallow. A living cactus necklace is just the thing.
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And the thought appeared in my head... linguistics.

Linguistics is a science, and there are any number of easy experiments a child could do in linguistics, with pretty much NO equipment or fancy training. Talk about cost effective! And there is clearly a need for linguistics education in this country. (I'm not even just saying that because I'm interested in the subject. I'm saying that because it pains me to see people, interested people, struggle to talk about linguistics concepts that interest them because they simply don't even realize that there's a vocabulary for this.)

And yet, somehow, there's also pretty much no intro texts into the subject that are accessible to the general public, particularly children. (Well, I mean, there's the Language Construction Kit, and I won't insult it, but I'm thinking more experimental than going full-on conlang.) And the more I think about it, the more I think there might actually be a market for this. A small one, maybe, but maybe not - people really are interested in language.
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I'm having to make my stock-for-gumbo in batches. First the bones, then the veggies. Sheesh.


Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange

A Fascinating Video Experiment Showing How Cut Fruit Reacts Under UV Blacklight

Platypus venom could hold key to diabetes treatment

7 Hotly Debated Movie Questions That Totally Have Answers

Nitrogen in ancient rocks a sign of early life

Return of the Ghost Cat

How Spanish Immersion School Made All the Difference for One Family

Language analysis reveals word popularity oscillates over 14-year period

11 Twisted Facts About ‘The Far Side’

Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbes

Found: An Intricate 17th-Century Map, Stuffed Into a Chimney

Goodbye, Columbus: A new survey upends the conventional wisdom about who counts in American history (Article is from 2008)

Discrimination against spiders

Feds: Railroads slow to make progress on train technology

Sahel countries in race against time to regreen Africa's spreading desert

Blowing Up The Glass Ceiling: The Untold Story Of The Military's First Female Bomb Technician

The scientists who make apps addictive

Solar irrigation cuts drought risk, emissions for Kenya's farmers

The Long, Politically Fraught History of Seeds in the U.S.

was thinking about this also: don’t hide your child’s disability from the child themself, or pretend it doesn’t exist

For 'Satellite Babies,' Separation Can Take Its Toll

Seeking custody and answers: Sister of San Bernardino shooter hopes to adopt abandoned niece (This is ridiculous. They're her own family, they're capable parents, why on earth is this child in foster care? Other children whose parents were criminals would be placed with family unless the family was abusive.)

Poverty, despair breed new generation of Philippine rebels

Amid calls for recount, election experts ask: Why not audit the vote?

The Republican Vogue for Stripping Citizenship

Young immigrants who came forward now worried about future

Donald Trump’s Looming Mass Criminalization

The Significance of Overt Racism

In drawn-out battle of Mosul, limits of Iraqi military show
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In preparation for this, I picked up some andouille at whole foods yesterday. While I was there, I happened to see that they were selling real buttermilk - not the stuff you usually buy in the store, but made from whatever's left after you churn.

So I bought it and decided on the spot I'd make pancakes today.

Then, this happened. Eventually I escaped the gravitational pull of my bed and bravely went to make pancakes. I happen to have a box of cake flour, so I said "Screw it, I'll make 'em really light and fluffy! Where's my sifter?"

Took out the enormous box of cake flour. Took out the enormous box of baking soda. Took out the baking powder, the cinnamon, the brown sugar, the salt. Carefully measured out half my flour, all of the other dry ingredients into the sifter.

You know, when you're not paying attention it's really easy to add in a whole quarter cup of baking soda when you meant to add cake flour. Sigh. At least I caught that before I got to the cooking stage! The second round went better, and they were delicious, thank you very much.
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We call on Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner to hold an immediate 2016 recount

Thanks, [personal profile] elenbarathi.
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Destination Moon? Belgium joins the space race

Photos: Copycat Sticky Note 'Subway Therapy' Walls Appear At Union Square, Atlantic Terminal (The girls and their friends were super excited to share their feelings about Trump yesterday when we happened to be at Union Square. Which reminds me, the 9/11 memorial there is getting super shabby. Somebody ought to redo the stickers.)

This Is Why Insects Rule the World

World's first farmers weren't humans. They were Fijian ants.

School in the 'scariest place on Earth' teaches English to South Koreans

The myth of self-control

The Push to Diversify Gifted-and-Talented Programs

Many teens have trouble spotting fake news, but it's not as bad as it sounds

The Standing Rock Sioux are also fighting for their language

Records Reveal the FBI's 7 Types of Protesters

The radically simple reason Hillary Clinton didn’t run a different campaign: she thought she was winning

Trump slams recount push as 'a scam,' says election is over ("The people have spoken and the election is over," Trump declared Saturday.)

What If Trump Wanted More Illegal Immigration? Wait, He's On It!

Female warriors worry Trump will roll back their gains

How a prized daughter of the Westboro Baptist Church came to question its beliefs.

Avocados Imperil Monarch Butterflies’ Winter Home in Mexico

A private contractor tossed U.S. military waste in Iraq and Afghanistan into giant pits and burned it. Now soldiers forced to breathe the toxic fumes are sick or dying—and the government is using faulty science to evade responsibility.

Taliban leaders may have moved to Afghanistan from Pakistan

Hungry Venezuelans Flee in Boats to Escape Economic Collapse

Unchecked Arctic melting: How some communities are starting to adapt

For Newly Arrived Migrants, Paris Offers An Upgraded Welcome

Erdogan warns Europe that Turkey could open migrant gates
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The Cannon of Literature

Program trains young garbage collectors amid US shortage

A pioneering study of invertebrates has discovered 1,445 viruses, including several new families, revealing people have only scratched the surface of the world of viruses.

Dad Tries to Copy Daughter's Gymnastic Moves

Wild turkeys that vanished in 1800s return to New England

The coolest hot chocolate ever has a blooming marshmallow

How To Teach A Sea Lion Who's Fussy About Grammar

The sparrow with four sexes

The maddest in the room (Separated by a Common Language)

47 of the world's poorest countries are aiming to hit 100% renewable energy

Slow as molasses? Sweet but deadly 1919 disaster explained

An identity lost in post-war Japan took 67 years to reclaim (Fascinating story, but I'm not sure where Sweden comes in!)

For the first time, living cells have formed carbon-silicon bonds

For firefighters, emotional stress often the deadliest enemy

Depression in young people affects the stomach, anxiety the skin

Low social status leads to off-kilter immune system

Prisons chief aims to make 'hard time' a rehearsal for home

What about the black working class?

Death row: the lawyer who keeps losing

Un-rigging our democracy: The GOP’s “unconstitutional political gerrymander” practices finally under fire

Teaching 1984 in 2016

Myanmar seeking ethnic cleansing, says UN official as Rohingya flee persecution

Turkey's push for Syrian town complicates anti-IS fight
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so first I made kugel (they'd already eaten dinner) and then I made Swedish meatballs.

My goodness, kugel and Swedish meatballs is delicious, but an extremely heavy meal and I don't think I'll eat again for a month.
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And some of those same people are also worried that Trump will nuke the Middle East to glass, thus setting off WW3.

But wait! Only one of those things can happen.

Either global warming continues apace until we all drown or we enter a prolonged nuclear winter and nobody ever has to worry about coastal flooding ever again! So stop worrying, and love the bomb. There is a very bright side to global thermonuclear war, and I've found it! And unlike global warming, at least it will be over quickly.
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for a recount.

As far as I can see, this is a win-win. Either it turns out that there was no manipulation and we all breathe a huge sigh of relief, or it turns out there was and Trump's out and therefore we all breathe a huge sigh of relief. (Enormous, actually.)

I don't know if there was any manipulation, of course. I find the discrepancy with the exit polls concerning, and frankly Trump's repeated claims that the election was "rigged" smell more than a little like projection... but I'm well aware that I'd really like to believe the whole system is corrupt rather than millions and millions of people voted in a bigot. Just because I want to believe it doesn't make it true.

Cue the outrage from the Right.Collapse )

Gosh, the next month is going to be a barrel of laughs, I can tell already.
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Female monkeys use wile to rally troops

The Normalization of ‘Normalize’ Is a Sign of the New Normal (I think there are exactly 7 language people on-call for every question the media ever has on linguistics.)

The Strangest Calls to the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

Invasion Of The Big-Brained Sci-Fi Blockbuster!

Tuna’s Declining Mercury Contamination Linked to U.S. Shift Away from Coal

Never forget c’thurkey, the octopus-stuffed turkey from hell

Green Party filing for recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. (Well, thank you Jill Stein!)

Can DIY Flipbooks Become the YouTube of Prisons?

The Short, Frantic, Rags-to-Riches Life of Jack London

The enormous pop-up clinic trying to bridge America’s health divide

The upper Han: The world’s rising superpower has a particular vision of ethnicity and nationhood that has implications at home and abroad

The Standing Rock Resistance Is Unprecedented (It's Also Centuries Old)

Impostor Syndrome Is Probably the Reason You’re Terrible At Your Job

After decades of progress, the earnings gap between black and white men is back at 1950 levels. The earnings gap between black and white men narrowed during the civil rights era. Then, starting around 1970, the gap between black and white men's wages started widening once again.

Why Kids Need Recess

How the Recession Left Low-Income Children Out of Shape and Out of Options

'Invisible' Children: Raised In The U.S., Now Struggling In Mexico

What It's Like to Raise Kids in a Refugee Camp

Babies For Sale: The Secret Adoptions That Haunt One Georgia Town

For Trans Women of Color, Safe Employment Is a Matter of Life and Death

Hacked or Not, Audit This Election (And All Future Ones)

Autocratic for the people: As Donald Trump’s populist wave recedes, an authoritarian regime in the making is revealed

Alarm In Germany And Israel At Emboldened U.S. White Supremacists

Literacy Not A Right For Detroit School Kids According To State (Oh, ffs already!)
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'Fufu' Diplomacy: How Food Is Helping Chinese See Immigrants As More Than Foreign

The Father of Modern French Cuisine Wrote a Very Misguided Thanksgiving Cookbook

Gut bacteria affect our metabolism

The Best New Maps, According to Cartographers

Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables our intelligence

Inside the Theme Park Where Thanksgiving Never Ends

Study finds some female fish evolve bigger brains when males have bigger genitals

The Remarkable Comeback of Przewalski's Horse

Education Secretary King calls for end to paddling students

Spanking Young Children Declines Overall But Persists In Poorer Households

NASA demonstrates EM Drive theory, but don't get too excited

The Origins of Our Misguided Hatred for Pigeons (I've always liked pigeons. They're feral, really, not wild, which is what gives them their amazing variety of patterns. Looking different from each other makes it easier to see them as individuals with real personalities, unlike other birds.)

'They're a lot like us': Program pairs inmates, wild horses

Finding Help And Healing Through Santeria

Big in Brazil

Student school takeovers could be trouble for Brazil reforms

Thanksgiving, a Celebration of Inequality: For decades, Gilded Age populists and secularist crusaders criticized the holiday’s gospel of abundance.

A Photographic Chronicle of America's Working Poor

The States That College Graduates Are Most Likely to Leave

In a landmark lawsuit, the Rosebud Sioux tribe is suing its government-run hospital for failing to provide the free health care that they say has been promised since 1868. The feds, in turn, argue that they actually have no legal obligation to provide care.

Jared Kushner Isn’t Alone: Universities Still Give Rich and Connected Applicants a Leg Up

“Real Americans” vs. “coastal elites”: What right-wing sneers at city dwellers really mean

A Portrait of a Man Who Knows Nothing About Climate Change

Long Before ‘Hamilton’ Brouhaha, Theater Was Anything but Polite

Meet the 'Hamilton Electors' Hoping for an Electoral College Revolt (Good luck.)

Americans who live near border say Trump's wall is unwelcome

The Trump Protests Have Reinvigorated the American Radical Tradition

Road salt can change sex ratios in frog populations

Is It Racist To Call Someone 'Racist'?

Illinois hides abuse and neglect of adults with disabilities

When a Woman Is Raped in Rural Alaska, Does Anyone Care?

5 states struggle with surging numbers of foster children. In all five, a common factor driving the increase has been a surge of substance abuse by parents.

Jailed in Japan for a crime she didn’t commit, a young American teacher learns the meaning of the phrase sho ga nai — “It can’t be helped.”
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Just realized I forgot some stuff at the grocery store. Now I'll have to go back tomorrow.

Maybe if I go really early the lines won't be too tough?

For my own reference, my remaining list which I forgot to put on my list todayCollapse )
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Got the VERY LAST bag of cranberries. GO ME!

Now, here is the question. Should I make the cranberry sauce tomorrow and serve it with Swedish Meatballs, or should I make it Saturday and serve it with duck?
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A bulb downstairs popped and made the whole room smell like Something Badly Wrong With The Wiring. Turns out this is completely normal for CFLs, nothing to worry about. I wish they'd put that information on the packaging, though!
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A day late and a dollar short. Honestly, this is ridiculous. If CNN can post an article, and USA Today can, then I expect to see news on this from all the major media, and I will contact them.

Let's see.

We've got the NY Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, all the major networks, the LA Times, who all else? (AND WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING IN THIS NEW UNCHARTED TERRITORY OMG SOMEBODY HOLD MY HAND. Wait, don't literally hold my hand - I mean, ew, not in the mood for human contact.)
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Have you contacted any government officials since the election about anything?

If the answer is "no", I'm looking at you sadly and shaking my head. Go remedy it and answer again.

Was USA election stolen? (Also, seriously - just got an email back from Wisconsin - really fast, too! - saying they're already conducting an audit. So... why is it that the only mainstream American media source I can find with anything on this subject is USA Today? If they can find the bandwith to natter on about Hamilton and Trump Tower, couldn't they bring this up long enough to even reject it? Should I add them to my list of people to email/call/write? I mean, USA Today is not some fringe publication, and at least one state is actually conducting an audit, so... what gives?)
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And looking at his repetitive tweetstorms, it really does seem to me that the only thing more unpleasant than having to deal with Trump is having to be Trump. I mean, geez - "Somebody was mean to me on the internet! They're a big meanie!" ad nauseum. Does this seem like the ravings of a happy mind? Clinton is happier and, well - look who plans to be in the White House!

It's pitiful, really. Luckily for me, that completely unwanted sense of pity does not oblige me to want to see him happy, because I don't think anything would suffice. I mean, if stealing the presidency doesn't do it, exactly what will? (Well, insight and emotional depth might help, but I suppose it's not likely the man chose to be this way.)

This is all incidental. Recently, the news has been full of "Barron and Melania not moving to the White House!" and all about how this is a huge hassle for that neighborhood and how it's costing the city millions to protect Trump Tower. And this is all true, and it's awful, but at the same time there's a little bitty part of me that thinks "Well, this is probably the best thing for that young boy." I don't want to think that, and I certainly don't want to feel that way either, but I'm not a raging narcissist and so I have some sympathy for a ten year old child who never asked for any of this. And really, do any of us think that Donald Trump is a kind and loving father? The best his youngest kid can hope for is being away from that jerkface five days out of the week. (Just kinda wish he could be away from that jerkface somewhere else. Perhaps somewhere that voted for the guy.)
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Cat tongues are even 'handier' than you imagined

In some ways, hawks hunt like humans

Archaeological excavation unearths evidence of turkey domestication 1,500 years ago

DNA evidence from 5,310-year-old corn cob fills gaps in history

Diaphragm much older than expected

An echidna’s to-do list: Sleep. Eat. Dig up Australia.

Reliance on reason, evidence as a moral issue measured in study

Innovative technique to curtail illegal copying of digital media

What marine midges can tell us about clocks and calendars

Record-breaking faint satellite galaxy of the Milky Way discovered

Young children are terrible at hiding – psychologists have a new theory why

Reconditioning the brain to overcome fear

New tool to track circulating cancer cells

Engineering a more efficient system for harnessing carbon dioxide

Gut bacteria affect our metabolism

Genetic breakthrough: Crops use more sunlight to grow

Women who suppress their emotions are as good at mental rotation as men

Economist's research reveals poverty should be measured by more than income

As life expectancy grows, men still lagging

Ocean acidification study offers warnings for marine life, habitats

The North Pole is 36 degrees hotter than it should be right now
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and lately that's true. There's seemingly no good news anywhere.

Listen, first thing in the morning call the Department of Justice and tell them you're concerned and want an audit of the votes. You can't complain that they don't listen to you if you don't tell them what you want! Spread the word, too.


Sniffing out cultural differences

Junk Food’s Happiest Accident

Dementia on the downslide, especially among people with more education, study finds

Resurrecting America's Great Old Diners, By Moving Them Across State Lines

Study finds chimps perform social grooming behavior the same way their mothers did

3 black Americans see China as their land of opportunity

How the rise of mirrors in the fifteenth century shaped our idea of the individual.

The Factory of Fakes

How a single tree, and the logger who saved it, have changed the way we see British Columbia’s old-growth forest.

How Kellogg worked with "independent experts" to tout cereal

Cement materials are an overlooked and substantial carbon 'sink'

The real secret to Asian American success was not education

Work more days. Carve more turkeys. Don’t get hurt. What poultry workers endure in the frenzied weeks before Thanksgiving.

The Last Unknown Man

With the Kurdish pesh merga on the road to Mosul.

Affluenza Anonymous: Rehab for the Young, Rich, and Addicted

Too quiet on the set; filming accidents often go untold

Early childhood household smoke exposure predicts later delinquency and dropout risk at age 12

Judges Find Redistricting Unfairly Favored Republicans

US Military Leaders Remind Trump That Climate Change Is a Global Threat

Here are twenty lessons from the twentieth century, adapted to the circumstances of today.

Why the Left and the Right Should Oppose Government Registries

EU, US have little leverage as Turkish democracy backslides

Even Israel says this Jewish settlement is illegal. Now comes the showdown.

Why did the forced removal of African Americans seem so plausible in Forsyth County, Georgia in 1912? Was it because it had all happened before?

‘Please, I am out of options’: inside the murky world of DIY abortions

Japanese troops land in South Sudan, fears of first foreign fighting since WW2

Police, citing ‘ongoing riot,’ use water cannons on Dakota Access protesters in freezing weather

Get used to heat records; study predicts far more in future
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You can try calling the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, for a complete investigation of Trump's finances. The public comment number there is +1-202-225-5074.
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You’re not just imagining it: the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump vote totals do look rigged. That would explain why exit polls don't add up.

We can ask for an audit. On the one hand, I'm sure we're clutching at straws here. On the other, it's no more futile than the electoral college petition. And honestly, it wouldn't be too problematic to do. (Oh, and on that note - new petition asking for an audit. Sign it! Spam it!)

Tomorrow's to-do list:

1. Drop off application at homeschool office.
2. Email and phone the DoJ about this issue.
3. Email the governor and secretary of state in the various "flipped" states. They're not likely to care, since I'm not a constituent, but it's low effort.
4. Email my state congressfolk and ask them to demand an audit - especially my senators, who are democrats.

Anybody else it might not be a complete waste of time to email? I mean, I can type out one email and then c+p it, inserting names as necessary.
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Seriously, it is AMAZING how many schools on our list are right along that bus route, and I've been taking it with my mother every week as well.
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Giant Roaches Can Grow Big Testicles When They Need Them

Nursing Home Residents Put to Work

Shared epigenetic changes underlie different types of autism

How sunken treasure and a sibling rivalry led Charles and John Deane to invent modern deep-sea diving

This researcher programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter. It worked. (That headline really overstates it.)

High-fiber diet keeps gut microbes from eating the colon's lining, protects against infection, animal study shows

Alabama town mirrors US class divide on immigration

Thank you, Frederick Banting

Some suburbanites to sidewalk backers: 'Stay off our lawns'

Why 12-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Disastrous for Safety and Must Be Replaced Now

Tim Robbins’s Prison Improv Classes Make Inmates Less Likely to Re-Offend

This fall’s prison strikes are a model of how to both survive and challenge an authoritarian, racist order.

A New Form of Donor Motivation: Rage Donating!

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety

Lashing Out at ‘Identity Politics,’ Pundits Blame Trump on Those Most Vulnerable to Trump (I'm so sick of the phrase "identity politics". It's all identity politics! But for some reason, the only "identity" it's okay to vote with is white straight cis male Christian.)

GOP sweep heightens anxiety for many transgender Americans

As American as Apple Pie? The Rural Vote’s Disproportionate Slice of Power

#NotMyGodEmperor: Why Are There So Many Actual Fascists in the Warhammer 40K Fandom?

Miami Beach has run out of sand. Now what?

U.S. officials arrive in Australia to begin assessing asylum seekers

Worrying traces of resistant bacteria in air

Afghan cave dwellers brace against a shifting landscape

Who’s in the Kitchen at Chinese Restaurants? Part 2

In Mali, waning fortunes of Fulani herders play into Islamist hands

Large forest die-offs can have effects that ricochet to distant ecosystems

Life in the Plague Years
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Takeaway: If somebody tries to tell you that 3 million "illegal aliens" voted, they're full of shit.
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1. Clinton's lead is now 1.5 million votes.

2. The Change.org petition has actually reached 4.5 million signers, which I did not expect to see.

3. There's also one at MoveOn. Silly as it is, I did sign them both, and intend to keep daydreaming about the one-in-a-trillion chance of an upset. It will never happen, but the picture of Trump's face if it did happen is helping me sleep at night. (I suppose when it doesn't happen I'll have to find a new daydream. Guess it's back to Trump, Pence, et al. dying of heart attacks or overdose in an utterly consensual coked up gay orgy.)
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Message to Trump? Countries say climate fight 'irreversible'

I still wake up and remember who is the President-elect (Yes, read the comments)

Stop Being Played, America; Watch How Trump’s Hamilton Tweet Distracts From His Fraud Case

White Nationalists Celebrate Trump's Victory and Early Appointments

What Trump's Cabinet Could Do to National Parks

Trump's staff picks alarm minorities: 'Injustice to America'

President Trump’s Cabinet picks are likely to be easily confirmed. That’s because of Senate Democrats. (CALL YOUR SENATORS. Call your Representative. Call them once per cabinet pick and register your dissatisfaction with anybody who doesn't protest. Follow up with an email and a letter.)

Trump's Top Environmental Adviser Says Pesticides Aren't Bad for You

Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’

This Is Not Normal

We have 100 days to stop Donald Trump from systemically corrupting our institutions

Congressional phones jammed by calls for Trump conflict-of-interest investigation

Go Take This Phone Survey to Support the Affordable Care Act—Then Leave Paul Ryan a Voicemail

Americans want Trump to focus on healthcare first

The GOP’s Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on Steroids

Trump to deal with surging migration to US, scant resources

Immigrants Who Came to U.S. as Children Fear Deportation Under Trump

Trump's election triggers flood of immigration questions

Voters’ perceptions of crime continue to conflict with reality

No, the viral image of 2016 election results and 2013 crime rates is not real

This Analysis Shows How Fake Election News Stories Outperformed Real News On Facebook

How Fake News Goes Viral

On website, thousands of Americans pledge to side with Muslims amid talk of registry

George Takei: They interned my family. Don’t let them do it to Muslims.

On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem

Blame Trump’s Victory on College-Educated Whites, Not the Working Class
bow before my awesome wrath!
Finally, a type of face that men recognize better than women

Peeling back the history of Soviet wallpaper

Ducklings 'maintain two separate memory banks of visual information'

The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners

What our ancestors’ third eye reveals about the evolution of mammals to warm blood

Scientists modify plants, making them use sunlight better

The First — Every Day is Thanksgiving: The History of the TV Dinner

The story of Melanie Griffith's childhood pet lion

Labor of love: The super-secret outlaw doula in backwoods California

Study shows cardio protects against depression

Surgeon general report: 'Addiction is not a character flaw'

An Alarm Designer on How to Annoy People in the Most Effective Ways

Bursting the Facebook bubble: we asked voters on the left and right to swap feeds

Advocates Look To Obama For “Unprecedented” Action On Federal Prison Sentences

All Queens Must Die

It's Still About Class and Geography

A camp for young people touched by terror

Trial or deal? Some driven to plead guilty, later exonerated

Arab Spring Break

Disowned by family, women rescued from Indian brothels turn to counseling

Extreme Center Goes After Anti-Trump Protesters

With Trump Using Tower as Base, Fifth Avenue Grinds to a Halt

How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream (Article from October)

Trump understands what many miss: people don’t make decisions based on facts

Trump told by New York mayor that city is 'fearful' of him

As Trump talks wall, China builds bridges to Latin America

China’s Great Leap Backward

Obama warns against ‘a crude sort of nationalism’ taking root in the U.S.

Torture haunts Mexico despite laws meant to eliminate it

Toxic pollutants choke Iraqi children caught in Islamic State retreat

US-backed air campaign accused of war crimes in Yemen
bow before my awesome wrath!
First, sign the petition and spam it around, would you? I know it's silly and futile, but it's also super-low-effort. Somewhere in the multiverse, hypocrisy doesn't pay.

Second, at the very least we've got people talking about it. Unfortunately, at least half of what people are saying is inane and ill-informed.

1. "You're just trying to change the way the electoral college works because you don't like the results!"

Well, yes, when it comes to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact I suppose I am... but I was on the anti-electoral-college case for a while. It's got little to do with this particular issue.

However, if by "change the way it works" you mean these petitions - listen, if the electoral college was intended to be a rubber stamp, we wouldn't bother having electors. We'd just do the math, the same way CNN does the math today. This is literally the way it works. Just because we've effectively house ruled that it isn't doesn't mean we can't decide to play by the book. (And why are you so scared? You and I both agree this won't work, so what are you getting worked up about? I know what I'm getting worked up about, but how about you?)

1a. "The system works the way it is intended to work. If the electors voted independently, that would be awful!"

This is not the way the system was intended to work.

2. "But if we didn't do this weird thing, democracy would collapse."

Nobody else does this weird thing.

2a. "Well, because of our large country and states - I mean, do we want the five biggest cities choosing what the rest of the country does!?"

I've done the math. Even if the five largest cities in this nation voted in lockstep, there still aren't enough people to collectively decide the election.

3. "Something something something founders wanted to protect states' rights."

If your argument predates the Civil War, and revolves around states' rights, then a little history for you: that's a codeword for slavery.

Which is good, because otherwise it's just bizarre. Who today thinks of themselves as a citizen of a state instead of the USA? It's arbitrary lines on a map. What a strange way to divide up the populace! We might as well divide people into electoral districts based on job, or race, or level of education.

4. "Our Founding Fathers wisely wanted to prevent demagogues from taking power."

Okay, yeah, I've used that argument myself and pulled up the relevant quote from the Federalist Papers, but let's not kid ourselves here. Our Founding Fathers wanted to prevent the masses from voting in somebody who would make rules the elite didn't like. Now, I'm not going to say the rule they cared about was slavery, I'm sure there were many property rights they didn't want taken away from them, but... yeah.

5. "Well, we're not a democracy, we're a republic."

Technically true. That's not at all connected to the electoral college. That has to do with our legislative branch. We are a republic because we have Congress - not because our system for picking the president is unique in the world.

6. "Well, we can't just throw out something the Founding Fathers came up with!"

We already did when we started directly electing Senators.

I'm convinced. We don't need more STEM in America, we need more civics and history.
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The other person who discovered evolution

Blotting Cracks with Toilet Paper

The Subversive, Non-Creepy Charm of Mexican Street Clowns

This Orphaned Rhino and His Best Friend Will Make Your Day Better

Advocates for New York’s Working Poor Push for Discounted Transit Fares (We know that kids are the majority of farejumpers, with the tacit approval of MTA employees. I'd like to see half fare passes, full time, for all kids under 13, and full fare for school commutes for all kids no matter how far they live from school. It's not like it's cheaper if you live further away, and realistically speaking, you'd have to be desperate to walk a mile and a half trip to school in the rain.)

This Rock Star Is On A Mission To Donate LGBT Books To Prisoners — Here's How You Can Help

Minnesota Taxes The Rich, Pays Workers More, And The Economy Improves

Uber wants to take over public transit, one small town at a time

Silicon is Just Sand

How the Obama era gave us a dangerous patriotism

Where Traditional DNA Testing Fails, Algorithms Take Over

Storm Sentinels

What It’s Like to Vote After Prison

Snap Judgment: The 1996 welfare reform law is being used to cut food aid to some of the poorest Americans.

All Politics Is National

Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

They Used To Last 50 Years

The other residential school runaways

How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts

How Moscow Uses Interpol to Pursue Its Enemies

When the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago, Russia looked set to become a free-market democracy. Arkady Ostrovsky explains why that did not happen, and how much of it is Mr Putin’s fault.

Venezuela, a Failing State

U.N. expert questions legality of "brutal" mass evictions in Nigeria

Give Steve Bannon a chance. It’s not like he’s literally Joseph Goebbels. (/s)

Man At Point Where Thought Of Reince Priebus Controlling White House Pretty Comforting

Donald Trump's infrastructure plan wouldn't actually fix America's infrastructure problems

Scared by Trump, some migrants on Mexico border give up American dream
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So I thought I'd post them all in one fell swoop.

New gene-editing technology partially restores vision in blind animals

Distant star is roundest object ever observed in nature

How the Pull of an Icy “Heart” Sent Pluto’s Poles Wandering

Ultra-long acting pill releases daily doses of medicine for a month

New AI algorithm taught by humans learns beyond its training

Words and bones tell a similar story about deep history

Skillful cockatoos able to shape same tool from different materials

Changing views of evolutionary factors at work on earliest mammals

Dinosaur discovery casts light on final flurry of animals' evolution

A new type of atomic bond has been discovered

Female chimpanzees employ babysitters to wean young faster

Gluten May Not Be to Blame for Wheat Sensitivities, Research Shows

Researchers develop way to 'fingerprint' the brain

Depression during pregnancy is associated with abnormal brain structure in children

Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently

Scientists uncover genetic evidence that 'we are what we eat'

25% of individuals in a Sierra Leone village were infected with the Ebola virus but had no symptoms, suggesting broader transmission of the virus than originally thought.

Coastal erosion study could hold valuable lessons for climate change mitigation

Moral values influence level of climate change action

Climate change already dramatically disrupting all elements of nature

Climate change may prevent volcanoes from cooling the planet

Record growth in atmospheric CO2 despite stable anthropogenic emissions due to weaker sinks

Large-scale wind energy slows down winds and reduces turbine efficiencies

Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be 'game over', scientists warn

Watch the Grim, Ongoing Loss of the Arctic's Historical Ice

If you’re looking for good news about climate change, this is about the best there is right now
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Maybe, instead of telling each other not to get involved with trolls, we should spend our efforts asking for organizations with comments sections to make and enforce a comment policy. Maybe we should make it clear that nobody is fooled by arguments about "oh, oh, oh, free speech" and that outright bigotry and poor logic are unacceptable in civilized society.

I just don't want to be the only one.
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I just went down to talk to them. "Guys? I'm trying to call our representative here -"

Eva: You mean TRUMP?
Me: No. I do not. I mean our Representative, Donovan. I'm trying to call him to say I'm concerned about the direction our government is going -
Eva and Ana: YOU MEAN TRUMP?
N: I hate that guy!
J: Me too!
Me: Yeah, me three, and I thought I told you kids I don't want to hear that word in this household.
Eva and Ana: You mean... Trump!?
Me: That's the word. Don't say it. Anyway, our representative is a Republican, and it seems we don't agree on anything, so I plan to call him pretty frequently. And I can't have this call getting off on the wrong foot, because I intend to be on a first name basis with him and his staff, so stop screaming.


Stop Steve Bannon’s Appointment As Trump’s Top Advisor In addition to calling, you should also sign the two petitions. One Two. I'm sure that an online petition is possibly the least effective form of activism, but it's also low-effort. If you're able to get on the internet to read this post you really have no excuse.

The Best Ways to Contact Your Congress People, From a Former Staffer Related video, well worth watching

How Steve Bannon and Breitbart News Can Be Pro-Israel — and Anti-Semitic at the Same Time (Don't read the comments.)

Godwin of Godwin's Law is officially okaying Trump-Hitler comparisons Also

Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Victory Will Likely Keep Growing

Sanders backs Trump protests, questions Electoral College

Protesters Take Anti-Trump Message to His Doorstep, and Plan Next Steps

How one deplorable sign at an anti-Trump protest foreshadows the fight over fake news

So we're just going to forget WikiLeaks and Russia helped Trump?

Comey really did elect Trump. Here's the data that shows it.

Yep, race really did Trump economics: A data dive on his supporters reveals deep racial animosity

Why Wall Street Is Suddenly in Love with Trump

Never mind closing Guantanamo, Trump might make it bigger

What Donald Trump’s Vow to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants Would Mean

ACLU, other groups report post-election surge of donations

When Trump Takes Control of the Justice Department, Be Afraid

Some disturbing Trump related links, strongly suggest you read

The cracks are already starting to show between Donald Trump and Republicans


How Donald Trump Became Conspiracy Theorist in Chief

Democracy suffers if our news environment incentivizes bullshit

Right-wing vs. progressive populism: How to win in these populist Trump times

‘Yesterday We Were Stunned, Today We Organize’

How Trump Made Hate Intersectional

Japan rubber-mask makers happy to face a Trump presidency

Trump and the demise of the American global order

Why these rural, white, gun-owning guys didn’t vote for Trump

Reflections From Trump’s America
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Reaching Voters: The Effects of Political Ads

Indonesia Miss Transgender crowned in a slap for hard-liners

The Alphabet That Will Save a People From Disappearing

Ant bridges connect shy tropical tree crowns

DIY breast reconstruction: Device lets women do part at home

Catholic Churches Built Secret Astronomical Features Into Churches to Help Save Souls

As people use more emoji, they use fewer emoticons and nonstandard spellings

Inventive Cubans hunt expensive fish using inflated condoms

Stateless limbo ends as 3,000 'legal ghosts' in the Philippines get nationality

Teaching Mandarin: Chinese influence in Kenya’s slums

Watch What Camp Life is Like for Children Who are Allergic to the Sun

What New Yorkers Recall About School Integration Efforts of Earlier Era

The first children’s court was in the East Village

The Heartbreaking History of Divorce

U.S. officials are canceling 15 oil and gas leases in an area bordering Glacier National Park that's considered sacred to the Blackfoot tribes of the U.S. and Canada, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Wednesday.

The Propaganda Kimonos Japan Kept Hidden From Outsiders

These Racist Collectibles Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Chandeliers, marble and propaganda: Inside North Korea's metro system

Drug prices don't budge even after pressure from Congress

Brothers Behind Bars

Hate crimes against Muslims in America soared 67 percent in 2015, according to a new FBI report that also reveals a nearly 7 percent increase in hate crimes overall.

Difficult to foresee how global warming will influence life in oceans and lakes based on existing research

Prisons fight opioids with $1,000 injection: Does it work?

Depression rates growing among adolescents, particularly girls

Report: Cities passing more laws making homelessness a crime

When a Populist Demagogue Takes Power

India’s crackdown in Kashmir: is this the world’s first mass blinding?

Fear, Secrecy and Danger a Way of Life for Afghan Gays

Are Western Journalists Too Afraid to Report the Truth in Turkey?
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of open houses and once trying to adopt a dog (do not ask me how that went):

Apparently, I have a really good "I urgently need you to shut up so I can get a word in edgewise" face... that only works when what I want to say is "You're done, right? So I can go home now?"

Well, works for me, anyway.
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Every day I think "Okay, Connie! There's news that doesn't revolve around You-Know-Who! You can post them!" and every day thus far I've ended up focusing on the election. FFS, I have a backlog of tabs in the triple digits. (Also, starting to get hives again. I love my body, except when my body betrays me. I've got to stop reading about climate change, which my brain seems to have decided is the worst aspect of a YKW presidency.)

So I'm going to try to get through that backlog over the next couple of days.


The Election was Stolen – Here’s How

Now We’ll Finally Get to See the American Revolution Through the Eyes of King George

Some Choice Political Memorabilia, Shared via #ElectionCollection

Neanderthal inheritance helped humans adapt to life outside of Africa

Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

These Kids Are Suing the Federal Government to Demand Climate Action. They Just Won an Important Victory.

Peru to plant 2 million hectares of trees to restore Amazon forest

Narwhal echolocation beams may be the most directional of any species

Surf's up! Women compete for 1st time in big-wave contest

‘We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes’: A Lost World of Shipwrecks Is Found

Study suggests male chimpanzees are focused on offspring rather than building relationships with females

Living History: Eating like an Italian Immigrant Family in 1919

Arctic farming: Town defies icy conditions with hydroponics

America has never had so much TV, and even Hollywood is overwhelmed

The ruse that gave rise to the spiritualist movement.

A Hamilton Skeptic on Why the Show Isn’t As Revolutionary As It Seems

U.S. death sentences wane, even in Texas county with most executions

Anti-Trump march in NYC draws thousands as other cities protest (I just hope people don't completely lose steam in January.)

Surprising study finds possible culprit in preterm births

A liberal mother of six jailed for challenging Saudi taboos

Why do we still elect coroners?

Can forgotten rubella children of the '60s hold clue for Zika babies?

Court says dictator Marcos can be buried at heroes' cemetery

The macabre fate of ‘beating heart corpses’

Mexican hospitals prepare for influx of American medical tourists

The secret costs of Islamophobia

Texas Censors Inmates’ Mail to Stop a Nationwide Prison Strike

Philippines drug war turns a teeming jail into a haven

Speaking out for drug war victims, Filipina goes into hiding

Iraqi Kurds' destruction of Arab villages could be war crime: HRW

Where Even Nightmares Are Classified: Psychiatric Care at Guantánamo

Nigeria probes new reports of food aid stolen from refugees

Spain moves to ban 'insulting' memes about politicians from the internet

Record hot year may be the new normal by 2025

Jihadists say Trump victory a rallying call for new recruits
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Okay, yes, we're stuck with a neocon on the Supreme Court... well, unless Congress grows up and does its job, anyway - but! At least that neocon is replacing Scalia! It's not like we lost Ginsburg (knock on wood) or anybody. So, you know, we're still where we were, more or less. It's not a great place to be, exactly, but hopefully all the older liberal justices will hold on out of sheer force of will.
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Unlike many people, I was disappointed and horrified but not really shocked by the election... mostly, because - despite my frequent advice - I do "read the comments". (That's also why I think the ACA is a coin toss - even the most hardliner trolls are no longer spamming liberal blogs just to say that "nobody deserves health care". A lot of things about the next four years concern me, but that's not the top of the list.)

So I've been reading the comments, and two things jump out at me.

First, there's been a definite uptick, on both sides, in people who think a winning argument is to accuse the other party of being young. Which... well, I don't say so to them, but it's actually a really immature argument. I thought we all were supposed to outgrow calling things "babyish" sometime around middle school. (And I'm aware of the minor hypocrisy of this thought, but still, I think the fallback on "but really, you're only a kid, right?" is telling of ones mental state.)

Second - and this is coming straight from the Trump supporters - is the accusation that caring about a popular vote is "sour grapes". It's not the sentiment that surprises me, it's the wording. There must be several ways to express that idea, but they all do it using those two words. Up until this election, I think I could count on one hand the number of times I've heard/seen/used that phrase outside of specifically reading the related fable. Is it really more common than I've hithertofore assumed? (Is the word hithertofore really so unusual that spellcheck doesn't recognize it!?)

The first was just a personal observation. The second... well, I don't know. Some of these I know are real people, I've spoken to them before on a variety of subjects and I just don't think they sat down for three years pretending to be normal people before revealing themselves as Trumpbots. Still, that level of similarity in their comments is startling. I know I'm just cynical, but I wonder about the implications here.
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You know, of course, about the petition to the electors asking them to vote Clinton. Go ahead and sign it - it won't make any difference in this election, but even a tiny amount of pressure for ditching this silly system is better than none.

There's now a counter-petition asking the electors to vote for "some other Republican" - just not Trump. I was kinda hoping Republicans wouldn't find out about the first petition for a while, but that's a twist I wasn't expecting!

There are also the same "end the electoral college" petitions floating around that there have always been. It may well be a complete waste of time, but go ahead and sign the lot of them.
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This week is the most active I've seen DW/LJ in quite a while. Truly, it would have to be a very ill wind to blow no good.

(Look, you gotta grab those silver linings when and where you see them.)


The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists

Political Landscape Shifts for LGBTQ Candidates

Clay Pigeons: How Lobbyists Secretly Woo Top Election Officials

Trump and Obama's Post-Election Meeting Might Not Have Been History's Weirdest

Mathematical Alternatives to the Electoral College

Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Trump can end Obamacare's free birth control — and he doesn’t need Congress’s help

How Federal Ethics Laws Will Apply to a Trump Presidency

Trump packs transition team with loyalists and family

Anti-Trump Protests Likely to Continue

Trump protesters: students, immigrants, anarchists and more

How Trump’s victory is causing Europe to rethink its security

What Comes Next: Confronting a Post-Election America

States with new voting restrictions flipped to Trump (Yeah, color me stunned. Just stunned. So let's add a new and improved VRA to our list of politely worded demands.)

European poll watchers report myriad flaws in U.S. elections

The GOP’s Attack on Voting Rights Was the Most Under-Covered Story of 2016

6 Million Lost Voters: State-Level Estimates of Felony Disenfranchisement, 2016

Schools report racist incidents in wake of Trump election

'Rash of Hate Crimes' Reported Day After Trump's Election

Don't Mourn, Fight Like Hell

Our fate was sealed long before November 8 (and not because the election’s rigged)

A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support

Study Confirms Network Evening Newscasts Abandoned Policy Coverage For 2016 Campaign

Donald Trump presidency a 'disaster for the planet', warn climate scientists

If you voted for Trump because he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ guess what: You got conned

I’m a Coastal Elite From the Midwest: The Real Bubble is Rural America

Trump’s Infrastructure Fix: Let Somebody Else Spend $1 Trillion

Intelligence community is already feeling a sense of dread about Trump

Zuckerberg Says Idea That Fake News on Facebook Influenced Election Is “Crazy,” and Yet Here We Are

Some children fearful of what a Trump presidency will mean

Donald Trump: I may not repeal Obamacare, President-elect says in major U-turn (Not terribly surprising. It was super safe for Republicans in Congress to try to repeal it when Obama would auto-veto all attempts, but I'm not really certain that voters will be quite so thrilled if it actually does get repealed.)

Trump Wants to ‘Drain the Swamp,’ but Change Will Be Complex and Costly

Supporters to Trump: break campaign promises at your peril

Ignorance Does Not Lead to Election Bliss

The Cold, Cold Math We’ll Need To Survive The Next Twenty Years

Jay Smooth on Donald Trump: “I Don’t Know That We Will Be Okay. But What I Know Is That We Will Resist.”

Trump election elicits fears, some cheers around the globe

Law and Order Trumps Reform

He’ll be the defendant-in-chief.

Things We Can Count On In the Next Two Years
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It actually managed to get my mind off of high school admissions!

Buuuut now it's back to the grindstone. Ana must get into a decent high school. Decent high school = good college, preferably out of the country.
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I wonder if I could do it with Trump only saying actual Trumpisms? You know the sort of thing. "It's gonna be yuuuuuge". Dear god, it practically writes itself. I know slash, I have the best slash....

(Actually, I think I'd better not write it. Nothing anybody actually writes could be better than vague innuendo.)
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Today's ridiculous fantasy was "Maybe Trump and Pence will have simultaneous fatal heart attacks during sex. With each other."

I'm sure somebody else has already written the hatefic.

Sadly, I'm sure it could never come to pass. I don't know about Pence, but I'm pretty certain that Trump is not actually deeply in the closet and full of self-loathing. Still, it's another amusing picture!

Gosh only knows what I'll come up with tomorrow.
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and asking for them to a. support a national popular vote or b. join the National Interstate Popular Vote Compact, you may as well ask them to support approval voting at the same time. I would have liked to have been able to vote for Hilary and Bernie. I know there are probably better voting systems out there, but all of them have the issue of being a tougher learning curve for people used to the current system. Anyway, as long as we're trying for a long shot, might as well try for two long shots at once.

Edit: Three long shots. We also all want an independent commission to make districts, rather than the endless rounds of gerrymandering we're currently subject to.

Got that? National popular vote. Approval voting*. Independent commission for districting.

* Or ranked voting, or whatever voting method you favor, but I'm so over "oh noes third party voters!!!!"
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Read more...Collapse )

I suppose I ought to put my money where my mouth is and actually write to somebody. Where the heck can I get a list of electors and their contact information? Or maybe the media is the place to go with this, and I can at least say I tried? (Ohhhh, man, I don't actually want to try, because then it won't just not happen, I will have failed and it won't happen.)

Edit: Strike all that, good thing they're not as naive as I thought. I was really worried for a minute!

But here's a few things I found out while trying to find some genuine advice for them.

First, I'm not the only person with this ridiculous idea.

Secondly, apparently when it looked like Romney might win the popular vote (but lose the electoral), Trump was completely opposed. "This is not democracy!" Which I actually agree with, but what's he saying now? Crickets, right?

So you know what? I'm done. I'm absolutely done. You want to tell me I'm being stupid? You want to tell me it's futile? You want to tell me I could've done more practical good going to that rally tonight? I know, but I don't care. Fuck him. Just fuck him and his hypocrisy. I'm going to make all the ruckus I can from now until December. My electors are presumably voting Clinton anyway, but I'm going to write to all the others if I can track them down. I'm going to write to all the legislators, even the ones who don't give a shit about me because they're in, like, Alaska. I'm going to harass the hell out of everybody. And the very least you can do is write to your own legislators and ask them to support a national popular vote, and your own state governor, etc. asking them to join the Interstate Popular Vote Compact. Maybe it's a waste of time, but it's not a waste of very much time. (You can boost the signal a bit too, online and in real life. I mean, if you're talking/posting/tweeting about the election anyway....)

I was speaking to somebody elsewhere who thinks an Article V Convention is the way to go. Frankly, I think that's even less likely than a revolt among the electors, but I'll try it too. Because fuck that loser.
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I should not ever talk about anything important with strangers I don't know online. I know this, but I can never remember it.

So somebody accused me of being personally out of touch with the middle class, and added that Democrats being out of touch with the middle class is why Staten Island voted for Trump.

"No, I happen to live in a middle class household in a middle class neighborhood on Staten Island."

Ah, well, that just means I should have encouraged my neighbors more!

Hahahaha no.

Now, this is a map of how every neighborhood on in NYC voted. You can roughly divide Staten Island into three sections - North Shore, Mid Island, and South Shore, and these terms ought to be fairly self-explanatory. See that strip of blue in the north? Yeah, that's the North Shore. My own neighborhood came out 66% for Clinton, which is pretty much what I expected based on actually speaking with my neighbors.

If you take this zip code map you can use the zip codes here to find out the median income for each region. That's the demographic data for 10304, but you can just edit the URL to say whichever zip code you're looking at now. If you don't want to do the footwork, here's the answer: Those zip codes which are on the North Shore have median household incomes around 40 - 60k. The zip codes immediately south of the North Shore have median household incomes that are around 70 - 80k. By the time you reach the South Shore, median household incomes are around 80 - 100k.

And if you're bound and determined to compare more detailed neighborhoods with the data at DNA Info, here's a map. Isn't it pretty? Though perhaps you'll find this more readable, and it neatly divides the neighborhoods into North, Mid, and South. I did the legwork for you here as well, and the further south you go, the higher percentage of Trump voters you find.

Now, there is one other bit of demographic information here. Not only do households get wealthier as you go further south on the Island, they also get whiter. And there's no small amount of racism here, if internet comments are any indication.

So. Staten Island went Trump because of the concerns of the middle class? Nonsense - and I should know. Not only am I actually in touch with my neighbors, but I'm willing to do a little research.

Is it possible I'm out of touch with the concerns of the middle and working class in middle America? Possible and probable! I don't know shit about middle America! But I do know a little bit about Staten Island, and I don't appreciate being condescended to by know-nothings. I don't opine on the goings-on in rural Ohio, do I? No, I do not.

And I never want to hear anything else about how my neighborhood votes. My neighborhood leans Democrat. I can prove this now.
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It's the next best thing to ditching the Electoral College all together. So, you know, if you live in one of the states that hasn't signed up (most of them) you should definitely write to the people who could put that in action.

From now through December I'll be amusing myself with the little fantasy of Electors in swing states (those without laws against it) revolting and casting their votes for Clinton. I don't imagine it will actually happen - and certainly not in any sort of numbers that matter - but it does present a charming image. Imagine it! We could get rid of Trump and probably the Electoral College in one fell swoop and quite within the law!

Maybe we'll get very lucky and Trump will do something so shockingly awful between now and the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December that it actually will happen. I can't imagine what, given that nothing has been awful enough up until now, but I can dream.

(And I don't want anybody puncturing my pretty fantasy with grim reality! I know perfectly well I'll have to wake up to the dreary truth sooner or later, I don't need your help doing it!)

(I also don't need anybody pointing out that if this did happen, one half the electorate would be furious, and they're mostly the ones against gun control. I'm well aware of that fact as well, thank you.)
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and it aired incessantly for years, playing "What A Wonderful World".

This song was the backdrop to all my childhood fears of nuclear war, global warming, mass extinction, AIDS, the decline in the ozone layer, war, and general badness.

This was not a comfort, mind you. Every time that commercial would play, I'd either cynically or morosely think "Well, it won't be like that when I grow up! No, it's almost all over now!"

I actually hate that song.

For some reason, it's been playing in my head all day and won't stop. I really want it to stop. I can take almost anything in this life, but not that one awful song earworming around in my head.
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So do I go to the one at Union Square? Or the one at Columbus Circle?

I'm leaning towards Union Square. I can stop at the Strand beforehand. Plus it starts later and is closer to home, so I don't have to leave as early. But I don't know... am I really socialist enough for this? Maybe anti-racism is more my speed today.
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