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Science! - Ramblings of a Conuly
Believing in six impossible things before breakfast
Old into new: Geneticists track the evolution of parenting

Honeybees let out a ‘whoop’ when they bump into each other

In the developing ears of opossums, echoes of evolutionary history

In a possible step forward for gene therapy, researchers made mice glow like fireflies

This Beetle Bites an Ant’s Waist and Pretends to be Its Butt

When your eyes override your ears: New insights into the McGurk effect

A remarkable 250 million-year-old "terrible-headed lizard" fossil found in China shows an embryo inside the mother—clear evidence for live birth.

End of fillings in sight as scientists find Alzheimer's drug makes teeth grow back

Sexual harassment in the fish world—male guppies suffer most

Mismatched eyes help squid survive ocean's twilight zone

A kiss of death—mammals were the first animals to produce venom

New mosquito trap smart enough to keep just the bad bugs

Linguist's 'big data' research supports waves of migration into the Americas
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