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Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
And I read this article:

'Jessica Jones' Makes Me Question The Point Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Interesting comment to the article they've got. "But even the lack of reference to Daredevil in JJ is fairly naturalistic. There’s 8 million people in New York. How often are you really going to intersect with people a few blocks away?"

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So putting aside the small world phenomenon, I think it's clear that the Marvel comics universe is incestuous as fuck, and it takes special effort for superheroes in the same city to avoid running into each other. Forget "they're a few blocks away from each other", they could probably be in different boroughs and still bump into each other a dozen times a week.

I'm sure this gets very tiresome, but hey, I'm not the one writing those.


The Thanksgiving ragamuffins of old New York

Humpback Whales Solve a Big Problem for Wind Turbines

Prosecutors say jewel heist was largest in English history

Women TV Meteorologists Love This $22.99 Dress From Amazon

The Egyptian God Family Tree

The Origins of 15 Holiday Foods and Drinks

How Turducken Went From Food Of Kings To Poultry of the Populace

Beet Juice Is the Future of Dental Care

Cheap DNA Sequencing Is Here. Writing DNA Is Next

This 1960s High School Gym Class Would Ruin You

Each piece of garbage has a story. This artist traces it

Pharmacists in California and Oregon to Prescribe Birth Control

Using light-force to study single molecules

A funeral director wants to bring death back home.

The knighthood of Star Wars is neither Galactic nor an Order.

Nestle confirms labor abuse among its Thai seafood suppliers

'Spying' on Islamic State instead of hacking them

There’s a booming black market for fake Syrian passports

Your Social Media Posts Are Fueling the Future of Police Surveillance

Meeting a Global Carbon Limit Is Cheaper Than Avoiding One

How Refugees Are Admitted Into The U.S. (The Onion)

Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

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Mars Rover Finds Rich Mineral Stew in Fractured Rock

Here’s What Your Part Of America Eats On Thanksgiving

Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay

Religious sisters posing as prostitutes to save sex slaves eye expansion

A Visit to the NSA's Data Center in Utah

Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC

Liberia monitors over 150 Ebola contacts as virus re-emerges

Listening to Nature’s Early Warning System May Save Species
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Why Men Think They’re Doing More Chores Than They Actually Are

Pigeons tend to land on the right spot when looking for breast cancer (Well, at least now pathologists don't need to worry about being their jobs being taken by computers. Birds are bound to be cheaper.)

Holocaust documents trove unearthed in Budapest apartment

Why Pumpkins And Squashes Aren’t Extinct

The Delights and Perils of Navigating New York City With a Guidebook From 1899

Sixth-Century Misery Tied to Not One, But Two, Volcanic Eruptions

Ain't No Party Like A Hydrogel-Balls-In-A-Hot-Pan Party

The CIA’s WWII Guide to Creating Organizational Dysfunction Perfectly Describes Your Toxic Workplace

Make it now: the rise of the present tense in fiction

A seven-year-old boy in Texas empties his piggybank to donate to the Islamic Center of Pflugerville after it was vandalized in what police are calling a 'hate crime.' Hate crimes in general are down... except against Muslims.

We Made Victorian Condoms and It Was Much Grosser Than We Expected

Treasure trove: Farmer discovers 4,000 Roman coins in Swiss orchard

Single course of antibiotics can mess up the gut microbiome for a year

Taking the Yuck Out of Microbiome Medicine

Parents Have Been Reshaping Their Kids’ Skulls for 45,000 Years More information here, with pictures

7 New York City Schools Will Reserve Slots for Disadvantaged Students

Can A Parasitic Worm Make It Easier (Or Harder) For A Woman To Conceive?

Where marijuana is legal, complaints aired about the smell

Europe's Largest Department Store Removes Israeli Products From Shelves

Many civilian review groups have limited power to resolve allegations of police misconduct

War on drugs harms youth, doesn't stop drug use, report says

'More money needed' to beat TB, health agencies warn

In California, Stingy Water Users Are Fined in Drought, While the Rich Soak

Why South African students have turned on their parents’ generation

ISIS Risk in the U.S. Is Homegrown, Numbers Show

US religious leaders make forceful appeal to admit refugees

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Which way’s up? Figuring out how our spinal cord ended up on our back

Amish man runs marathon in traditional slacks and suspenders

Sherlock Holmes: examining the evidence – in charts

Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers

New Haven's Top Cop: 'You Don't Know Us Anymore'

Surveying the Ghost Cities of China

The media hyped up a nationwide crime wave. A new report proves it's bunk.

Genetic battle of the sexes plays out in cukes and melons

7 Ways Restaurants Screw You Over (With Science)

The story of how pigs became the world’s most divisive meal.

Pubescent Boys Hear a Lot About Wet Dreams. But They’re Not As Common As You Think.

Fossilized Forest Discovered In Norway Triggered Dramatic Climate Change 380 Million Years Ago

Scurvy Is a Serious Public Health Problem

Alcoholism drug brings dormant HIV virus out of hiding

Landlocked Islanders

EU drops food waste and marine litter reduction targets, leak reveals

Why Poor Areas Vote For Politicians Who Want To Slash The Safety Net

Ansel Adams’s Subversive Images of Japanese Internment

The 'Oscar conversation' is only as white as The Hollywood Reporter wants it to be

It’s official—NSA did keep its e-mail metadata program after it “ended” in 2011

Ohio pro-life senators suggests food banks as Planned Parenthood substitute

7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine

What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

Refugee refusal today compared, contrasted to that of WWII

There's An Asian Refugee Crisis, Too, And Obama Plans To Spotlight It

How a refugee gets to America, explained by an actual refugee
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I do love pumpkin pie! Nom, nom, nom.

For some reason, it's impossible to get Entemann's pumpkin pie at my supermarket these past two years, but luckily the mall has a supermarket, and when we were there for karate we stopped in on the off-chance that they'd have blintzes, per Ana's specific request. (Blintzes are another thing only irregularly stocked close to home.) Not only did they have blintzes, but they had a whole labelled section in the freezer for them! Well, I mean, it said "Blintzes", but it also included empanadas and egg rolls and baklava. Bit of a broad interpretation of the definition of "blintz", if you ask me.

Anyway, they also had a ton of pumpkin pie, so I got one of those as well. I love me some pumpkin pie!

I emailed my mother and sister today and said that if they didn't participate in the menu planning for Thanksgiving, the meal would consist of pumpkin pie for me and celery for them. They laughed and haven't actually given me any answers yet to my question "can I ditch the bird concept or just make drumsticks", but wait and see, I will actually do this to them.


How fish can turn invisible in the open sea

This Animal Has a Suit of Armor With Hundreds of Built-In Eyes Made Out of Rocks

Meet the Pioneering Female Cabbies Who Are Transforming India’s Roads

Why Don't We Just Throw All Our Garbage Into Volcanoes? (There's a nifty video at the bottom of lava eating a can of ravioli.)

Judge: Stingrays are “simply too powerful” without adequate oversight

Language, Policed: The Monster of Bad Spelling

Plants, Electrified: Scientists Just Grew Conductive Wires Inside Real Roses

Can kittens make everything better? Prisons inmates say yes

Cubans Say ‘Nyet’ to Russian, Hoping to Learn English

Scientists Refrigerate Water Using Laser For The First Time

See a 400-Year-Old Book Made Entirely from Feathers

'Healthy' foods differ by individual

The Algorithm That Creates Diets That Work for You

Watch genetically-evolving cars race in 2D

Evolution Is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism

When You’re Named Isis for the Goddess, Not the Terror Group

High school Sex Ed teaching 'Yes means yes' rape prevention

As Many Americans Have Criminal Records As College Diplomas

New Ebola cases hit Liberia after country declared virus free

The New York borough that once symbolized urban decline is safer and more stable—but most Bronxites' lives are still precarious.

How to Decimate a City

U.S. criticizes Israel's sentence for policeman filmed beating teen


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Linguistic self-hatred: Why I'm ashamed of speaking my mother tongue

Vampire bats share blood to make friends

On the road with Ringling Brothers at the end of an era.

Thanksgiving Turkeys in Every Color of the Rainbow

Cultural differences determine when kids learn to play fair

5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Babies Could Do

Dark matter might cause fundamental constants to change over time

Using sight and sound to trigger dementia patients' memories

Alzheimer’s introduced to Colombian town by Spanish conquistador

Suspension Bridges of Disbelief

NYC To Invest $2.6 Billion In Homeless Housing, Won't Wait For State's Help

Study finds more Mexicans leaving the US than coming

Under 16 and ordered deported — with no lawyer

Superman and Supergirl: Environmental Refugees

Alarming new "superbug" gene found in animals and people in China

The Pre-9/11 Warnings Bush’s Team Ignored Were Way More Intense Than We Thought

Blood gold: From conflict zones in Colombia to jewelry stores in the US

GOP Warns Refugees Likely To Be Driven To Terrorism By Way America Would Treat Them

In Afghanistan capital, tentacles of Taliban reach deep

Anonymous's Cyber War with ISIS Could Compromise Terrorism Intelligence

The Unfolding Campaign to Save the Death Penalty


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Eva was comped in to the class as well, and they both enjoyed it, but man, we are not going out there weekly. Like, seriously.

So can somebody explain to me why no website for any other place that teaches any martial arts at all deigns to show their prices? Is it that hard to say that classes are $30 an hour or $180 for once a week for two months, or unlimited with a monthly membership of $75 or whatever? (Pulling these numbers out of my ass, naturally.)


'Toenail Hoard' of 500 coin clippings found in Forest of Dean

Women scientists who changed the world

The kids are quite possibly all right on average. (Comments worth reading, especially the one that linked to this 22 year old Newsweek article.)

Doritos Nachos, Pasta With Mayo, Corn Pizza: How Other Places Imagine American Food

Scientists caught a new planet forming for the first time ever

With TV Viewing Changing, Networks Take Longer to Drop Shows

Frozen Cave Lion Cubs from the Ice Age Found in Siberia

The Space Doctor’s Big Idea

Crows Are Smart, But Are They Smart Enough to Fall in Love?

6 Bizarre Messages You Didn't Notice In 'The Hunger Games'

Frontal brain wrinkle linked to hallucinations

Some U.S. airport workers to strike Wednesday night -union

Our Prisons in Black and White

Antibiotic resistance: World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era'

What Young Feminists Think of Hillary Clinton

The Anti-Poverty Swindle

51 arrested in protests after black man shot by Minneapolis police

It’s True, Media Did Cover Beirut Bombings–About 1/40th as Much as They Covered Paris Attacks

Why Another ‘War on Terror’ Won’t Work

This is why they hate us: The real American history neither Ted Cruz nor the New York Times will tell you

Big Antarctic ice melt scenarios 'not plausible'


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And always received a loud NO.

Well, apparently Ana entered a raffle, and won four free classes... out at the freaking mall, which is, like, forever away by bus. Thank goodness the S91 runs there - it skips stops, unlike the normal S61. Not that MTA TripAdvisor was willing to tell me so! But why did Ana even enter the raffle? Not questioning her, anyway - she seems pretty excited because it's free.

So Ana arranged all this on the phone while I stood by saying "Wait, so, you got this? You don't need adult input? At all?" Adults: Utterly Superfluous.


How do bats land upside down? Scientists finally know

Who Invented the Shimmy?

The most Earth-like planet we know about is probably too radioactive for life

DNA Reveals Mysterious Human Cousin With Huge Teeth

Meet the Midwestern Pilots Who Risk Their Lives to Change the Weather

Colour Wheels, Charts, and Tables Through History

Elite fed interrogation unit training local police, other agencies

Neuroscience helped debunk the superpredator myth—and sway the Supreme Court. Why the movement to overhaul juvenile sentencing is picking up steam.

Missouri would likely be alone with 10 percent black faculty

U.S. death penalties, executions slow as capital punishment is squeezed

What's killing Hawaii's coral reefs? Aquariums, say experts

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Coast Guard studies shipping lanes for Bering Sea routes

Cuba blames U.S. for migrant crisis in Central America

What Exactly Do They Do During an Autopsy?

Spain ‘issues arrest warrant’ for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over 2010 Gaza flotilla attack

The long war against Islamist extremism has become more complicated than ever

This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism vs. No It Won’t (Well, time to give The Onion a belated Pulitzer, because man, did they ever call it! Ten years ago, and boy, were they ever right!)

Baltimore riots report: Police must train for 'large-scale critical incidents'

Why are so many kids with bright prospects killing themselves in Palo Alto?

Here’s How Much Groundwater We Actually Have Left

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II


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Man, last week's ep was good. Not really sure if this week can top it. (And I feel so sorry for Blaine! Man, there's just something about bleach blond bad boys.)


Germany, U.S. in hot pursuit of 'messenger' drug molecules

The Flash’s Science: Could You Really Freeze a Laser? (Nope, still not buying it. That scene was ridiculous. That entire episode was ridiculous, starting with the complete lack of splattered Iris at the start and going on from there.)

Your brain cells can now be turned on and off like a bedside lamp: A new discovery in optogenics

The counterintuitive, GIF-tastic plan to redeem the modern Internet

Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow

Here's how scientists sometimes fool themselves into seeing evidence that isn't there

Disability and squibs in Harry Potter

Face Transplant Surgery Gives 41-Year-Old Former Firefighter a New 26-Year-Old Face

Bananals in Bristol.

Insanely fast submarine is made of 1 molecule

How classrooms look around the world — in 15 amazing photographs

New study shows us what 'lovebird' really means

Future uncertain for rare white deer at former weapons site

A classic formula for pi has been discovered hidden in hydrogen atoms

Your School Shapes How You Think About Inequality

Do Head Start’s mixed-age classes stunt learning?

I sold my wife’s clothes to build a Christmas village in my parents’ basement

Ice sculpture festival suffers from Belgian balmy weather

More Scrutiny, Better Policing

Who still smokes in the United States — in seven simple charts

Disagreements threaten uneasy truce between tribes, Maine

Earthquakes Could Trigger Massive Supervolcano Eruptions, Study Suggests

Five Gitmo detainees transferred to UAE

Rare TB case shows difficulty diagnosing, treating children

This Cartoon Nails the 32 Types of Anti-Feminists – How Many Have You Come Across?

As lives lengthen, costs mount.

Does the Israeli Army Plant Knives on Palestinians? To the Israeli ear the allegation sounds far-fetched. Israelis find it hard to believe that our soldiers and commanders could lie, until it’s proven otherwise by security footage or photos.


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Mountains on Pluto believed to be ice volcanoes, scientists say

New produce safety rules aim to prevent illness outbreaks

After a Painful Eviction, Bangladesh Slum Dwellers Start Over With a 99-Year Lease

The Unexpected Origins of Fecal Transplants: Termites

Bumblebee Training Reveals Males to Be Surprisingly Smart

Wary of Mainstream Medicine, Immigrants Seek Remedies From Home

Rounding Up The Last Of A Deadly Cattle Virus

Costa Rica re-opens border, issuing visas to Cuban migrants

A few fireworks as mystery object falls to Earth

Algae has been engineered to kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed

Would Jeb kill baby Hitler? 'Hell yeah, I would!' (Isn't he ostensibly anti-abortion? I mean, I'm just saying....)

California's DOT Admits That More Roads Mean More Traffic

Robot salamander helping scientists unlock spinal secrets

The evolution of Barbie's face

Scientists learn how some fish can supercharge their vision

Beagles bred with muscular dystrophy offer ‘hope of a human cure’

When Book Lovers Guarded Their Prized Possessions With Tiny Artworks

How Microbes Clean Up Our Environmental Messes

A Look at Street Vendors Around the World

What are 'natural' foods?: FDA asks for the public's opinion

Grooves On Mars' Moon Are Signs That It's Slowly Shattering, NASA Says

The hangover that led to the discovery of ibuprofen

Texas tries to stitch a safety net without Planned Parenthood

American Public Disagrees With Republicans On The Need for a Bible-Believing President

After Paris attacks, pressure builds for big military response to Islamic State

Paris attacks boost expectations in Turkey's G20 summit

New York, other U.S. cities beef up security after Paris attacks

Life and Death in a Troubled Teen Boot Camp

Get Abused, Call 911, Get Evicted

Child abuse rises in connection with soldiers’ deployments

The Israeli military on Saturday demolished the West Bank homes of four Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks against Israelis.

Bernie Sanders Pins The Rise Of ISIS On 'Disastrous' Invasion Of Iraq

F-15 fighters kill head of IS in Libya: US
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Mesmerizing Underwater Photos of WWII Shipwrecks That Sunk in Canada

Female Spies and Gender-Bending Soldiers Changed the Course of the Civil War

The Two Brains at the Forefront of the Fight Against Alzheimer's

Mummified boy’s DNA unveils new but ancient maternal lineage

How FM Radio Could Make Your Home Wi-Fi Way Faster

Pizza Doesn't Really Stretch That Way, And Other Devious Food Stylist Tricks

The Dire Agonies of Being A Fast Reader

Bento Boxes and the Grade-School Power Lunch

What Were We Thinking? The Top 10 Most Dangerous Ads

America's True History of Religious Tolerance

Americans are drinking less full-calorie soda, shunning trans fat, and eating fewer calories overall than a decade ago. But, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, none of it seems to be making a difference.

The Zombie Bus Scam That Just Won't Die

The Land That the Internet Era Forgot

Watch Rarely Seen Footage of Life in Nazi Austria, Thanks to a New Video Archive

JPMorgan's 2014 Hack Tied to Largest Cyber Breach Ever

Elementary parents notified of gay character in children's book

Americans Greatly Overestimate Economic Mobility

The US inmates charged per night in jail

“That one was definitely alive”: An undercover video at one of the nation’s biggest pork processors

Victims' hopes for justice fade as rape kits are routinely ignored or destroyed

Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?

Why Puerto Rican Statehood Matters So Much Right Now
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This is disheartening. Ugh. I'll have to do a thorough search later.


Cougars Are Returning to the Midwest

Healing Spas and Ugly Clubs: How Victorians Taught Us to Treat People With Disabilities

The Nobel Prize winning economist who ate cat food

Device can theoretically trap a light 'bit' for an infinite amount of time

Your New Favorite Honey Is Made Out Of Bug Poop and Bee Vomit

Everything You Want to Know About Ranch Dressing (But Were Afraid to Ask)

“Unschooled” Kids Do Just Fine in College

You've Got Mail Bombs: Tracking Down the Most Dangerous Letters in the World

Bacteria-Infused Material Pulls Energy Out of Poop

Lasers could rapidly make materials hotter than the Sun

General Mills sued over nutritional content of Cheerios Protein More

Ancient mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish, Penn paleontologist shows

Women and Children: The Secret Weapons of World War I Propaganda Posters

The Boy Who Became a World War II Veteran at 13 Years Old

North American Mammoths Actually Evolved in Eurasia

Meet the ‘McRefugees’ Living and Dying in Hong Kong’s 24-Hour McDonald’s

Organ waiting list policy benefits the wealthy, study charges

The Real “No-Go Zone” of France: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War

Yes, the NSA Worried About Whether Spying Would Backfire

The security risks of China’s abnormal demographics (article from 2014)

America's red state crisis

America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs

How America Bought and Sold Racism, and Why It Still Matters

Alone and Isolated, the Punishment Piles on for Immigrant Detainees

Ukraine calls Soviet deportation of Muslims 'genocide'

The cost of ‘quality of life’ policing: Thousands of young black men coerced to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit
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Is it that Irish-English has the cot-caught merger? Or that these non-rhotic English speakers say the name of the letter R with rounded lips?


First 'porous liquid' invented

13 Times “Sesame Street” Parodies Completely Nailed It

How a South American Soap Opera Created a Turkish Dessert Craze (Turkish Tres Leches! There's a fusion I didn't expect, and yet it makes so much sense!)

Coin-Op Cuisine: When the Future Tasted Like a Five-Cent Slice of Pie

Forget paleo, go mid-Victorian: it’s the healthiest diet you’ve never heard of

In a remote forest clearing in Burgundy, France, a 13th-century castle is slowly being constructed using only the tools, techniques, and materials that would have been available to the builders of the day. It's archaeology in reverse.

Birds saved centuries old documents in their nests

How solar is turning American energy on its head

Explaining Your Math: Unnecessary at Best, Encumbering at Worst

Pupils in Italy excel after using Finnish math book

A 'nervous system' for ant colonies? Colony responds to predation simulation as a 'superorganism'

The legacy of exile: The Jews of Shanghai

Chasing “Normal”: My Summers at a Camp for Disabled Kids

The Jellyfish’s Swimming Secret? It’s a Master of Suction

Unsolicited Advice For The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, Working Within Their Social Parameters And Not Suggesting They Just Invent Feminism Because That’s Anachronistic

The Forgotten Kaleidoscope Craze in Victorian England Relevant XKCD

Like Humans, Elephants Console One Another When Times Get Tough

Sierra Leone opens schools for pregnant girls after spike amid Ebola

Halabja: A 'lost daughter' finds her way home

How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution

Single course of antibiotics can mess up the gut microbiome for a year

Are Food Deserts to Blame for America's Poor Eating Habits?

Coca-Cola Spends Millions Of Dollars Funding Research That—Surprise!—Says Soda Is Just Fine

Deaf Woman To Get $750,000 For Hellish Ordeal With NYPD

What Mass Incarceration Looks Like for Juveniles

Media Turn Civilian ISIS Victims in Beirut Into Hezbollah Human Shields

You were taught in school that the rain forest is like the lungs of our planet. It’s not that simple.

New report: In tough times, police start seizing a lot more stuff from people

Russia: New banknote marks Crimea annexation


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Thank you everybody for your book suggestions :) I meant to thank everybody individually, and probably will, but this will do for now.


The Origin of Flight--What Use is Half a Wing? (Really cool video - did you know baby birds can run practically vertical!?)

Mormons plan 'mass resignation' over policies for gay people

Your Unwashed Bras Are Growing (Mostly Harmless) Bacteria

15 Non-Sex Uses for Condoms

A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language

Court Says Tracking Web Histories Can Violate Wiretap Act

Student Protesters Nationwide Demand Free Tuition, $15 Minimum Wage, No Student Debt

Windows 3.1 Is Still Alive, And It Just Killed a French Airport

5400mph winds discovered hurtling around exoplanet

Thousands to be sterilised in global 'vasectomy-athon'

Humans have minded their own beeswax for thousands of years

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks: “I honestly just wanted to know why the F train didn’t have clocks. I never expected it to be so complicated.”

Researchers shed new light on the origins of Earth's water

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Abortion Limits

The Mad Hatter's Secret Ingredient: Math

As rate of women dying in childbirth falls globally, US sees rise

Autism cases in U.S. jump to 1 in 45: Who gets the diagnosis, in 8 simple charts

Walmart workers group plans 15-day protest leading to Black Friday

US Navy edges back to Subic Bay in Philippines – under new rules

Charity claims it now owns lucrative “Happy Birthday” copyright

Sometimes Toes Spontaneously Fall Off and Nobody Knows Why

Hong Kong bookstore disappearances shock publishing industry

Voters unlikely to support atheists because religiousness seen as sign of trustworthiness

US guards 'taunt hunger-striking asylum seekers'

South Sudan thought it had solved its child soldier problem. It hasn’t.


Read more...Collapse )
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If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of the attacks, you may want to crawl back under your rock. I know I intend to hide under my blanket for a while. Selfish as this thought is, I can't stand the idea that this is going to lead to more security theater in NYC, again. If anything makes me feel scared and unsafe, it's beefed up security. So hiding under my bed from the news might be the most appropriate thing to do.

Less selfishly, everybody in Paris has my sympathy right now, except the perpetrators. No sympathy for them.
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Right now, specifically, diversifying our bookshelves.

Now, amazingly enough, the tastes of groups like We Need Diverse Books happily coincide with my tastes, trending heavily towards speculative fiction and kidlit, with some YA mixed in. And the girls like those too, so win-win, right?

Recently, we got two new kindles, which freed up two old kindles to go to Jenn and my mom. Now, my mom likes mysteries, frequently of the cozy subgenre. And as I'm happily going about loading some of her favorites onto her kindle, it occurs to me that she might like to read something new. (Or she might not. My mother is famously hard to buy for, which is why she didn't get a new kindle. I hate it when we get her something and then she never so much as takes it out of the box.) So naturally my thoughts went "Huh, and I bet all her series feature white detectives. (They do, in fact, and also nominally Christian and heterosexual and all that stuff.)

So, as I do, I googled "diverse mysteries" and found out that there is... pretty much nothing. I don't know if there actually IS nothing, or if nobody has helpfully compiled a 100-entry long list, but the pickings certainly appear to be slim, unless I want the Ladies Detective Agency.

This is more than a little irritating. Any recs?
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When anticipating their future needs, children can't see past their current state

The Strange Music of the Harmonic Series

Istanbul’s city planners have a problem: too much history.

Self-stirring pot puts Japanese in a spin

The best way to learn math is to learn how to fail productively

This Spider Destroys Female Genitalia to Prevent Future Mating

The Tangled Cultural Roots of Dungeons & Dragons

A Disaster in the Kitchen Leads to a Breakthrough in the Lab

Translating Gender: Ancillary Justice in Five Languages

Are Americans Lying to Pollsters About Same-Sex Marriage?

One family fights to win their house back after being scammed by a sub-subprime entrepreneur.

The Deadly History of Women Using Perfume as Poison

Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months

Baby boomers are what’s wrong with America’s economy

Artificial intelligence: ‘Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us’

Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct
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Is there any particular science-y reason having to do with rotation and whatnot why the magnetic poles of the Earth happen to be (more or less) North and South instead of East and West? Or did it just happen to shake out that way?


The Man Who Changed Reading Forever

Longtime Residents Worry Roommate With Well-Paid Job Slowly Gentrifying Apartment

Microbiology: Here's looking at you, squid

Forget Standing Desks: Are You Ready to Lie Down and Work?

Intelligent Dressing Glows When Wounds Are Infected

Americans think crime is on the rise, aren’t so worried about being the victims of crime

Behold As This Amazing Graphene Folds Itself And Walks

When Daydreaming Replaces Real Life

Where Did We Get Cooties?

The greatest vanishing act in prehistoric America

Centuries-old coffins, skeletons found under New York street

10 tribes get access to US criminal databases to improve flaws in how information is shared

This Living Clothing Morphs When You Sweat

'We got pizza and wings': US and Chinese warships talk turkey in South China Sea

NASA Is Testing ‘Impossible’ Warp Drive Engine- And It Seems To Be Working (Honestly, now has got to be the absolute weirdest time to be alive.)

China: Scientists decode panda 'language'

Elephants Use Their Trunks To 'Leaf-Blow' Unreachable Food

As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated—at least in the short term.

Plastic Contaminates Table Salt in China

NSA says how often, not when, it discloses software flaws

Long before the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, more than half of African-American millennials indicated they, or someone they knew, had been victimized by violence or harassment from law enforcement, a new report says.

With Roma migrants, poverty returns to Sweden

Monsanto to Mexico honey farmers: Our soya seeds not to blame for woes
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The great Cold War potato beetle battle

The Many Lives of Maria Rasputin, Daughter of the 'Mad Monk'

The End Of The End Of The World

“When cabbage and peas were often our best meal.” A Letter from an 18th-century Journeyman Cabinetmaker.

Eye drops could clear up cataracts using newly identified chemical

If you want to keep watching Arrow and Supergirl, you may need to stick with cable. (Or not. Aren't both those shows aired on broadcast television, meaning that even today it's still possible to legally watch without paying for cable or satellite?)

6 Creepy Sixth Senses You've Always Had And Never Noticed

This Animal-Shaped Glockenspiel Is Really a Rad Experiment

Why Mormons Make Great FBI Recruits

Japan's first official same-sex couple celebrate union in Tokyo

6 Subtle Ways You're Getting Screwed at the Grocery Store

Money-Rich and Time-Poor: Life in Two-Income Households

Child Care Is Crazy Expensive, but Child Care Workers Still Can’t Make Ends Meet

The more unequal the country, the more the rich rule. Inequality undermines democracy.

An IM Infatuation Turned to Romance. Then the Truth Came Out.

Why Do So Many Ex-Cons End Up Back in Prison? Maybe they don't.

Can the U.S. Military Halt Its Brain Drain?

One month after the Oregon shooting, approximately 90 Americans a day are killed by guns – but no one wants to talk about it.

The Guns the NRA Doesn't Want Americans to Get

Red Tape Slows U.S. Help for Children Fleeing Central America

A Look At Canada's Bold Plan To Rapidly Resettle 25,000 Refugees

The Future of Climate Change Is Widespread Civil War

Does Utah Really Think It’s Protecting Sixth Graders by Keeping Climate Science Out of Classrooms?
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Why some female birds have bright plumage

Got the Right Stuff? NASA Is Recruiting New Astronauts

Feminist Bond Girl

The Zen of Adult Coloring Books

Exploring the Over-the-Top Texas Tradition of Homecoming Mums

Kangaroo flatulence research points to new climate change strategy for farmers

NASA Captures Satellite Photos Of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks In Kazakhstan

In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law

Amazon Killed the Bookstore. So It’s Opening a Bookstore

Universal Basic Income as the Social Vaccine of the 21st Century

Bird Eggs Are Fertilized by More Than One Sperm

Photographs of wonder from the American Museum of Natural History (Wow, they let those kids climb all over those exhibits back in the day!)

New York City's Mail Chutes are Lovely, Ingenious and Almost Entirely Ignored

Friday Food Post: The Economics Behind Grandma's Tuna Casseroles

Why is hi-tech Japan using cassette tapes and faxes?

The Hunger Games Theme Park and the Death of the Disney Dream

Racism Highlighted in a Green Marker

How reducing inequality boosts economic growth

A Tapeworm With Cancer Gave Its Tumors to Someone

An Israeli company thinks it has found oil—in very tricky territory

Covering the deserts with solar will also change the climate

Religious kids are harsher and less generous than atheist ones, study says

Broken system lets problem officers jump from job to job
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Well, more or less on TV. We know nothing about this new series, and yet the complaining has, predictably, commenced in full force.


Why Can't the World Just Pick One Design for Plugs?

Long Line at the Library? It’s Story Time Again

A 'huge milestone': approval of cancer-hunting virus signals new treatment era

The Decay of Twitter

The Sex Talk Works, Even if it Makes You Cringe

A Math Textbook Should Not Cost $180

A Penny for Your Books

Researchers Discover 48 New Snail Species, Including World's Smallest

Low-hanging fruit: scientists unlock pineapple's genetic secrets

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Never-Published Photos of Brooklyn Heights in 1958

I’m Always the Wallflower at the Orgy

How cockroaches could save lives

Studies: Putting calories on menus affects restaurants more than consumers

People's Deepest, Darkest Google Searches Are Being Used Against Them

Students in the South Still Get Paddled in Schools. A Lot. In 2015.

Modern slavery: Labor trafficking is everywhere and nowhere Other articles in the series

Medieval stabbing victim found tangled in the roots of a fallen tree

For This Released Inmate, Freedom Tastes Like Pizza For Breakfast

Home from prison after 12 long years: A family reunites

Religious Rants in the Classroom

Is Indonesia's fire crisis connected to the palm oil in our snack food?


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And I just realized something. Caitlin Snow is pretty much Hermione Granger, but with better hair, and a somewhat more level moral compass. Or maybe she's the person Hermione would have been if she didn't have to put up with those two idiots all the time.


How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service

The Joy of Bats

Does Schizophrenia Exist on an Autism-like Spectrum?

Historic election could return sovereignty to Native Hawaiians

Mongolia, between big neighbors, seeks permanent neutrality

Solving 80-year-old mystery, chemist discovers way to isolate single-crystal ice surfaces. Breakthrough promises insights into climate, environment and age-old riddles, such as why no two snowflakes are alike.

Sherwin-Williams says new paint will kill bacteria

Photographer captures a fascinating side to New York City in the 1980s

The Popular Over-The-Counter Cold Medicine That Science Says Doesn't Work

Study on online charter schools: ‘It is literally as if the kid did not go to school for an entire year’.

Early life stress and adolescent depression linked to impaired development of reward circuits

Arsenic and Old Graves: Civil War-Era Cemeteries May Be Leaking Toxins

What If Your Tap Water Was Too Polluted to Drink?

Dark lives of China's 'black children'

Sleep interruptions worse for mood than overall reduced amount of sleep, study finds

Racism Is Rampant In Jury Selection. The Supreme Court Can't Fix It.

In Arbitration, a ‘Privatization of the Justice System’

Kids’ TV Ads for Fast Food Work Just as They’re Supposed To

Turkey’s election deepens Erdogan hold on power amid regional crises

Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen after west chases away pirates


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New SEC rules will allow anybody—not just the wealthy—to invest in startups in the US

What Coloring Books Have in Common With Networks and Nodes

D.C. cop ends up in epic dance-off with teen after breaking up fight

There Once Was a Dildo in Nantucket

On the Science of Creepiness

The Deputy Who Disappeared

You Can't Work Your Way Through College Anymore

Eyewitness Testimony Is Unreliable… Or Is It?

In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs

Racial slurs are woven deep into the American landscape

Mass release of U.S. prisoners spells deportation for hundreds

Black man fearing US police will kill him flees to Canada

Ukraine’s Second Front: Corruption

The Grisly Details of Early Anatomy Textbooks


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I'd read it was an African-inspired opera version, and I guess it didn't occur to me that they would keep the same dialog, just sing it. Had I thought of it, I would've made more of an effort to recap the story with the girls first, because let me tell you, nothing is less conducive to understanding the gist of the Bard's words than having them sung, with marimbas in the background.

I mean, it was a great performance, don't get me wrong, and the actors did a fine job... but it was a little opaque without the background. I spent the entirety of it frantically synpopsizing into Eva's ear.

There's an aunting fail for you.

Well, better luck next time. I definitely intend to do more performances there. Afterwards, they asked for questions from the audience, and did something I've never seen before - they took questions from the mezzanine and balcony. They had somebody stationed on each of those floors to make sure they could get questions from the entire audience, not just the lucky first two rows.


So you have to check out today's Google doodle. If you want to be on the winning team, Yellow is well in the lead right now, followed by Red. If you want to root for the underdog, Green and Blue are tied for dead last. Or if you want to go by backstory, they're all in the link!

A new species is evolving right before our eyes — an ultra-successful mix of wolves, coyotes and dogs

What are the Black Spots on Corn Chips?

The ‘driest place on Earth’ is covered in pink flowers after a crazy year of rain

Industrial production destroyed both the taste and the nutritional value of wheat. One scientist believes he can undo the damage.

The Incredible Treasures Found Inside the 'Griffin Warrior' Tomb

The Lost NYC Subway Map That May Vastly Improve Modern Ones

Memory complaints linked to dementia diagnosis many years later

Ravens Can Spot a Cheater And Won't Trust Them

So It Turns Out There's A Lot We Don't Know About Ebola

New York City has officially 'banned the box' for job applicants

When is it time to kill the queen? (Read the MeFi comments for some important information about wasp genetics)

Here's why the US is sending students to Tajikistan to learn Farsi

Electric eels' secret weapon: Curl before shocking prey

This free, take-a-book shop seems like a trick but isn't

Mexico deploys its navy to face its latest threat: Monster seaweed

In Indonesia, minorities under threat from Muslim hardliners

So Many Defendants, So Little Time

High-Profile New York Charter School Kept List of Kids It Wanted to Force Into Quitting

Court says it’s legal for NSA to spy on you because Congress says it’s OK

Afghanistan Transfers Inmates to Kabul to Thwart Further Jailbreaks: Report

Bike shortage stems flow of migrants using Arctic route to Europe

Ukraine and rebels swap 20 captives in goodwill gesture
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Rosetta finds oxygen on comet 67P in 'most surprising discovery to date'

Multiple sclerosis patient walks after taking HIV drugs

I taught Chinese to maximum-security prisoners. It showed me the power of education.

With Switch From Pencils To Computers, GED Gets Tougher For Inmates

What Girl Meets World Got Right About Friends, Family, and Autism

Smarties, a Halloween Favorite, Maintains a Sweet Family Business

Shining a Spotlight on Tough-As-Nails L.A. Crime Reporter Agness Underwood

The Radical Life of Rosa Luxemburg

Hey Obama, Can We Have a Unified Microbiome Initiative?

Singing is a 'bonding behaviour' letting adults make friends more easily, Oxford University research finds

Hiker stumbles upon ‘extraordinary’ 1,200-year-old Viking sword

Subway Graffiti Revisited

Baby due date could be predicted more precisely with cervix test

Biologists discover bacteria communicate like neurons in the brain

‘I Loved the 90s’: R.L. Stine Reflects on ‘Goosebumps’ Past and Present

Are Prey Animals Scared All The Time?

'Hypercarnivores' kept massive ancient herbivores in check

Australia to join Chinese navy exercises in South China Sea

China to end one-child policy

Brazil officials evict families from homes ahead of 2016 Olympic Games

UK government: We don’t want backdoors, just access to all communications

The big paradox of criminal justice in America

Lessons in Brutality

When Is It Constitutional to Purge Black Jurors?

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration (LONG)

One in nine black children has had a parent in prison

US warns Britain: If you leave EU you face barriers to trading with America

Indonesia's deforestation nightmare is choking thousands and making climate change worse.

Migrant Children, Arriving Alone and Frightened

Nigerians free hundreds in raid on Boko Haram camps, army says
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"That's the way we like to duck."

Yup, that's it. You can now go back to the rest of your day.
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And after that episode Eva apparently predicted the endingCollapse )

At this point, I'm 73% sure she's just fucking with us. She's either watched the whole thing already, or she's a telepath.

(Admittedly, everybody on the subreddit figured it out fast too, but the had the advantage of reading the comics. Seriously, I pop in there after every episode, read them all squeeing "EOBARD THAWNE!" or "KING SHARK!" or "OMG VIBE!" or whatever and then google it, allowing me to superficially feel as well-informed as any of them without having to go through the effort of tracking down all the appropriate comics myself.)

On a related note, every state's most-liked Halloween costume on Instagram. The Flash is only most-liked in Hawaii, which seems odd. Why Hawaii, in particular? I suppose it's not odd at all that Spiderman owns NY.


Prawns are far from the smartest animals alive, but even they can try out new behaviours if they really need to.

You probably have herpes, the WHO says

Judge Blocks Alabama From Ending Planned Parenthood Funding

Mushrooms Promote Downpours

Google's Project Loon internet balloons to circle Earth

Postal Banks Are People's Banks: Six Things to Know About Postal Banking

This plasma engine could get humans to Mars on 100 million times less fuel

Sweeping Away Gender-Specific Toys and Labels (Shit there's a lot of pushback in the comments.)

Barbie’s New Commercial Rebrands With Imagination and Career Goals In Mind

A band of special, young stars has been discovered near the heart of the Milky Way

In the middle of the 20th century, the icy island nation of Greenland in the North Atlantic faced a bit of an arboreal conundrum, and pillaging its neighbors' trees seemed to be the only answer.

Chicken study reveals evolution can happen much faster than thought

22 Shipwrecks Found in Single Location in Greece

The Other Autistic Muppet (The comments are a mixed bag.)

Remember the Guy Who Gave His Employees a $70,000 Minimum Wage? Here’s What Happened Next.

Moss-growing concrete absorbs CO2, insulates and is also a vertical garden

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

Mammograms not catching worst cancers before they spread – US study

Missed Treatment: Soldiers With Mental Health Issues Dismissed For 'Misconduct'

Police are searching black drivers more often, but finding more illegal stuff with white drivers

Tuberculosis now rivals AIDS as leading cause of death: WHO

North Korea believed to earn a fortune from forced labor overseas, U.N. says

Kiribati's Dilemma: Before We Drown We May Die of Thirst

Turns Out Police Stingray Spy Tools Can Indeed Record Calls
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You know, the book was definitely leading up to that ending, and yet somehow I didn't see it at all.


America's favorite Halloween candy by state.

Living Underground: A Surprisingly Bright Idea

Physicists uncover novel phase of matter

DNA of Ancient Children Offers Clues on How People Settled the Americas

The Science of "Little House on the Prairie"

Scientists Invent a Tractor Beam Made of Sound

Ancient warrior's tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece

New York launches probe into speeds at big Internet broadband providers

Google invests in Africa’s largest windfarm

Spiders spin smart system for scientists to mimic, create new products

The Tarantula-Possessed Women Who Could Only Be Cured By Dance

Ants act like ketchup when forces applied

Nigeria on 'relentless' drive to eradicate polio

Reprogrammed stem cells work as well as those from embryos

The Odds That a Panel Would 'Randomly' Be All Men Are Astronomical

If every contradictory argument about rape culture was rolled into one

There’s a case against diversity in the workplace—but the alternative is even scarier

Thirty Years Later, We Still Don't Truly Know Who Betrayed These Spies

Forty-three years after the burns that made her the ‘Napalm Girl’, Kim Phuc gets treatment for scars

Lion populations to halve in most of Africa in next 20 years

'Strong evidence' of genocide in Myanmar

Angry China shadows U.S. warship near man-made islands

Kurds Say Turkey Shot at Its Forces in Northern Syria

Syrian rebels to Russia: Stop bombing us

Troops who sought strike thought Taliban had hospital
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I feel like "person /with/ autism" makes autism sound like a nifty accessory that you can take off. Like a GI Joe's Secret Wrist Communicator or something, when autism is really more like the Cool Karate-Chop Action. It's part of me and it's not going away any time soon.

From here.

From now on, that's definitely how I'm going to refer to autism. "I'm Connie with the Cool Karate-Chop Action. (Actual Cool Karate-Chop Action not included.)
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Well, I bribed them with pizza.

They grumbled and whined until the show actually *started*, then they and my sister were super engaged, pausing Netflix to make comments like "Wait, is he evil?" (yes) and "Oh my god, they're dating aren't they?" (yes again. honestly, I don't know how my family does this) - and then they begged to watch the second ep right then and there :)

I gracefully refrained from saying I told them so, so I'll say it here - I told them so!


Japan’s 72 Microseasons

How A Fungus And A Tree Translated Underground Hugeness To Mainstream Success

What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

Sesame Street Just Welcomed Its First Autistic Muppet

Bernie Sanders Wants to Turn Post Offices Into Banks

9 Things Movies Get Wrong in 16th-Century Costume

Scientists can now “squeeze” light, a breakthrough that could make computers millions of times faster

The Lost History of Gay Adult Adoption

How Friendships Change in Adulthood

Our Skin Is Covered With Invisible Stripes

Why Are Your Fav Abbrevs Totes Legit Hard to Spell?

The First Ever Chinese-Yiddish Song

Lead Poisoning Rampant for Wealthy Medieval Europeans

As oil industry bleeds jobs, Asia's green energy drive offers bright spot

The Lowdown on the Lowline, the World's First Underground Park

Instead of Eyelids, This Fish Retracts Its Eyeballs

Digital books stagnate in closed, dull systems, while printed books are shareable, lovely and enduring. What comes next?

Surviving a Nuclear Attack with Spam, and Other Images from Cold War Fallout Shelters

On losing things, losing people, and finding God at Unclaimed Baggage Center

A debtors’ prison in Mississippi

Prison sentences are getting shorter. But racial disparities are getting worse.

The NYPD Fails to Learn the Lessons of Past Bigotries

NSA advisory sparks concern of secret advance ushering in cryptoapocalypse

Plague Was Infecting Humans 3,300 Years Earlier Than Thought

‘Walking while black’ can be dangerous too, study finds

'Good' Jobs Aren't Coming Back

What would you guess is the main reason why books get banned?

Syria conflict: FSA rebels reject Russia military help

A Family Swept Up in the Migrant Tide

Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It
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And in case you're curious, they seem to have enjoyed the movie. I myself did not see it - tickets are pricey enough for children! Michele went in with them, to keep an eye on her youngest, and that was enough grown-ups for me.

Then it was sleepover time, during which a game of Clue inexplicably turned into a game of Monkey in the Middle. In the living room. *headshake* Well, at least they enjoyed themselves. That's what matters, I guess. I retreated upstairs. Still not sure if Callie intends to come out of hiding.


Why It Was Faster To Build Subways in 1900

22+ Historical Photos of Kids Show That Children Haven’t Changed Much

Howler Monkeys with Deeper Calls Have Smaller Balls

Guerrilla Grafting: Public Trees Spliced to Bear Edible Fruit

How beekeeping jobs are giving ex-cons in Chicago a second chance

'Zeno effect' verified—atoms won't move while you watch

Behind the Strange and Controversial Ritual When You Cross the Equator At Sea

Drug with rage-inducing >5,000% price-hike now has $1/pill competitor

Woman Can 'Smell' Parkinson's

Arctic Explorers Uncover (and Eat) 60-Year-Old Food Stash

The Magic Words Magically Appearing (They're penetrating the bureaucracy!)

The Myth of Welfare’s Corrupting Influence on the Poor

The Rise and Fall of .Ly

Libya vet steered Noah's ark of pets to safety

How a criminal ring defeated the secure chip-and-PIN credit cards

Iceland does what the US won’t: 26 top bankers sent to prison for role in financial crisis

English Laws From 1328 and 1689 Could Determine Where You May Carry a Gun Today

A Town Founded By Nazis Was Just Sued for Housing Discrimination

Your Granny Smith has a story. Here’s what it’s like to harvest apples

Children who take antibiotics gain weight faster than kids who don't (Is this a surprise? Don't we (somewhat irresponsibly) give antibiotics to farm animals for just this reason?)

Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence

When The Alpaca Bubble Burst, Breeders Paid The Price

A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls

Prison phone companies fight for right to charge inmates $14 a minute More

Paranoia deepens wedge between Israelis and Palestinians

Obama defends Black Lives Matter movement More And another one


Read more...Collapse )
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I can get Fly By Night on Kindle, but not the sequel, Fly Trap, unless I'm in the UK. I can get books 1 and 2 of the Ash Mistry books, but I can't get book 3 in the US. I can get The Hero and the Crown, but not The Blue Sword. I can get Heroes of the Valley in English in England, but only in German in the US.

Why do they not want me to send them money?


Can't even freaking pirate them because none of the books I want to have Kindle copies of (to backup my dead tree copies) are so overwhelmingly popular. Well, if they were I'd be able to buy them here, wouldn't I?

You know, when I was a kid, I just kinda assumed that America got everything first, and that anyway, we certainly got everything. Was that ever even true? With digital media especially, why can't we all get everything at the same time? Wouldn't that be the most sensible way to manage things?

Rant, rant, rant, rant.
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To be fair, they are every bit as terrific as the nieces think. If I could make them at home, I'd practically be a god.


A Tiny School District Reaches Far And Wide For New Teachers

Why There are Still Borders Bookstores in Malaysia, Or The Strange Case of the Zombie Chain

The real reason germs spread in the winter

New York City Activists Ticket Residents of Gentrified Neighborhood

Charles Monk, Monkey Wrenches and a "Monkey on a Stick" - a Gripping History and Etymology of "Monkey Wrench"

Gene on-off switch works like backpack strap

A Genetic Study Writes a New Origin Story for Dogs

Here's the Deal: Dirt is Amazing

Magic Leap Releases Raw Footage Created With Its Augmented Reality Tech

What's Funny About The Business Of Monkeys Picking Coconuts?

School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating! (video)

Millennials turned off by the new chip credit cards

The Art of Ornamental Orange Peeling

Amazon Tribes Want to Remain Isolated–So They're Getting the Internet

The Evidence That White Children Benefit From Integrated Schools

Parkinson's patients 'walk and talk again' after receiving cancer drug in trial

It’s good to be the Queen . . . but it’s easier being the King

New Data Debunks Years Of Fox News Paranoia About The Federal Budget Deficit

These Nail Polish Brands Contain a Chemical That Could Mess With Your Hormones

How the war on drugs creates violence

Police Killings of Blacks: Here Is What the Data Say

The NYPD Is Using Mobile X-Ray Vans to Spy on Unknown Targets

Mississippi judge: 'People charged with crimes, they are criminals'

New York City Jail Guards Are Fighting to Keep Their Records Secret

Survey: Half Of Food Workers Go To Work Sick Because They Have To (Ew!)

Germany's Anti-Islam PEGIDA Rallies Surge Amid Migrant Crisis

Why Russia Faces Another Islamic Terror Front: Afghanistan

Everywhere in (supply) chains
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OMG SHE IS TEN. How did this happen!?
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I happen to know for a *fact* that she outgrew her shoes twice over the summer. How can she need another new pair already!?

And shoes are so pricey, geez.


The ‘Un-Mosquing’ of American Muslims

Video: Inside Grand Central's Secret Sub-Basement, Which Nazis Nearly Destroyed (Not just video, but the video is on autoplay.)

Built A Century Ago, 'Rosenwald Schools' May Still Have Lessons To Teach

Old yeasts used by brewers to unearth the beers of yesteryear

GPS is universally loved, but the possibility of driverless cars has people scared.

The Quiet Power of Changing the Way Cities Buy Stuff

Immune clue to preventing schizophrenia

It’s Science: Raising the Minimum Wage Would Make America a Happier Place

What Wiped Out Three Quarters of Ancient Greece?

Sticky situation: maple syrup bandits face Quebec courts for infamous heist

Amazon targets 1,114 'fake reviewers' in Seattle lawsuit

Many topics off limits at reunions for Koreans divided by war

CNN Deletes Pro-Bernie Sanders Poll and User Comments

A Bizarre Mid-Flight Death Has the Internet Freaking Out About a Zombie Apocalypse

Cops Kill Many More Americans Than the FBI's Data Shows

High dropout rates plague Sudanese schoolchildren

Indonesia's Aceh to close churches after pressure from Muslim groups

States go after unclaimed property, use it to patch budgets

The lucrative business of crowds for hire

6 Years Ago, New York Banned the Shackling of Pregnant Inmates. So Why Are These Women Still Being Restrained?

Colombia, rebels reach deal to search for thousands missing in war

Feds eye refuges for cold-water species in 5 states


Read more...Collapse )
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Can caffeine really make bees more efficient pollinators?

The Three Kinds of People Who Live in the United States According to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, psychological traits really do vary by region. (Article from 2014)

The World Is Not As Hungry As You Might Think

Neanderthals ‘kept our early ancestors out of Europe’

The Origins of the King James Bible

Scientists Found a Flu Vaccine Flaw—Now They Have to Fix It

There's a miraculous new treatment for schizophrenia that could transform the way we treat mental illness. And then there are the terrible reasons why most medical professionals have never heard of it.

Voting begins in Egypt’s parliamentary election

5 Creepy Ways Animal Societies Are Organizing

Behind The Founding Foodie, A French-Trained Chef Bound By Slavery

Parasitoid wasps can count hidden competitors through taste sensors

Woolly mammoth tusks point to human-caused extinction

Judge allows Texas to deny birth certificates to children of immigrants

More than 400 dead in southeast Congo measles outbreak: U.N.

Sexual Harassment Case Shines Light On Science's Dark Secret

Exxon's climate lie: 'No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad'


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Because I urgently wanted some dye-free Maraschino cherries, and I don't know where else to get them.

Outside the store was a guy with his calico on a leash. So I knelt to pet the kitten, and then it occurred to me - was this guy homeless? Probably. I mean, there aren't many reasons to sit on the sidewalk with a kitten in the city. But he had no sign, and he hadn't said anything, which left me in the awkward position of having to *ask*. I mean, you can't pet a panhandler's cat and not give him any money, right? And I get that giving to panhandlers is not an efficient form of charity, and that charity is no substitute for a real social safety net, but... you can't pet a homeless guy's cat and not give them money if they need it.

I'm still not sure if outright asking was the appropriate etiquette, though. (But I'm pretty sure it would have been a greater faux pas to not ask. I mean, once you actually interact with somebody and their pet, you have to help them out if needed, right? Oh, I'm definitely overthinking this one.)

(Edit: And for the record, he said yes he did need help, so I gave him some cash. Not much, but I didn't have much, and the social contract surely doesn't require a large fee for petting somebody's kitten.)


Kangaroo named Buster escapes Staten Island home, hops around before getting caught by cops

Real-Time Video Software Puts Someone Else's Facial Expressions On Your Face

Of gods and men: how ancient Egypt was the crucible for multiple faiths

2015 Nikon microscopy contest winners: Science is art

A Short History of Empathy

If Moms Talked to Each Other The Way They Talk to Their Kids

Scientists find potential epilepsy drug

Earth to send final postcard to Voyager

Miss Iraq Beauty Pageant to Be Held for 1st Time Since 1972

Handicapped symbol getting a makeover - and resistance

Most Victims Are Men: 5 Realities Of Rape In The Military

Indian ruling party official urges Muslims to give up eating beef

The FBI’s headquarters is falling apart. Why is it so hard for America to build a new one?

There’s no time to lose in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Ethiopia Appeals for Food Aid Following Poor Crop Yields

Study: Supreme Court 'right to work' ruling could drag down pay

Torture by another name: CIA used 'water dousing' on at least 12 detainees

Ukraine’s Turmoil Is a Gift for the Last Dictator of Europe


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When I came home, the feral porch cat, Lola, actually ran up to us asking for food. I mean, she stopped several feet away, as is usual, but for her that's a lot of enthusiasm!


3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria

A Woman Bought a House For $100,000, Then Learned Frank Lloyd Wright Built It

The most disruptive technology of the last century is in your house

Dad’s Experiences Affected You, Even Before You Were Born

Raiders of the Lost Web

Before Farming, Writing, Or The Wheel, Humans Began Perfecting The Skyscraper

All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog

Mattel, Seeking a New Superpower, Gets Women to Design Action Figures for Girls

The Ups and Downs of Fetal Sex

Gene-Edited Pigs May Become Human Parts

6 Sex Toys Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

The Planet-Saving, Capitalism-Subverting, Surprisingly Lucrative Investment Secrets of Al Gore

Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them

In South Africa, a symbol of power and privilege fades into history

How We Created a Monster In the American Southwest

How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously

6 Famous Companies You Had No Clue Were Dying

Most thieves are actually really bad at what they do

The Most Important Case for Civilian Police Oversight: Protecting Children

Migrant crisis: Hungary closes border with Croatia
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Sometimes in life, you have to take the train with small children. Sometimes, the train station doesn't have regular turnstiles, just those revolving door turnstiles.

Instead of swiping your card while frantically saying to your small child "Don't push! Don't push! No, don't walk yet!", have them climb onto the first or second rung of the revolving door. Then they're in position for when you swipe, but they won't cause you to waste your fare.

I see this every day, and every day I know my method works better.


Adobe confirms major Flash vulnerability, and the only way to protect yourself is to uninstall Flash

The Rise and Fall of the Living Fossil

How Allies Used Math Against German Tanks

A Connecticut school district tried to change its Halloween tradition. Then the horror began.

Livin' On The Edge: The Precarious Architecture of 7 European Cliff Cities

A Harry Potter Where Hermione Doesn’t Do Anyone’s Homework For Them

How Dogs Forge a Bond with Rio’s Homeless That Is Life-Saving for Both

Kilogram conflict resolved at last

How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck: It Happened in Spurts

What happened to all those Pizza Huts?

City Dwellers and Hunter-Gatherers Have Similar Sleep Habits

The Mystery Of Sacagawea

The Galaxy That Got Too Big

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

An Isolated Tribe Is Emerging From Peru’s Amazonian Wilderness

Russia resumes gas supply to Ukraine

Ebola study finds women in Guinea who appear immune to the virus

These are the real liars: Forget Planned Parenthood — it’s the anti-choice movement that’s rife with corruption

Cybersecurity fears are making U.S. sailors learn to navigate by the stars again

North Korea pleasure parks show nascent middle class at play

'Conversion therapy' endangers LGBT youth and must stop: U.S. report

Study finds cancer survivors often have unhealthy diets after recovery

Survival in Syria: Children still going to school, people still falling in love

CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who designed infamous program

Battling for India's soul, state by state

In Reversal, Obama Says U.S. Soldiers Will Stay in Afghanistan to 2017

Iraqi forces preparing for assault on IS-held Ramadi

Non-Jewish Refugees Get a Cold Shoulder in Israel

Stabbed Israeli Jew mistaken for Arab criticises violence
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When The Western World Ran on Guano

‘Supercoiled’ DNA puts the simple double helix to shame

Richard Spruce and the Trials of Victorian Bryology

Unicorns, ice-cream, and poop

Fossil teeth place humans in Asia '20,000 years early'

How to Write 225 Words Per Minute With a Pen

Disney Works with Bionics Company to Develop Star Wars and Avengers Bionic Limbs for Kids

Forged in a Flash: Volcanic Lightning Forms Glass Balls

Puerto Rico Relaxes School Uniform Rules For LGBT Students

The Secret History of the Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea

Philippines’ Plan to Add Two Years of School Rankles, and Not Just Students

The Sexism of American Kitchen Design

When surviving six days in the Australian outback means eating live ants

There are too many trucks coming into New York City

Why We Must Rescue the U.S. Postal Service From the Brink of Death

Human brain may be designed to give us hallucinations, scientists say

Why No One Really Knows a Better Way to Train Cops

Planned Parenthood revises reimbursement policy after video uproar

The truth about how women get abortions in America

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy

Washington Post Reduces Palestinian Victims to a Word Problem

America’s Child-Marriage Problem

How China's military buildup threatens the US


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And they're doing this whole song and dance about "how can this be?" and "how can he consider himself Talarian?" and "of course that person isn't his real father, that's clearly unacceptable!" and I'm thinking - Worf is, like, right there, although it seems nobody bothered to give him hardly any lines this ep, so he has no chance to express his opinion on this subject. Which is a pity, because I'm sure it'd be a lot more entertaining than Picard having the eternal "Your music sucks!" conversation with the younger generation. (Worf would probably have had that conversation too, I guess. But it would have been interesting!)
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I set a (full) bottle of Lysol down on the attic kitchen table while I ran to the bathroom. While I was gone, it fell to the floor. I suspect a cat, either way, the lid snapped off and even though I've both mopped and scrubbed, and I have the windows all wide open, the entire floor reeks.

I can only hope it's better tomorrow, because this is ridiculous.
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Also found out the girls had used many of the supplies that had been supposed to be set aside for something else. Putting that back on the list.


The Hidden Depths of Sandra Boynton’s Board Books

Who are the Tunisian ​​national ​​dialogue ​​quartet?

How Ya Like My Essay on Criticism Now?

The Petticoat Rebellion of 1916

Scientists Can Now Predict Intelligence From Brain Activity

With UNESCO listing, will German bread rise again?

China looks to the stars with creation of world's largest radio telescope

South Korea to control history textbooks used in schools

Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Shower With Soap

What's an engineer's worst nightmare? To realize that the supports he designed for a skyscraper like Citicorp Center are flawed---and hurricane season is approaching.

Hard times on Depression-era East 61st Street (photos)

Inside the Scandal Rocking the Fantasy Sports World

Doctor's 1974 Testimony Shows Just How Dangerous It Is When Abortion Is Illegal

Analysis: Blockade politics in Nepal

El Niño could leave 4 million people in Pacific without food or drinking water

The Fall of Kunduz

Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world

There was no heroic adventure, only bloodshed. Columbus Day should not be a celebration.


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Fragment of rat brain simulated in supercomputer

Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs

Mexican site yields new details of sacrifice of Spaniards

The Last Jews of Cuba

Nuns linked to Mother Teresa halt adoption services over India’s new system

America's Growing Pessimism

Mali’s Voice of Reason

Why 21 year-old offenders should be tried in family court

Would You Pull the Trolley Switch? Does it Matter?

10 US cities ask: Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day?

35 Depression Era Photos That Put American History into Perspective

Port Chicago 50: kin of segregated black sailors call on Obama for exoneration

Here are 120 million Monopoly pieces, roughly one for every household in the United States. Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House.

An Interactive Guide to Ambiguous Grammar.

Here's What Happens When You Complain To Cops About Cops

China-backed trade pact playing catch-up after U.S.-led TPP deal

Turkey Is in Serious Trouble


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Google suggests any or all of the following, though probably not all at once:

Soak in a 1:5 bleach:water solution overnight.

Soak in a solution of baking soda and water for at least two hours.

Soak in white vinegar overnight.


I am strongly tempted to divide them up into four groups and test them all. Hm.


Why All the Cool New Dinosaurs Are From Asia And South America

'Liking' on Facebook is about to get interesting with new 'reactions' emoticons

Scientists pave way for diamonds to trace early cancers

What Would Americans Do With an Extra Couple Hundred Bucks?

Zoologger: The robber ants living in a gang of their own (Not a new species, a new caste like worker ants)

Most worker ants are slackers

Cocks not glocks: Dildos to replace guns at UT-Austin campus carry protest

New Genus, Species of Extinct Hippo-Like Mammal Identified from Unalaska Fossils

Brazil Caesareans: Battle for natural childbirth

Adventures in the Science of the Superorganism

Celebration, Florida

Boeing Says It's Made the Lightest Metal Material in the World

As Pyongyang celebrates, ordinary North Koreans must flee to survive

Activists Fly Drone, Drop Leaflets Over NSA Complex, Urging Employees to Quit

Attorney: Army Officer Recommends No Jail Time for Bergdahl

'Great Pause' Among Prosecutors As DNA Proves Fallible

When Summer Is Depressing

It’s Getting Harder To Move Beyond A Minimum-Wage Job

The Surreal Reasons Girls Are Disappearing In El Salvador


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The Therapeutic Science Of Adult Coloring Books: How This Childhood Pastime Helps Adults Relieve Stress

Scientists paint quantum electronics with beams of light

The Tupperware Queen

The Past And Future Of Magnetic Poetry, The Populist Product That Began With A Sneeze

Bronze Age Britons Mummified Their Dead, Analysis Reveals

Yes that is a hamster on a leash and going on a walk

A Cake or a Biscuit- The Lengthy and Expensive Saga of the Jaffa “Cake” (That part about the VAT means a running subplot in The Fourth Bear now makes a LOT more sense!)

Drug could kill harmful bacteria but leave benign ones untouched

Google rewarded the guy who bought Google.com, and he donated it all to charity

New California law extends privacy rights to electronic data

WikiLeaks Releases Text of Controversial Chapter of TPP Trade Deal

The looting class and its hoarded gold

Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican candidate

Compared to Men, Women Bear Six Times More of the Cost of Alzheimer’s Disease

Study restores consensus after controversial 2014 paper questioned direct effects of climate change

Kids who are adopted have richer, more involved parents. They also have more behavior and attention problems. Why?

The tragic tale of Mt Everest’s most famous dead body

Archaeologists ousted by ISIS return to ancient Iraqi cave

Angered by air strikes, Turkey's Erdogan warns Russia on energy ties

ISIS and al Qaeda Struggle for al Shabab's Soul

Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row

Winter Is Coming. And So Is Ukraine’s Far Right.

Islamic State advances near Syria's Aleppo despite Russian strikes

Russia and US 'to resume Syria air safety talks'

After 14 Years, Still Fighting in Afghanistan

Refugee crisis: Germany creaks under strain of open door policy
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It was okay. The author clearly worked hard at matching Nesbit's voice (although this book is a lot less serially episodic in nature than the original series), but I'm not sure the voice and the more grown-up setting meshed very well. And a huge part of this book is the poor Psammead having to learn a moral lesson, and... I don't know, I'm not entirely sure I thought that was a good idea, plot-wise.

The idea of seeing what would happen to those children during WWI is not a bad one - I made the same realization that the kids were the right age to be caught up in it a few years ago - I'm just not sure that it was worked out here the way I'd like.


Pass The Bugs, Please: Crickets, Caterpillars, And Other Insects Are More Nutritious Than Steak Or Chicken

The Untold Story Of The Woman Who Broke The News Of WW2

From Elvish to Dothraki, the rise of invented languages.

The enigma behind America’s freak, 20-year lobster boom

Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

The City Where Everyone Goes Into Engineering

Horselike Fossil From 48 Million Years Ago Preserved While Pregnant

Fictional Starship Size Comparison Chart from here.

HIV discovery – biomarkers predict virus return when treatment is stopped

Here's the Physics Behind That Insane Chinese Traffic Jam

Gardens: the truth about apples

Ladies: This 'Smart' Menstrual Product Texts You From Down There

The Exemplary Narcissism of Snoopy

I Remove Make-Up From Hollywood And Disney Dolls To Turn Them Into Inspiring Real-Life Women (Sure, but do any of them turn into a Bronte-saurus?)

A new study reveals where Americans have the most trouble sleeping

How small is the smallest? New record of the tiniest free-living insect provides precision

Obama considers executive action on gun background checks

How the rivalry between Russians and Turks shaped the world

Negotiators agree on an ambitious trade deal, but opposition to its ratification is already fierce

Beijing Is Showing Us Exactly Why America’s Debt to China Isn’t a Problem

The Pharma Jerk We All Hated Last Month Still Hasn’t Dropped the Price of That Drug

How Agriculture Controls Nutrition Guidelines

How Fear Slammed America’s Door on Syrian Refugees

The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods
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Alternating with under the weather. So now I get to play catch-up with links. I wanna close 'em all!


Ancient DNA reveals 'into Africa' migration

Forget 'Big Goat' Propaganda, Geese Are Better at Mowing And Always Have Been

Why U.S. can’t get back to head of the class (because it was never there)

Gut microorganisms cause gluten-induced pathology in mouse model of celiac disease

Constance Leathart: The forgotten 'aviatrix' of WW2

True Stuff: Alexander Graham Bell vs. Western Union

Homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA

Just Like Feminist, Fishwife Was Supposed to Be an Insult

Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school

D.C. Water begins harnessing electricity from every flush

We Talked to the CEO Behind Those Ridiculous “Sexy” Halloween Costumes More, with a different set of pics

Squid houses bacteria to keep its eggs safe

Netflix Is About to Get More Expensive

Stealing Fingerprints

California Bans Captive Breeding of Killer Whales at SeaWorld

Why stop at deporting Mexicans? Go after the Irish, too.

How to tell whether a Twitter user is pro-choice or pro-life without reading any of their tweets

Feeding the children of Boko Haram's victims

In China, Your Credit Score Is Now Affected By Your Political Opinions – And Your Friends’ Political Opinions. (So how reliable is this?)


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The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money

Why the 'Kitchen of the Future' Always Fails Us

The most American movie ever made

For 40 years, no one knew this woman discovered a malaria cure. Now she's won a Nobel.

Does language develop differently in autism?

Colorful green and red aurora lights up the sky as far south as Virginia (Photos)

Prison vs. Harvard in an Unlikely Debate More

The Silver Arrow, the Real Ghost Train Haunting the Stockholm Metro

Crafting Artificial Arteries

An Economic History of Leftovers

Children who understand emotions become more attentive over time

Delaying kindergarten until age 7 offers key benefits to kids — study

DNA ‘vaccine’ sterilizes mice, could lead to one-shot birth control

Why we (mostly) stopped messing with Shakespeare's language. (This is more interesting than the title suggests.)

The Map of Literature combines centuries of books and poems in one gorgeous illustration

Delhi's first female bus driver starts work as part of campaign to fight harassment (The article is from May)

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Octopus That’s Pretty Much Just a Swimming Blanket

Republicans and Democrats support sentencing reform. This is what stands in their way.

Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings (20% don't even have a savings account.)

Gut bacteria population, diversity linked to anorexia nervosa

Problem: "the American public has become more consistent and polarized"

There Are Not Enough Jobs, And Austerity Is To Blame

Is it okay to torture or murder a robot? (That reminded me so strongly of this.)

Youngest students in class 30% more likely to die in suicide than older classmates

For 40 years, Joel Dreyer was a respected psychiatrist who oversaw a clinic for troubled children, belonged to an exclusive country club, and doted on his four daughters and nine grandchildren. Then, suddenly, he became a major drug dealer. Why?

Maine has found a stunning way to keep the poor in poverty

The hidden costs of funding prisons instead of schools

Sweden’s liberal image is a mirage that hides a very ugly problem
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And so they got these. I hadn't realized those PJs had ears when we ordered them, and I guess the niecelings didn't either, because they were beside themselves when they realized. I think they nearly burst an eardrums squealing about it!

They spent a full 8 hours hopping around in their new jammies and wiggling their noses. OMG, they are such goofballs.


Obama administration designates 2 new marine sanctuaries

Bacteria in the world's oceans produce millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons each year

No Comments Allowed on Reddit’s New News Site ‘Upvoted’

Fish Can Recognize Faces, a Surprisingly Human Skill

Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Verse Depicts Cacophonous Abode of Gods

Crystalized books

End of the world plan: scientists to nudge asteroid off course as practice for protecting the Earth

Medieval Letter-People

Is the chilli pepper friend or foe?

Researchers find a new way to weigh a star

Overachieving Lizard Grows Three Tails

Who Put These Undergrads In Charge Of A Nuclear Reactor?

The least religious generation

Hail to the Pencil Pusher

McDonald's shoots down fears it is planning to replace cashiers with kiosks

A multigenerational hit: Student debt traps parents and kids

Ben Bernanke: More execs should have gone to jail for causing Great Recession

Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership (Fucking bullshit.)

Voices of Okinawa: Standing against a US military base

10,000 protest in Moldova over missing $1.5 billion

The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

World Bank: Extreme poverty 'to fall below 10%'

Automatic Face Recognition and Surveillance

The Slave-State Origins of Modern Gun Rights
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