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Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
and she complained that "all your songs are morbid". This is manifestly untrue, and to prove it I reached into my mind for a preschool song. Not the one about the ducks, it makes Eva cry, so... okay, the one with the green and speckled frogs.

Nothing doing. Apparently that song is about the evils of peer pressure. It took me five minutes to stop laughing.
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Two Girls, a Golden Balloon, and Fate

What Happens If You put Dry Ice into Slime?

Inside the World's Only Surviving Tattoo Shop For Medieval Pilgrims

Fruit flies help explain differences between males and females

The Detectives Who Never Forget a Face

Bird nest riddle: Which shape came first?

Fifth force of nature? Light particle may be key to understanding dark matter in universe

The Battle Over Net Neutrality Started With the 1920s-Era 'Hush-A-Phone'

Romance novellas by women in Nigeria challenge traditions

Companies Can’t Legally Void the Warranty for Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Phone

Digging for Glory

Study: Catalog of DNA variations helps find roots of disease

Stealing bitcoins with badges: How Silk Road’s dirty cops got caught

A Father Vows To Save His Daughter From A Marriage He Forced Her Into

US organ network mapping a path to fairer liver transplants

The Leak Prosecution That Lost the Space Race

The bizarre tale of President Nixon and his basic income bill

The Forgotten Tale of How America Converted Its 1980 Olympic Village Into a Prison

We’ve Stopped Translating Children’s Books Into English. Where Will We Get the Next Tintin?

By many measures, Milwaukee is toughest US city for blacks

Black incarceration hasn’t been this low in a generation

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal charges (Oh, I can't tire of this news!)

Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?

This Lifesaving Medicine Unleashed a Global Poo Menace

Louisiana Loses Its Boot

Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds

America's wealth gap is split along racial lines — and it's getting dangerously wider

The Problem With The DOJ’s Decision To Stop Using Private Prisons. The private prison industry will still have access to its biggest cash cow: immigrants.

In Turkish sweatshops, Syrian children sew to survive

Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines

Philippines drug war deaths climb to 1,800; U.S. 'deeply concerned'

Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?
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"But the school year hasn't started yet!"
"Yes, well, CNN Student News is airing again, and that's good enough for me."

Surprisingly, this argument was good enough for them too. I kinda pulled it outta my ass....
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which ones would you pick? Public domain preferred, but if there's a super great anthology out there, I'm good with that too.
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Who's there?
September 11th.
September 11th who?
And you swore you'd never forget!
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'Islam for Dummies': IS recruits have poor grasp of faith

In Dallas, police serve as 'glorified social workers' to solve city's ills

People Fear The Heat Will Turn NYC Into A Hellscape Of Flying Roaches

The Coup May Have Failed But Fear Still Rules Turkey

Turkish police raid Istanbul courthouses, more officers detained

Public space in Turkey is central to the government’s power grab

Fruits of labor: sunny California is no paradise for farm workers

As Earth warms, Americans more polarized than ever on climate

Louisiana water's deadly rise: 'We're praying it stops'

Nigeria riven by new battles over scarce fertile land

What It Takes to Clean the Ganges

After deadly Milwaukee police shooting, protests intensify

The life and death of Luis Góngora: the police killing nobody noticed

Islamic State faces uphill 'branding war' in Afghanistan, Pakistan

The world is getting better at paid maternity leave. The U.S. is not.

When children are killed by bullets, grieving parents are often the focus. Yet there are other vulnerable survivors: the young brothers and sisters left behind. Theirs is the untold story of this American tragedy.

The people of Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, live hemmed in by Israeli checkpoints and guns. For some, they have proved fatal.

Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads

Why Are So Many Inmates Attempting Suicide at the California Institution for Women?

South Africa marks mine shootings, workers still in squalor

Poll: Most Americans support U.S. military action in Syria — but only want a limited amount

Fighting Intensifies as Putin Sends More Troops to Ukraine

Rodrigo Duterte is living up to his promise to fight crime by shooting first and asking questions later

Violent protests have erupted in Mali. Here’s what is driving them.
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Synchronized Swimming Has a History That Dates Back to Ancient Rome

Vintage Photos Show Daredevil Mountaineers

Scientists capture neon in an organic environment for the first time

Finland, Home of the $103,000 Speeding Ticket

World's largest vertical farm grows without soil, sunlight or water in Newark

Gaming using a stretchy touchpad

Why Fire Makes Us Human

Watch: Pooping Comb Jellies Just Upended Gut Evolution

The 6 Most Insane Pooping Strategies Dreamt Up By Evolution

Whirlpool Put Laundry Machines In Some Schools And Increased Attendance By 90%

Once Skeptical of Executive Power, Obama Has Come to Embrace It

America’s Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets

A Long-Lost Manuscript Contains a Searing Eyewitness Account of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921

Crowd At Trump Rally Realizes They’ve Been Chanting ‘We Are Frightened And Helpless’ For Last Half Hour

The violence, insecurity, and rage behind the man who has replaced Gandhi as the face of India.

America's Addiction to Mercenaries

Bid for freedom: rescuing trafficked fishermen as they dock in Cape Town

The New American Cop: Smarter, More Diverse, Better Equipped and Scared

I'm a Judge and I Think Criminal Court Is Horrifying

Texas lawyer who lost all death penalty cases says he's done

Venezuela Is Descending Into Chaos. Now This Issue Is on America’s Doorstep.

How do Americans view poverty? Many blue-collar whites, key to Trump, criticize poor people as lazy and content to stay on welfare.

Thousands return to Manbij after IS militants flee city
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(Dear Liza, dear Liza?)

Also, if I were Henry, I wouldn't hang around after that last verse. I'm just saying, that's the sort of conversation that can only end badly.
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Humans pack an efficient bite, but at a cost

Chilli-powder condoms, firecrackers boost Tanzania elephant protection

The Sharks That Live to 400

Cloud Atlas 'astonishingly different' in US and UK editions, study finds

The Single-celled Organism That Almost Wiped Out Life on Earth (Video) That video reminded me of this fic

The Death of Flair: As Friday's Goes Minimalist, What Happens to the Antiques?

In a race for Cheetos, magpies win, but crows steal

How BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Is Building A 100-Year Media Company

Nature, not nurture, defines cricket social networks

How the Vikings started the worldwide distribution of gaited horses

Total number of neurons -- not enlarged prefrontal region -- hallmark of human brain

Professional Poo Diver (Do not read while eating!)

Studies shine light on mysterious placenta, how it goes awry

Black science fiction writers face 'universal' racism, study finds

Science Isn’t Broken: It’s just a hell of a lot harder than we give it credit for.

Smile! You've got cancer

Not all is green in Mexico City's Aztec garden district

White Noise in the ‘Conversation’ About Race

The Republican War on Public Universities

How the Trumps Got Rich

Gone: The race to stop the fungus killing millions of bats

Overseas travel warnings about USA mount

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students are significantly more likely to be the victims of physical and sexual violence and bullying than other adolescents, according to new government data. (Not exactly a surprise, but ugh.)

Some Women Won’t ‘Ever Again’ Report a Rape in Baltimore

Damning Report Finds For-Profit Prisons Are More Dangerous

Flint Is Family

As of the latest estimate, 2.1 million West African children still do the dangerous and physically taxing work of harvesting cocoa. What will it take to fix the problem?

El Chapo and the Secret History of the Heroin Crisis

‘They’re Coming for the Ones You Love’: My Weekend of Gun Training in the Desert

Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart
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Mama Dolphins Sing Their Name to Babies in the Womb

Why Transgender People In Japan Prefer To Be Told They Have A “Disorder”

Stone age hunters really did hunt well by throwing stones

Martians Might Be Real. That Makes Mars Exploration Way More Complicated

Study: Pacific coast was route for colonizing the Americas

One Player’s Nine-Year Journey to Open a Locked, Secret Door

These lizards bleed green

Could one discovery take on three deadly parasites?

During the Nazi Occupation of Norway, Humor Was the Secret Weapon

Marijuana to remain illegal under federal law, DEA says

Cancer cells kill blood vessel cells so that they can slip through the vascular wall, form metastases

The Very Quiet Foreign Girls poetry group

How Racism Kept The World's Fastest Swim Stroke Out Of The Pool

Poll: Young people's fear of white extremism varies by race

Trial by Jury, a Hallowed American Right, Is Vanishing

Most Americans (Incorrectly) Believe Crime Is Up. That’s Great News For Donald Trump.

Meet the California Couple That Uses More Water Than Every Home in Los Angeles Combined

How an 1891 mass lynching tried to make America great again

Here’s How Racial Bias Plays Out in Policing

Why was Glen Race guilty of murder in America, but not in Canada?

1 year after mentally ill man's jail death, questions remain

DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash

The child witches of Liberia (ALL the trigger warnings.)
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Or read the news, or garden, or whatever I like. Or go with my mom to the doctor some more, of course.


Notorious Victoria: the first woman to run for president

Early brain connections key to reading

Pimp My Nursery (Kidlit Style)

Orangutan able to guess a taste without sampling it, just like us

These Crows Were Discovered Crafting Tools to Reach Food

In IVF, Frozen Embryos May Lead to More Live Births than Fresh Embryos

Revisiting America’s master musical miniaturist, Scott Joplin.

Hawaiian petroglyphs revealed by shifting sands on Waianae coast

Schools in Denmark Teach Students Empathy From a Young Age

Poll: Young Americans overwhelmingly favor LGBT rights

Transgender on the Force

How a Deadly Camping Trip Revealed an Arms Race Between Snakes and Newts

The race to save a dying language

Chilling mountaintop find may confirm dark Greek legend

This article will make you want to wash your hands

Researchers crack open unusually advanced malware that hid for 5 years

High risk of modern slavery in nearly 60 percent of countries, global index finds

Justice system too costly for unconvicted

Report blasts Baltimore police over racial bias, force

The Department of Justice is making police report officer-involved killings for the first time

Study: High levels of toxic chemicals in drinking water of 6 million Americans

Louisiana Sheriffs Hid a Gun That Could Free a Man and Then Blamed Hurricane Katrina

These Are the Red Lines Europe Won't Cross in Brexit Talks

Out of sight, out of mind? Europe's migrant crisis still simmers

Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds

Is America Any Safer?

Russia announces war games after accusing Ukraine of terrorist plot

Ethiopia says UN observers not needed as protests rage

Libyan official: '70 percent' of last IS bastion liberated

Intensifying fight for Aleppo chokes civilian population
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Asthma pill could prove 'game-changer' for people with severe symptoms

Bookworms, Rejoice: You May Live Longer

How to Give Rural America Broadband? Look to the Early 1900s

Maya tomb uncovered holding body, treasure and tales of 'snake dynasty'

The Government Just Won a Long Legal Battle Over Rare Coins

Cyborg stingray swims toward light, breaks new ground

Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more

If You Find the Hidden Cat in This Image, Your Prize Is an Image of a Sleepy Cat

Baby’s Cells Can Manipulate Mom’s Body for Decades

The fatal hike that became a Nazi propaganda coup

Anti-LGBTQ Activists Are Beginning To Realize ‘We Don’t Win Anymore’

Poll: Gun controls embraced by young adults

'You think I'm mad?' – the truth about psychosomatic illness

Most Of Us Are Blissfully Ignorant About How Much Rancid Olive Oil We Use

The Original Underclass

Meet the elite chiefs who revolutionized policing nationwide, for better and for worse. Now they want to do it again.

Thai voters overwhelmingly approve junta-backed constitution

A Surreal Life on the Precipice in Puerto Rico

2 Jailers Moved Into Policing Jobs After Bland's Death

In a state bloodied by decades of armed rebellion, Thounaojam Herojit became one of India’s most deadly policemen – killing more than a hundred people. This year, he became something rarer still: an executioner who wanted to tell the world about his crimes

Smuggling surges in Greece as migrant frustrations grow

Jets pound rebels after they break Aleppo siege
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I probably find this XKCD funnier than it is.

Sunflowers move by the clock

America's First Medal at the Nazi Olympics Was For...Town Planning

The doctor who beat big tobacco

Dark Ages Palace Unearthed At King Arthur's Alleged Birthplace

Desert elephants pass on knowledge—not mutations—to survive

Forget Frozen, Lilo & Stitch is Disney’s best exploration of sisterhood

Perry Rosen has always loved tinkering with jukeboxes. The spectacle of the mechanized movements, the golden oldie tunes and the bright lights captivated him. He got his first machine when he was a teenager and then turned his hobby into a career. Now, he's one of the last jukebox repairmen around. (Video)

Yiddish has a word for it: Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath of Teaneck finishes her father’s Yiddish dictionary

Do trees communicate with each other?

How one little graphic became shared and adapted by millions

Do black holes have a back door?

Norway Proves That Treating Prison Inmates As Human Beings Actually Works

America seen from abroad: arrogant, nice, tech-savvy, free

Asian giant honeybees may move in synchrony to ventilate nests

Scientists Chart The Lifetime Of A Bee In Flight Paths

Why bad ideas refuse to die

Chinese team says it found evidence of mythical great flood (Quick, nobody tell Ken Ham!)

This Smithsonian scientist’s death was a mystery; 150 years later, his skeleton helped solve it

The Brain That Couldn’t Remember: The untold story of the fight over the legacy of “H.M.” — the patient who revolutionized the science of memory.

A Jewish Commodore Saved Monticello, And His Family Got Hell for It

Why the President Needs a Council of Historians

Spider sharing isn't always caring: Colonies die when arachnids overshare food

The U.S. coast is in an unprecedented hurricane drought — why this is terrifying

The Octopus Conspiracy: One Woman’s Search for Her Father’s Killer

How a Notorious Racist Inspired America’s National Parks

China's crackdown raises familiar specter of foreign forces

Yellow Fever Is Completely Preventable, So Why Are Millions At Risk?

US poised to hit Obama's target of 10,000 Syrian refugees

Anti-Semitic incidents rise 11 percent in UK this year

Nature's 2016 resource 'budget' already used up, report says

The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice
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Ana: You... say "whatevs"? 0.o
Me: Um... yes? What of it?
Eva: Really?
Me: I love that word! Whatevs. It's a perfectly cromulent word, guys!
Them: I guess....


I feel the same way about that word as my mother does about "duh". To this day, she will occasionally interrupt herself to declaim on the glories of the word "duh". She says she has no idea how they spoke before they could just say "duh".
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Their lessons have the simple piece for the learner which is supposed to eventually be played with the teacher doing a more complex part an octave below. So, you know, it sounds like actual music.

Either my vision is worse than I thought, or that notation is a lot smaller than it ought to be. I actually don't know which. So instead I'm holding it and doing one hand at a time and memorizing, which is more or less what I used to do as a child, but. Still.

Note to self: Make appointment at optometrist.


The Strangely Perplexing Problem of Communicating Numbers Out Loud

'Red gene' in birds, turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision

Homes in wealthier neighborhoods found to harbor more arthropod species

America's Largest Outdoor Theatre Event Features 700 Lip Syncing Mormons

Birds engage in all types of sleep in flight, but in remarkably small amounts

Solar-powered televisions brighten homes in rural Kenya

11 Ways To Get a Letter from the White House

The Rise and Fall of Ski Ballet

Chemists create vitamin-driven battery

For Decades, The Ultimate Midwestern Summer Job Was Headhunting Fireflies

I Can't Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

A Reptile Dysfunction: Over the last three decades, massive sulcata tortoises have become a popular American family pet. Meet the people who made that happen — and the ones that are begging you not to buy one.

The Disrupters: Making New York’s Cultural Boards More Diverse

Is Earthly life premature from a cosmic perspective?

A Day in the Life of Brazil's Insane Bureaucracy

The buzz around America's favorite workers grows louder every year. Is it drowning out the real story of our food system?

Making Algorithms Accountable

Body Count Rises as Philippine President Wages War on Drugs

Dwindling prey bad news for big cats, wolves

Bird-friendly yards have a major downside — for birds

Underreporting of Zika is rife; researchers project epidemic's spread in certain countries

Substitute teachers and replacement nurses may cause disease to spread faster

The US Government Is Literally Arming the World, and Nobody's Even Talking About It

Chicago's 'Skullcap Crew': band of police accused of brutality evade discipline

The Unforeseen Consequences of Banning the Box

"He Weighed 71 Pounds. That Was Like Somebody Starving."

Libyan forces wary of Islamic State redoubt despite U.S. support

The Scale of Turkey’s Purge Is Nearly Unprecedented

Venezuelan women seek sterilizations as crisis sours child-rearing
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Where there's smoke -- and a mutation -- there may be an evolutionary edge for humans

A Unified Theory of Randomness

18th Century Britain's Great Culinary Breakthrough: Mushroom Ketchup

Medical benefits of dental floss unproven

1823 school to move by oxen to original site

Scientists have just uncovered a major difference between DNA and RNA

Beyond “Mama” and “Dada”: Why Babies Learn Certain Words

An Isolated Tribe Emerges from the Rain Forest

Shackled remains at ancient Greek site tell tale of intrigue

Men are more likely to cite themselves in their work, which likely contributes to women’s continued underrepresentation in academia

23andMe Pulls Off Massive Crowdsourced Depression Study

The Financial Firm That Cornered the Market on Jails

Black Lives supporters seek backing from other minorities

'Tragedy' for Norway after boys deface 5000-year-old rock carving of skier

Rudy Giuliani's Presumption of Guilt

Critics See Efforts by Counties and Towns to Purge Minority Voters From Rolls

Global warming, a dead zone and surprising bacteria

Battle for Aleppo a pivotal moment for besieged residents
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First, run to the doctor, get all records and a neatly typed list of instructions. Then run to Regional Radiology with records in tow (in a CD form, so why they can't email this I don't know), get redirected three times. Fun!

Today they called back and the records were missing something important, so Mommy asked me to do it again this week later. Honestly, it was enough of a pain when we had a ride, but doing it by bus is going to be killer. WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY EMAIL IT?

Well, Regional Radiology did have a nice patch of purslane, so I got some for my salad, there's that.
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How the Venomous, Egg-Laying Platypus Evolved

Some Microbes Have Been With Us Since Before We Existed

A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel

ASU biochemist invents a more comfortable condom

The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway

Disney movie sparks a chess boom in Uganda

States' flag-burning laws unconstitutional, but persist

Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World

Democrats demand Congress end its vacation to approve Zika funding

Storing carbon underground may be safer than we thought

Still waters: U.S. to crack down on ocean noise that harms fish

How Abigail Adams Proves Bill O'Reilly Wrong About Slavery

The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters

Where Is Escaped Polygamous Cult Leader Lyle Jeffs?

What My Divorce Taught Me About Latent Sexism In The Financial System

NY caretakers say they are being punished for complaints

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country. It’s home to the nation’s largest refining and petrochemical complex, where billions of gallons of oil and dangerous chemicals are stored. And it’s a sitting duck for the next big hurricane. Why isn’t Texas ready?

Turkey culls nearly 1,400 from army, overhauls top military council

After Yemeni’s 13 Years in Guantánamo, Freedom for the Soul Takes Longer

Syrian Rebels Launch Push Aimed at Breaking Aleppo Siege

Syrian families trickle out of Aleppo, reports say

Ukraine prisoners held by Russia and separatists are forgotten
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Because that's what you do in the 8th grade, you apply for high school!

Those of you not in NYC should know that these books are phone book sized. I meant to take a picture, but I kinda forgot. I'll see if I can get one up later this week, but if you're breathlessly interested you can read it online here.

Thus far, we've sat down and done first round elimination of schools using these criteria: Waaaaaay too long of a commute (seriously, Ana, you're not going to leap joyfully out of bed at 5am to go to this school, so don't pretend), not eligible (because you need to be a transfer student or an immigrant or something), and graduation/college rates lower than our zoned school. When we add in schools she just wasn't interested in attending, we managed to get the number of Manhattan schools down to a reasonable number for consideration.

But after a while, all these school descriptions start to sound the same, the same tediously anodyne verbiage and tiresome attempts to sound more erudite than the next school. By the time we were done with Manhattan (having swiftly eliminated the Bronx and Queens from consideration entirely) I was ready to murder the next person to use the word "challenging" with a straight face. The worst was those schools that use portfolios instead of grades. Some of them look like great schools, but omg, it's all "we use a challenging curriculum to challenge and encourage our students and help them develop joy and respect so they can challenge the challenges of the challenging future...."

You start to have a real appreciation for the few who boldly decide to just say what they do. "Our school requires three years of science and four of math. We have an extended day program and mandatory community service requirement." Boom, done. I relished those schools that were willing to sum themselves up in three short, succinct sentences.

(Also, bonus points to the school that decided to address their description to the student rather than the hapless parent leading their kid through the book. Normally I would've found it trite, but in a sea of "challenging curriculum" it really stood out as a breath of fresh air, and we automatically put it on the list for consideration.)

Monday we'll look through Brooklyn. I've ruthlessly pre-eliminated anything with a more than 90 minute commute, anything which requires more than one transfer, and anything on the L line because that's going to be closed for 18 months. And then we'll do Staten Island same day, because there aren't so many options. (Although, interestingly, we have more JROTC programs than any other borough, carefully split up so that each branch of the military seems to be represented. Well, that's Staten Island for you.)
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Long isolated, Africa’s Jewish ‘islands’ bridged by photographer’s lens

Breastfeeding associated with better brain development, neurocognitive outcomes

American student finds 12th century Irish brooch on a Galway Beach

Found: A 3,000-Year-Old Ball of Yarn

New fossil evidence supports theory that first mass extinction engineered by early animals

Courts deal setbacks to GOP voting restrictions in 3 states

Teasing out the microbiome of the Kansas prairie

The Case For Leaving City Rats Alone

Could Women Be Trusted With Their Own Pregnancy Tests?

What sparked the Cambrian explosion?

An Exciting History of Drywall

Scientists Find New Type of Antibiotics Hiding in the Human Nose

Parents feel racial socialization may help minority children succeed in school

Noise Is a Drug and New York Is Full of Addicts

Percentage of US children who have chronic health conditions on the rise

Policing protests when the protest is about police

Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds With Schools Attached

How Olympic Sprinter Stella Walsh Nearly Lost Her Medals Because of Her Autopsy

Kansas mom whose kids sang at Oregon standoff loses custody (TW: child abuse)

The Dorito Effect: Healthy food is blander than ever — and it's making us fat

Poorer Than Their Parents? Flat Or Falling Incomes In Advanced Economies

China’s Military Push In Africa Is Unlikely To End Anytime Soon

Trump’s Bigotry Reminds US Media of Anywhere but Home

Armenia police clash with protesters amid hostage crisis

Turkey's Erdogan slams US reaction to failed coup
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and consequently, by the time I arrived, there were no cherries for me. They let me take extra fennel to make up for it, though - apparently, not a lot of people want their fennel.

While I was there, I complained about the week's events to the desk. I mean, no cherries was just the icing on the cake, right?

So this week they asked "So, how are things going? It's not as bad as last week, right?"

And I told them. Which perhaps I shouldn't have, but. I did. So. Fingers crossed that next week is on an upturn, though! Maybe we'll win the lottery or something!


Any picture or text could be inkjet-printed as a solar cell

3 sisters go from homeless shelter to junior track stardom

Twinkle, Twinkle, Vogel Staar

Bird brains are dense—with neurons

Survey of 31 years of video games shows a decline in sexualized female characters

To reverse damage of sitting, take a brisk, hour-long walk

The Lost Mushroom Masterpiece Unearthed in a Dusty Drawer

Common brain changes found in children with autism, ADHD and OCD

NYPD Bee Squad Ready for Sting Operations on Urban Swarms

Dolly the sheep clones age healthily

Lady Responds to Strict Office Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes

Dirty to drinkable: Novel hybrid nanomaterials quickly transform water

The Longest Run: Olympics about more than winning for Refugee team

Is Watching Gymnastics Worse Than Being an NFL Fan?

As pastoralist land shrinks, Maasai women take livestock lead

A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont

How a 4-Year-Old's Letter to His Father Survived the Civil War (A letter from his older son is visible here.)

Want police reform? Charge rich people more for speeding tickets

Sandy Hook school opening to public, 4 years after massacre

Plastic 'continents': Is there a way out?

History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

How H.P. Lovecraft speaks to our terrifying political times

Repeated experiences of racism most damaging to mental health

What We Owe the White House Slaves: $83 Million

Immigrants Desperate To Get Out Of US Detention Can Get Trapped By Debt

Fighters battling Islamic State gather trove of documents

Syria, Russia to open aid, exit corridors in besieged Aleppo, officials say

Erdogan wants army under president's control after coup: Turkish official

Desperate migrants in Serbia launch hunger strike

An Aging WWII Refugee: ‘We Can’t Turn Our Backs on the Refugees of Today’

Obama expanding refugee program for Central Americans

Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to climate change
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the player has just released Godzilla.

So, um, my mother found a lump, and it's looking like it's probably cancer and I am so sick of this fucking shit.

Why the hell can't we ever have sudden good news like the Publisher's Clearing House just decided to award us all the prizes? Or "whoops, our climate models were overly pessimistic"? Or a certain evil presidential candidate has just choked to death on his own vitriol? Or the entire past year has been a really bad dream but now I'm waking up and somebody is giving me breakfast in bed?

Fucking a. I want a do-over. This isn't right, it isn't fair, and I don't like it.
One of her friends has requested she write her something! "I feel so professional!" I couldn't be happier myself if - oh, hey, ice cream truck. That's just the cherry on top, a proud budding writer and ICE CREAM.
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The thing about self-diagnosis.

I once got into it with somebody who purports to be a professor on the subject of trigger warnings. She said she refused to give those unless it came through the disability office because that would be "taking responsibility" for their mental health. I pointed out that it's not like yesterday you were raped, today you have PTSD, and BOOM - tomorrow you get a diagnosis. "Oh, so you're saying people shouldn't get actual mental health care?" No, but it can take months or longer to get diagnosed, people can be crap at self-advocating, and I just don't think it's asking too much to say "Oh, head's up guys, there's a pretty graphic rape in the assigned reading for this week, we'll be discussing it next class". I mean, rape isn't something niche and esoteric.

Back and forth and back and forth and eventually she said that SHE personally had NEVER had a student complain that this was a problem. Well, yeah, and with an attitude like that I'm not surprised. I wonder how many students she's had mysteriously drop out of her class, though.

Honestly, some people.


I Tried to Teach Myself to Eat Vegetables Like a Grown-Up

The Amazon Women: Is There Any Truth Behind the Myth?

A Mind-Blowing Technique for Cleaning Deep-Fry Oil Using Gelatin

No, autistic people do not have a "broken" mirror neuron system – new evidence

Study reveals Leonardo da Vinci's 'irrelevant' scribbles mark the spot where he first recorded the laws of friction

Google’s quantum computer just accurately simulated a molecule for the first time

'Pokemon Go' players stumble on hidden history

Breast-Feeding the Microbiome

Mexico finds water tunnel under Pakal tomb in Palenque

How archaeologists found the lost medieval megacity of Angkor

Why Italians, Maori, and Children of Divorce Have the Least Childhood Amnesia

Spiders spin unique phononic material

Breaking down the gender stereotypes in kids' clothing

Before animals, evolution waited eons to inhale

The Problem with Feudalism

Human 'super predator' more terrifying than bears, wolves and dogs

Why is NASA’s longest-serving woman an hourly employee?

Got beef? How one man faced down a 'noodle cartel'

Revealed: How VW Designed the Greatest Scandal in Automotive History

Brave Tortoise Escaping Deadly Sand Fire Fled 'as Quickly as He Could'

Americans are as skeptical of Black Lives Matter as they were of the Civil Rights Movement

An Archive of Fugitive Slave Ads Sheds New Light on Lost Histories

Most Medical Research is Done on Men. That's a Deadly Problem.

The U.S. Blew $1.4 Billion on Abstinence Education in Africa

Turkey detains 42 journalists in crackdown as Europe sounds alarm

Philippine leader declares ceasefire with communist rebels

A story of truth, lies and an American addiction

Regional armies struggle in last push against Boko Haram

Isolated coral reefs far from human activity are not healthier

Punishing strike by resident doctors grinds on in Haiti

Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade
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Millions of orchids grow on former mine site in upstate NY

Inside the Creation of Europe's First Underwater Museum

Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium'

Cold War relics found - and eaten

Eadweard Muybridge revealed a new universe of motion with his camera, but history has largely obscured his extraordinary accomplishments with photography.

67 Years of Lego Sets

How rope was made 40,000 years ago

The Cheapest Generation

The CIA's Declassified Guide to What Women Want

Ask Anything: Would Cannibalism Make You Fat?

The Remarkable Forgotten Life of H. T. Tsiang

‘The Foulest Place of Mine Arse is Fairer than thy Face’

Skinny and 119 Pounds, but With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity

Virginia court nixes order restoring felons' voting rights

Letting Prosecutors Write the Law

The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America

Farm that once benefited the homeless now run by fast-food chain

The Girls Of The Leesburg Stockade

Behavior changes offer clues that dementia could be brewing

For 69 years, Kashmir torn by deadly strife

Feds will pay $475,000 to settle “illegal body cavity search” case

White House to review ban on military gear for police - police leaders

After Obama's green light, Afghan forces on the offensive

Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message

Trump Luthor Debate

Islamic State shuns withdrawal offer in surrounded Syrian city

At the top of the world a climate disaster is unfolding that will impact the lives of more than 1 billion people.
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Had Ali Nazik. Gotta learn how to cook that.

Ana continued her trend of stealing her mother's clothes by taking Jenn's yellow dress. She looks remarkably grown-up in some of these clothes, rather than like a kid playing dress-up. It's frightening, really.
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We'll kick in some money as soon as I check the bank account. I mean, I had been going to send him a fruit basket, but this is probably more useful. He can buy his own pears.
I need to print out this Calvin and Hobbes, stick it on my fridge

Putting the sloth in sloths: Arboreal lifestyle drives slow motion pace

10+ Animal Brothers From Other Mothers

To douse hot hives, honeybee colonies launch water squadrons

I Made a Shipwreck Expert Watch The Little Mermaid And Judge Its Nautical Merits

Temperature Helps Drive the Emergence of Different Personalities in Spiders

David Chang’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness

Trees' surprising role in the boreal water cycle quantified

The Last VCRs Ever Will Be Made This Month

For teen girls, abortion linked to better outcomes vs. giving birth (Well, no shit)

How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology

Yeast Emerges as Hidden Third Partner in Lichen Symbiosis

Passport rule change debated as gender becomes less defined

Peep Shows, Sex, And Crack: 27 Photos Of Times Square At Its Lowest

Ancient feces provides earliest evidence of infectious disease being carried on Silk Road

City Officials To Relocate Teens From Troubled Rikers Island Jail Complex

Nevada ending discrimination against prison inmates with HIV

Maryland withdraws proposal to ban letters to inmates

Frankenstein, the Baroness, and the Climate Refugees of 1816

A Terrifying Journey Through the World's Most Dangerous Jungle

Feds say health mergers would increase costs, threaten care

The Return of American Hunger

Black Man Shot by Police While Lying on the Ground With His Hands Up

More than 50 wrestlers sue WWE over brain damage

Armenian president urges gunmen to release hostages

North American forests not the climate change remedy hoped for - study

Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming: NASA

Libyan forces claim gains in fierce fighting against IS in Sirte

Turkey's state of emergency begins; critics fear overreach

Syrian opposition calls for suspension of U.S.-led air strikes

Report suggests torture widespread in war-torn Ukraine

Child hunger and death rising in Zimbabwe due to drought, charity says
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And this might sound ungrateful, but I wish they'd asked before picking, because they chose one that contains six pears and two Gala apples. And nobody in this family likes pears, and the only person who is passionate about apples only eats Granny Smiths. (That's Eva. I mean, I enjoy Jonagolds and Honeycrisp and Winesaps, but Gala? Sigh.)

I can find ways to use the apples, I suppose, but what am I going to do with six pears? Maybe I'll call the food bank on the corner, ask if they can use them on Saturday. Don't know what they'll do with six pears either, they certainly get more than six families every week.
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'Big mama' bonobos help younger females stand up for themselves

Lizards Rapidly Evolve After Introduction to Island

Russian balloon more than halfway to circumnavigating globe

First farmers had diverse origins, DNA shows

The Surprising History of the Milk Carton

House-hunting ants know how to take the hassle out of moving

Woman in Kansas City gives birth to three sets of twins

A Cavity-Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills

Group clones California giant trees to combat climate change

Why Turtles Evolved Shells: It Wasn't for Protection

For ancient deep-sea plankton, a long decline before extinction

The Americans who 'adopt' other people's embryos

Pictures of the Kindertransport

Black Women in Tech Debunk the “Pipeline” Excuse For Lack of Diversity in Tech Industry

Why People Consider 'Normal' to Be 'Good'

HIV cases rise in 74 countries in last decade

Same genes could make us prone to both happiness and depression

Lebanon's largest animal shelter under threat amid cash crisis

We Asked Trump Voters, "When Did America Stop Being Great?" Their Answers Were Amazing. (Video)

UA Study Shows Stark Differences in How Conservatives, Liberals See Data

The man hired to have sex with children

Erdogan emails: Turkey blocks access to WikiLeaks after release of 300,000 secret government emails

The Tamir Rice Story: How to Make a Police Shooting Disappear

Indian woman gang-raped in 2013 is attacked again 'by same men'

Police shootings touch nerve among military veterans
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The American Who Accidentally Became a Chinese Movie Star

Chimpanzees who travel are more frequent tool users

Weird quantum effects stretch across hundreds of miles

The mystery of these Washington Place fire relics

April 1943: Iowa railroad women (Pictures)

Why Calvin and Hobbes is Great Literature

Opium Made Easy

500 elephants find new home in massive African relocation

Protein that may 'shock and kill' HIV virus identified

Pigeons May Predict Lead Contamination, Study Finds

Hundreds of years later, teeth tell the story of people who didn't get enough sunshine

In medical mystery, caregiver of Zika patient gets virus

Too much light weakens bones and changes immune system

The right to bear arms has mostly been for white people

Déjà vu: as with tobacco, the climate wars are going to court

Alzheimer’s gene already shrinking brain by age of three

Fracking may worsen asthma for nearby residents, study says

NYPD cop secretly records supervisor pressuring him to racially profile black men

Mass Incarceration Is Making Infectious Diseases Worse

The Rape Victims Silenced By Their Prison Cells

Justice Department to review police response to Orlando massacre

Middle-class Venezuelans liquidate savings to stockpile food

Hunger, looting and now suspected cholera hit South Sudan

Tensions with West rise as Turkey continues purge

Indian Kashmir protests flare, 3 killed as army opens fire
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New one won't get here until Thursday. The way this week's going, it'll probably break as I carry it up the stairs.
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In preparation for going out to California, I gave away our tickets to two performances at the New Victory. Well, I only was able to give away one set - and of course, that's the one I specially wanted Jenn to go to, as it featured Indian Dance (which she used to do). I can hardly email this woman and be all "Welp, my grandma died, so I'll need those tickets back!" can I? Aside from looking callous, it would just be rude. And they're sold out. Well, of course they are.
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So naturally the girls were up bright and early and squabbling in my bedroom.

Well, no wonder they're cranky, we got the news pretty late, so they didn't get to sleep until even later. Ana, in particular, was very upset.


Saturn’s moon Titan could have the right chemistry for life (but not as we know it)

All aboard! Volunteer rail service makes Scottish railway history

Psychologists still don't know how the brain deals with blinks

A History of Embarrassing Presidential Campaign Logos

You are surprisingly likely to have a living doppelganger

Rocket Slides and Monkey Bars: Chasing the Vanishing Playgrounds of Our Youth

Newborn ducklings can acquire notions of 'same' and 'different' (Eva: What, so they can be bullies!?)

The Contentious Tale of the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” Jingle

Physics Reveals What’s In Herculaneum’s Incinerated Ancient Scrolls

‘Ghostbusters’ Is A Perfect Example Of How Internet Movie Ratings Are Broken

The feds want to launch peanut butter drone strikes to save endangered ferrets

Whatever early progress the Library of Congress made on the internet has been squandered.

Nazi Art Loot Returned... to the Nazis

Coca's comeback forces Colombia to rethink drug war

The Disappearance of Dahlia Yehia

The Myth of the EthicalShopper

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests

Philadelphia conducting experiment to save gunshot victims

The FBI has quietly gathered 400,000 iris scans

All the Greedy Young Abigail Fishers and Me

Black Crime Rates: What Happens When Numbers Aren’t Neutral

In DC, wiggling while handcuffed counts as assaulting an officer

Yemen's war not just killing civilians with bullets: MSF

Six wealthiest countries host less than 9% of world's refugees

The Story of Ahmed and Alin: Syrian Orphans Trapped in Turkey

Alzheimer's gene may show effects on brain starting in childhood

Syrian army seizes only road into rebel-held Aleppo

Biodiversity falls below ‘safe levels’ globally

Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands Washington hand over cleric
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My grandmother just passed away. So... yeah.
"So, let's see, Ana. We should do some sort of formal literature study this year. Hm. Well, we'll definitely be doing Julius Caesar, because that's showing at the New Vic and I got a discount on my tickets. And we should probably do To Kill a Mockingbird. What else, what else? Pigm- wait a minute."

That's the moment when I realized I was effectively recreating my 8th grade English curriculum.

So we're not doing Pigman. (Probably.) We'll have to find some other book with an insouciant young narrator. Right now I've got her doing The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, but I think I may need to corner her tomorrow and make sure she reads some more of it. She's been busy writing lately.
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(And how to convince her that I love her and am not simply using an arcane torture device for kicks?)
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A week ago, my grandmother called me from California... at about three in the morning. (Which, granted, is only midnight her time, but still.)

And when I woke up I called her back and she was pretty incoherent. My uncle took the phone, apparently she's been on the decline for weeks but he didn't think to inform us. Or maybe he was busy?

Anyway, the plan is for us all to go out and visit now, because she's 92 years old.

Now means now.

If anybody has any airline miles they'd like to donate to us traveling, please reply back, I'll PM you with my sister's email (she's the one coordinating all of this).

Also, if anybody is in the NYC area, I have some tickets to a performance and a CSA pickup for anybody willing to take them.
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Why architects should let the microbes in

When Babies Used to Play in Cages Hanging Out the Top Floor Window (Video)

Germs add ripples to make 'groovy' graphene

The D.B. Cooper case has baffled the FBI for 45 years. Now it may never be solved.

Going Mental: Everyday Travel and the Cognitive Map

Like humans, lowly cockroach uses a GPS to get around, scientists finds

The Folsom Prisoner Who Built Functional Miniature Carnivals Out of Toothpicks

How plants sense electric fields

Preserving the Sublime at One of the Darkest Places in America

The curious case of Earth's leaking atmosphere

Watch Shackled Inmates Break Out Of Their Cell To Save Unconscious Jailer

AIDS epidemic no longer a public health issue in Australia, scientists say

Virus Found In Saliva Linked With Unexplained Infertility

Barbie’s got a new body – and now Mattel is tackling her other big image problem

As Japan's population shrinks, bears and boars roam where schools and shrines once thrived (I can think of a couple million refugees who would be glad to move to Japan if they could.)

How Marginalized Families Are Pushed Out of PTAs

Cash-Strapped Towns Are Un-Paving Roads They Can’t Afford to Fix

The Last Nazi Hunter

The linguistics of #BLM: Scalar Implicature and Social Controversy Bonus

A physiological theory of mental illness

Police, Prosecutors and Judges Rely on a Flawed $2 Drug Test That Puts Innocent People Behind Bars

Inside the Deadly World of Private Prisoner Transport

‘Time in the Box’: Young Rikers Inmates, Still in Isolation

Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?

As Epipen prices skyrocket, consumers and EMTs resort to syringes for severe allergies
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Lush Venus? Searing Earth? It could have happened

The Six Main Arcs in Storytelling, as Identified by an A.I.

Monkeys in Brazil 'have used stone tools for hundreds of years at least'

Graffiti powered by the sun. What?!

Artist sued for $5M over painting he insists he didn’t paint

Watch an Artist Recreate Impressionist Masterpieces in Water

Triple sunrises, sunsets at this strange new world

This square isn’t actually rotating. Here’s why.

Israel find may help solve mystery of biblical Philistines

Thumb-sucking, nail-biting have a positive side: Kids less likely to develop allergies

Ghostbusters Is Getting Good Reviews, and Angry Fanboys Aren’t Here For It

Why Women Led Anti-Suffrage Campaigns Against Themselves

Organ transplants have come a long way but hurdles remain

In China, 'Happy Gymnastics' Replaces Grind of Strict Study

How 19th Century Immigration Made New York City Rethink Its Parks

The FBI Says Its Malware Isn’t Malware Because the FBI Is Good (Anybody who uses such blatantly specious logic is NOT good and they are NOT your friends.)

Citizen recordings of police interaction growing amid push

Three countries urge caution traveling to U.S. amid protests, violence

Women more likely than men to face poverty during retirement

South China Sea: Court rules in favor of Philippines over China (Surprise! Beijing has rejected the ruling.)

In first, U.S. judge throws out cell phone 'stingray' evidence

Finger-pointing over fingerprinting: Checks could be flawed

Why Does America Invest So Little in Its Children?

Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming?

Friend or foe? Open-carry law poses challenge to police

Copspeak: 7 Ways Journalists Use Police Jargon to Obscure the Truth

Advocates fear more heroin withdrawal deaths in jails

Israel NGO bill, seen as targeting left-wing groups, becomes law

Israel delves into charged 1950s missing children saga

The CDC and WHO are teaming up to end the ‘contagious disease’ of child violence

Decade after war with Israel, Syria's war pulls Hezbollah in

South Sudanese emerge from shelters after heavy fighting

New migrant crisis in the making in the Balkans

Sirte battle risks widening Libya political splits

NATO boosts support for countries battling Islamic extremism and Eastern Poland and the Baltic states are also getting more support.

Inmates on hunger strike at Japanese immigration detention center
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It's a documentary on a typical North Korean family. North Korea picked the family and scripted as much of their interactions as they could. (But the intrepid filmmakers smuggled out all the scenes they were supposed to delete.)

The sad truth is that even if the filmmakers had gone along with the little game, the jig would have been up anyway. Maybe it doesn't matter if you have a captive audience, but it turns out that North Korea is actually not very good at propaganda. In one scene, the little girl and her parents are eating a presumably "typical" dinner... which is more food than a family of ten could eat in one sitting, let alone three! And such a variety of dishes! Either we're supposed to think they're cleaning out the fridge, or it's a holiday. Except it's plainly not. And then the father gives the kid a (scripted) "off-the-cuff" comment on how "kimchi is one of our traditional foods". We know it's scripted, because the filmmakers showed several different takes of that scene, but honestly, we would have guessed because even in North Korea, it's not possible that people actually talk like that. Later, the dad goes to his (fake) job, and his sub-manager makes a speech about how their factory hit 150% of their quota. The second time she makes the speech it's 200% (a poster on the wall reveals it's probably around 40%), but does it matter? Nobody would believe either of those numbers, and it's insulting that the North Korean propaganda department apparently thinks we would.
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Eva is registered for a free tennis program this summer. Starts at 1pm, twice a week.

So we got off the bus at Jersey Street and asked direction from a pair of kids, and headed up the hill. And up the hill. Aaaaaaaand up the hill - honestly, it was like a completely different neighborhood. Eventually, when we were 191 feet up, we found the tennis courts. I know we were 191 feet up because there was a plaque. It said "191 feet above sea level", and I believe it! Not sure why they put the plaque there, though - the park continues uphill from there for some time.

There were two people playing tennis, but not a group. Happily, one of them explained the situation. Apparently, this was a new location this year, and people complained they "didn't know where the park was" (yeah, right. they complained because it's near the projects and oooh, scary, Jersey Street. the way people act you'd think there were murders there every night and day!) so they canceled the location and moved it to the usual one, and then assigned these two to tell any wayward people where to go.

But they didn't send an email or anything to those of us who signed up. They *have* all our emails, and our phone numbers too. Well, it turns out they did send an email... at 1:28 that same day. So we didn't make it to tennis. We'll make it next week. Seriously, though, talk about some poor planning.


Evolution may have moved at a furious pace on a much warmer earth

Army site's new owner plans to preserve rare white deer herd

In the 1920s, the Now-Forgotten Flood of 'Girl Mayors' Became the Face of Feminism

Linguists team up with primatologists to crack the meaning of monkey calls

Photographer Discovers 1,200 Rolls of Unprocessed Film from the 1950s

First evidence that synaesthesia gives colour to sign language

FDA approves first dissolving stent for US patients

The Secret Apartments of New York City Libraries

I want to print this comic out and pin it up on my fridge

North Korea, a smokers' paradise, now urging people to quit

Hundreds of animals freed as 140-year-old Argentina zoo closes its doors

In rare twist, Palestinian man rescues wounded Israelis

City Workers Accidentally Dismantle a Secret Earthquake Science Landmark

Shark attack! 1916 deaths sparked fear that endures today

Why One Woman Pretended to Be a High-School Cheerleader

Tainted Water Prompts Capitol Officials to Offer Blood Tests (Yeah, I bet. Because when it's them, they care.)

Marijuana can be sold at Uruguay pharmacies, but few want to

You Shouldn’t Have to Crowdfund Your Wheelchair

Court orders release of detained immigrant kids, not parents

Bees' ability to forage decreases as air pollution increases

If payday loans go away, what replaces them?

Putin’s Military Buildup in the Baltic Stokes Invasion Fears

Crash deaths far worse in US than other affluent countries

Charting the Disparity in U.S. Hourly Wages

End Needless Interactions With Police Officers During Traffic Stops

In Pakistan, gruesome 'honor' killings bring a new backlash
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Well, shit. A goddamn sniper? How the fuck is that supposed to improve matters? And a robot bomb? Is that a thing? Since when is that a thing?

So, um, yeah. I don't even know what to say about this, so I'm going to just... post my previous articles (in another entry) and deal with current events later.
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So I've taken an enforced news break for much of this week. Gosh, I hope nothing of national or international importance has happened over the past few days!
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And I asked her if there was an epidemic of "violet orbs" instead of eyes. Her own eyes got a bit wide - "HOW DID YOU KNOW?" She was surprised and amused to find out that this had been the case back when I was her age, and undoubtedly before.

The other day, Ana was complaining about bad fanfic, so I related this anecdote to her. Ana averred she'd never seen that. "Oh! Maybe your fandom is smarter than that!" (I didn't think it was, but stranger things have happened.)

Today, she encountered her first orbs in fic. They weren't violet. Perhaps they were turquoise or some other odd color. I'll have to ask later.
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And I do mean everybody, right down to the feral cats. I'm sure they're guilty of something.

All these fireworks have got to stop, stop, stop!


I wonder what Batman's view of illegal fireworks is.

There ain't no tragedy like a Greek tragedy

New research considers 'growing' drones

Scamming Nemo: How cleaning fish are the 'con-men' of the coral reef

As Chinese, Iranian and Indonesian As Apple Pie

Higher Minimum Wages Are Good for Newborn Health

Pterosaurs should have been too big to fly – so how did they manage it?

Honoring 2 sisters' cross-country 1916 motorcycle trek

Are pea plants better decision makers than humans?

What a Toilet Shows About Life During the American Revolution

What California Can Learn From How the South Manages Wildfires

A civil servant missing most of his brain challenges our most basic theories of consciousness (I never realized before how much bisected brains look like moldy cauliflower. Or maybe that IS a moldy cauliflower.)

Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain

Angola’s Greatest Escape: Inside the craft fair at the country’s largest maximum security prison

Home-Care Workers Are Now Protected by Minimum-Wage Laws

Battle of the Somme: How Britain learned the truth

One day. One town. One hundred years on

Mom’s Invisible Hand

Infant Cadavers Were Prized by Victorian Anatomists

The Typical College Student Is Not Who You Think It Is

Community-Based Care Can Reduce The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Young people speaking out, helping others with depression

Homeless People Are Older and Sicker Than Ever Before. Here's One Way to Help.

Why Aren't Cities Littered With Dead Pigeons? (Some disturbing pictures)

One in five aboriginal children in Western Australia has no birth record

Turkey to offer citizenship to Syrian refugees

UAE tells citizens to avoid national dress while abroad after man held in U.S. (FFS, I'm sure actual members of ISIS have the common sense to dress like the locals while making their nefarious plots.)

Puerto Rico makes historic default

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists

A home that looks perfect, until bigotry rears its ugly head

It’s “political sleight-of-hand”: For their next trick, Republican magicians will make your federal land disappear

Texas accused of ignoring mentally disabled in nursing homes

Asylum seekers file federal lawsuit claiming U.S. putting undue obstacles on road to applications

Why a half-degree temperature rise is a big deal

Mauritania arrests nine anti-slavery activists

Baghdad bombing among worst in more than decade; 115 dead
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I don't know what I was thinking, Burlington is already selling school uniforms. School let out on Tuesday, so it's clearly time for back to school to start! (Speaking of school, if you're looking to spend charity dollars this month, you can do worse than donate to my local middle school, whose kids evidently have worse financial problems than I thought.)

We ended up at Paragon Sports, which... well, we didn't completely blow our budget for the year.


Physicists find missing link between glass formation and crystallization

Incredible Photographs Of The Old Closes And Streets Of Glasgow From Between 1868 And 1877

The Strange Perils of Running a Novelty Item Empire

Park Service uses 'CSI' tactics in response to bear attacks

Stepping Back 100 Years

The Tragic Futility of World War I

Humans artificially drive evolution of new species

30 Unedited Pictures That You Won’t Believe Are Real

‘Batman and Robin’ rescue stricken Sussex surfer

Research reveals why males outnumber females in bird world

Benign bacteria block mosquitoes from transmitting Zika, chikungunya viruses

How Scientists Are Bringing People Back From The Dead

Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome

The Last, Best Refuge for North America's Bees

Thousands march through London to protest against Brexit vote

Switzerland denies Muslim girls citizenship after they refuse to swim with boys at school

The harsh downside of free trade – and the glimmer of hope (5 part series, links to other articles are at the bottom)

U.S. says kills up to 116 civilians in strikes outside war zones

Ending Inmate Isolation: Inside the Battle to Stop Solitary Confinement in America

Mexico air lifts food into villages as teacher blockades spread

Shrimp slaves wait for justice 8 months after Thai raid

The Secrets in Guatemala’s Bones

Being African in India: 'We are seen as demons'

Monitoring online groups offers insight into ISIS attacks

Home-grown radicals a weak spot in Turkey's fight against Islamic State

Police kill 6 militants, rescue 13 hostages in Dhaka attack
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New survey doubles the estimate of transgender adults in US

Dried sewage sludge could be recycled by adding it to cement to make concrete

This Billionaire Governor Taxed the Rich and Increased the Minimum Wage — Now, His State’s Economy Is One of the Best in the Country

The Surprising History of the Infographic

Deceptive sexual signals keep the peace in a bonobo society

Westeros is Poorly Designed

Some surfaces are wetted by water, others are water-repellent: A new material can be both

The Discovery of a Roman Gladiator School Brings the Famed Fighters Back to Life

Bubble-Enclosed Submarines Could Go Really, Really Fast

Inside the World of a New York City 13-Year-Old in 1972

Micro-camera can be injected with a syringe

Picky eaters: Bumble bees prefer plants with nutrient-rich pollen

Why Isn’t Native American Food Hip?

A Linguist Explains Emoji and What Language Death Actually Looks Like

Most women shave their nether regions for hygiene; doctors facepalm

How Man-Midwives Armed With Rusty Forceps Shook Up Obstetrics

Migraines may be a vascular disorder

To fight foreclosure, NYC buying mortgages

In times of great famine, microalgae digest themselves

Louisiana, the U.S. incarceration capital, prepares for expanded Medicaid

Amid crisis, support grows for Puerto Rico statehood

Erasing unpleasant memories with a genetic switch

UNICEF finds dramatic inequality among world's poorest, richest children

Night-time light pollution causes spring to come early

In Jerusalem, a cracked soccer pitch reflects wider fissures

Most American Christians Believe They’re Victims of Discrimination

Connecticut cops more likely to use stun guns on minorities (Shocking.)

Gay men in Ivory Coast attacked for showing support to Orlando victims: rights group

Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again 150 years after founding
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Wherein I managed to save a man from suicide via the power of logic and monologuing. Yes, I bored the poor man to sleep, and then he didn't want to kill himself anymore!

I'm not entirely sure this is how it works in real life, but in my dream, I was a hero. (Also, I think Captain Cold was in there somehow, but I'm not sure why.)
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99-Million-Year-Old Bird Wings Found Encased in Amber

Researchers Launch Study of Whales Off New York City Coast

See How the ‘Girl Pilots’ of WWII Trained for Duty

Technique from biology helps explain the evolution of the American car

When the Fourth of July Was a Day of 'Carnage' in New York City

This futuristic plastic changes color like a shimmering opal as you stretch it

The Lost Verses of Sitcom Theme Songs, From Fresh Prince to Cheers

How 6 Bodega Owners Make An Honest Living In NYC

Officer: Military adultery ban is unfair to heterosexuals (You know, it's a ridiculous argument, but still - this is progress. Absurd progress, but progress nonetheless.)

Congress Has a New Plan to Rein In Military Spending. Soldiers Are Going to Hate It.

Stress contagion possible amongst students, teachers

To Stop Mosquito Bites, Silence Your Skin's Bacteria

The African migrants giving up on the Chinese dream

WW2 Jewish escape tunnel uncovered in Lithuania's Ponar forest

How the Nazis “Normalized” Anti-Semitism by Appealing to Children

Who Blames the Victim?

North American leaders confront rising tide of protectionism

The brewing liberal labor revolution

7 Out of 10 Americans Agree That Economy is Rigged Against Them

As Duterte takes over in Philippines, police killings stir fear

Records: City Lawyers Weak Link in Police Accountability

11,431 Rape Kits Were Collected and Forgotten in Detroit. This Is the Story of One of Them.

Cracks show inside Islamic State's shrinking caliphate

Jordan widens IS crackdown; signs of home-grown extremism

Four reasons why killing insurgents in Syria might backfire

Murders, violence on rise as parched central India battles for water

There is increasing evidence that Australia is torturing refugees, medical experts claim
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