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Ramblings of a Conuly

Believing in six impossible things before breakfast

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Grand High Supreme and Mighty Empress Connie
31 January
agnosticism, amelia bedelia, anti-consumerism, artemis fowl, asperger's, babylon 5, backyardigans, balloon animals, battlestar galactica, battlestar galactica 2003, beausoleil, being silly, blowing bubbles, books, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, candy canes, cats, censorship, charlie jade, chocolate, civil rights, classical music, climbing rocks, clouds, college, comment whoring, conlangs, conspiracy theories, constructed languages, cooking, critical thinking, dandelion fluff, daria, diana wynne jones, diane duane, discworld, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dragons, dreaming, empire records, fairy tales, family, fantasy, far side, feminism, fiction, fireflies, futurama, george orwell, going barefoot, green eggs and ham, gregor the overlander, h. m. hoover, having lots of interests, hilari bell, hillaire belloc, i claudius, ice cream, jabberwocky, john bellairs, john marsden, jonathan stroud, kaleidoscopes, languages, latin, laughing, laura ingalls wilder, left-handed, liberal, lilo and stitch, linguistics, literature, madeline l'engle, marilyn sachs, mythology, neocolours, neopets, new york city, noel streatfeild, novels, nyc, octavia butler, ogden nash, opinions, orson scott card, patricia c. wrede, pdd-nos, peace, philip pullman, philosophy, poe, poems, powerpuff girls, pumpkin pie, rain, rapunzel's revenge, reading, roald dahl, robin mckinley, rosie ledet, rubber duckies, sci-fi, science fiction, scrabble, sg-1, shrek, simpsons, sinfest, smallville, sophie's world, south park, spinning in circles, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate sg-1, staten island, sweeney todd, swings, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the matrix, the neverending story, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, thinking, truth, underland chronicles, veronica mars, vivian vande velde, walloon, world domination

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